Itching from Stitching

Yesterday I spent the whole day quilting the Dream Machines quilt. By the end of the day, I was actually looking forward to taking a break to catch up on some housework this morning. I'm quilting each sewing machine block and its contiguous sashings with white thread first. As each block and sashing group is completed, I'm switching off to the thread color for its spool of thread. The thread spools were done in complimentary colors (as much as possible). Here are some of the blocks I did yesterday:

It's no small matter to rethread the machine where Eliza is concerned. Whenever I put in a new color, I also stitch any thread spool cornerstones if they are the same color. There were four of those yesterday as well.

My goal has been to do a row of blocks each day. After yesterday, however, I'm wondering if that's a realistic goal. I'm afraid my enthusiasm starts to wane after a couple of hours. Nevertheless, I've quilted these six blocks  and their sashings now.

And certainly the job couldn't have gone as quickly slowly without my helper cat providing the necessary drag.

This morning I got a good start on the "Written in Thread" stitchery. I'll probably be able to finish this one off tomorrow.

Today I'm making a chili that requires several steps throughout the day. I need to roast some Anaheim peppers and brown some pork and I'm going to bake some cornbread to go with it. It'll be the first Dutch oven recipe of the season. The salads and quick cold meals of summer are wonderful, but it's hard to beat something that cooks low and slow in the Dutch oven. Mike loves how the house smells when he comes in after arriving home from work.

So perhaps today is a day of domestication with housework and cooking on the horizon. Quilting will happen if I have the time and inclination.

8 comments from clever and witty friends:

Vroomans' Quilts said...

The quilting is really making this one come to life. Yes, comfort foods are coming with the season. I use my crockpot year round, but I think it is much happier with the Fall recipes - and makes the house smell sooooooo good.

Lynette said...

I love how you've quilted the thread on the sewing machines. :) Gosh, I remember when Little Smitty first showed up - he's so mature now! Hey, Barbara - when you trace the stitcheries, do you starch the fabric first, or just go carefully to minimize fabric fluidity under the pen while you're tracing?

Beth said...

Oh, excellent question from Lynette! I'm getting ready to start on my first stitchery in a very long time--inspired by all of the stitching that happens at Three Cats Ranch--and I would love to know the answer to this question. My pigma pens are poised and ready.

Valerie Reynolds said...

Oh I just love these sewing machines with their spool of threads!! What are your plans for this finish??

Barbara said...

I don't starch them first, though that might not be a bad idea. I usually just pin the fabric to the drawing at the top and bottom...or sometimes just one pin, depending on how large the piece is. On the Hocuspocusville background fabric, I've had some smearing of the ink, and so it makes me wonder if starch would make that worse. Something to test out on a scrap first. There seems to be some kind of sheen to the fabric that keeps it from soaking into the fibers, and I think that accounts for the smearing. I did wash the fabric first, and so it makes me wonder what's going on. Never had that happen on any other fabric I've used.

Lou said...

The sewing machines are looking great all quilted! Keep up the good work!!!
Gotta love those helpers:) ha ha!!!

Quilting Babcia said...

Doesn't everyone need something to hold the quilt steady and still while it's being stitched? Looking good!

Kate said...

Looks like you've made great progress, even if it's been slow going.