Moving Slow Monday

It's been one of those afternoons when I have trouble getting off the couch. This morning I was out the door fairly early (for me, anyway) to drive into downtown Portland for a dental appointment. Often, I wish our dentist was closer to home. We've been going to the same office for so long that we're into our second dentist now. He's a nice young man (approximately 12 years old, I think). Often I feel an urge to ask him if his mother knows where he is.

Old lady griping aside, it's hard to decide to make a change from the evil you know to the evil you don't...especially where your dentist is concerned. And all of that to say that I had a clean check-up. With teeth as old as mine, that doesn't make a trip to the dentist any less stressful. I'm less worried about him picking at my teeth than I am about him picking the money from my wallet. Fortunately, no extra cash required today.

After that, I made a quick trip to a high-end grocery store. There were a few things on my list that I haven't been able to find at the grocery store for the masses. And then, I came home. Phew. And then, I took a nap. And then, there were a few housekeeping chores to do, and I've been dragging my feet every since, although I do have most of the housework done.

That's okay. I had some time to do some hand-sewing this morning. Now I've filled in the stitching on this first hoop position enough to warrant rehooping.

So there we go...rehooped and ready to go again.

Yesterday, I finished quilting all but the outer border of the Blushing Aspens table runner.

It's not the most creative quilting I've ever done. It was hard to decide what to do on this, and so I've just echoed around the orange leaves and filled in a few leaves on the blue parts.

Here's how it's looking from the back.

I'll probably get this finished up by tomorrow. I want to stitch some more leaves around the border and then it will be ready for binding.

When that's finished, I plan to create the next block for the Live, Love, Teach quilt. Then, I'll still have several days left before month's end to get started on Smitty's portrait. He's feeling left out with Gracie entered in the Blogger's Quilt Festival. Here's the picture I'm going to try to recreate.

The rest of the week should be a little less stressful than today. Tomorrow is a CSA pick-up day. I'm hoping to run into the farmers so that I can give them their quilt. Then, Thursday, I have an appointment for my monthly pedicure. After that, a walk with Sue, and then smooth sailing into the weekend. It's good to have the worst part of the week behind me already.

6 comments from clever and witty friends:

BillieBee (billiemick) said...

Love your stitches both embroidery and quilting.....Hi Smitty!!

Dana Gaffney said...

I like the stitching you did, sometimes less is more and this looks perfect.

quiltzyx said...

I do just love the Gingerbread stitchery! It's so fun!!
Congrats on your clean teeth check up - hip! hip! HOORAY!!
I was happy to find a grocery store that's pretty much on my way home from work - I do so hate to go out again once I'm home. I should have bought some chocolate ice cream in preparation of tomorrow (Weds) being National Chocolate Day. It's still supposed to be in the 80s, so plenty warm enough for ice cream.

Lyndsey said...

A trip to the dentist is always stressful even if your teeth are OK that it's enough to put a blight on the whole day. Love the gingerbread stitcheries and I really must try the colouring technique.

beaquilter said...

we just switched dentist recently, had been going to a nice place in town, but my son needs braces and before he starts he had to get a cleaning done and our dentist said 6 cavities! so we tried another dentist in town for a 2nd opinion and he said 4, still not great, but he explained the other 2 as well and why the other one might have counted those.... anyways, all of us went there then, my daughter had none and neither did I (well didn't get x-rayed because I'm pregnant, where she other one would just have doubled up on the aprons) also have gone to 2 orthodontists now too! sigh..... dentist dentist dentist

Kate said...

The quilting looks great! Seems like you got a lot done for being gone for a bit and adding in housework too.