Four Frantic Days

Some people hate Mondays, but often, I can't wait for Monday to get here so that things will settle down a little. Last time we spoke, I had just come home from walking with Sue. That same day, Mike and I headed over to the venue for my guild's quilt show to help hang quilts for the show this weekend. Although this is my second year as a guild member, it's the first time I've seen one of our biannual shows. When everything was set up, it was a colorful venue.

The show was held at the Tuality [Hospital] Health Education Center in Hillsboro, Oregon, and it was a perfect venue.

There were lots of people there helping hang quilts, but here are a couple of bad actors. It seems you can never keep out the riff-raff.

My thanks go to our member AnnMarie for most of these great pictures. The venue was large enough to accommodate the quilts of our many talented members and yet maintain a small and intimate atmosphere. Some of the larger quilts were hung from the balcony. At the bottom of the image were items for sale in our guild's "boutique". 

This next shot was taken from the opposite end.

In addition to the large main hall, there was another room filled with row after row of member quilts.

We had a small vendor mall and a few displays, including this display of vintage machines.

The guild honored member Roni, who passed away in the last year.

I like this creative way of saying "Hands Off the Quilts, Buster!"

Our guild has several smaller groups, including an art quilt group. They had two displays.

Also, there was a table with information about the Washington County Quilt Barn Trail. Our guild has been the catalyst in getting the quilt barn trail up and running in our area. I'm not sure how many barn quilts have been hung at this point, but I'm thinking it's something on the order of 15. The goal is to hang at least one per month, and the hunt is on for some appropriate barns. 

I took this picture in a technogeek moment. I doubt it will work if you try scanning it from your computer screen, but you can give it a try just for grins.

And if that doesn't work, you can see information about the Washington County Quilt Barn Trail (including pictures of the barns with their quilt blocks) by clicking right here.

Many of our members have had a hand in this. It started with a heap of the proverbial "red tape" when the county held things up because of a sign ordinance. They were looking at the barn quilts as signs rather than art work, and it took quite some time to institute the necessary changes to make the quilt barn trail a reality. You have to hand it to these women for their persistence, and they got 'er done!

In recognition of our past president's work on this, she was awarded this President's Quilt from guild members.

Peak under that barn quilt, and this is what you'll see.

The quilt show hasn't taken all my time this weekend, however. I had planned to go over on Saturday, but then I started feeling a little frantic to get my canning done. I spent almost all day in the kitchen on Saturday canning dilled carrot spears

and diced tomatoes from our own plants. 

The carrots were from our CSA shares, but I purchased a bunch of organic rainbow carrots at the grocery store to make them prettier. Now that they've been processed, I'm thinking the red carrots might dye their jars red.

Yesterday evening we headed over to Matthew and Valerie's place for dinner with them. Matthew made a very tasty Italian Sausage Ragu. It was delicious, and we were all clean platers. He hasn't shown much interest in cooking before now, and so it was wonderful to see him developing his kitchen skills. I brought along a spinach salad and some baba ghanoush, both dishes from our CSA share. The baba ghanoush was from this recipe. I thought it needed more garlic, and so I added a full six cloves to last night's mixture. Matthew and Valerie also taught us to play a board game called Small World 2, and that was great fun.

I've done no work in the sewing room since making Gracie's portrait, but I've been keeping up with my embroidery. How can I not when Helper Cat is holding me down?

This morning I moved the hoop again on Hocuspocusville. I think about two more rehoopings and this one will be finished.

And with that so close, I made up the next quilt block for the Live, Love, Teach quilt. This is the block submitted by Maureen.

This morning, I traced it out and colored it in preparation for the embroidery. When it's finished, I'll add the green border.

And that brings you up to date. I have pictures of some of the quilts from the show for you, but I'll be posting them separately.

What's been going on in your world?

13 comments from clever and witty friends:

Vroomans' Quilts said...

I wondered where you have been , but then remembered you had the quilt show. What a great place for a show and can't wait to see your photos of things up close. You're canning must be wrapping up for the year.

Cath said...

What a very busy weekend! And all good projects for the week ahead! I like the current block for the Live, Love, Teach Quilt...both the original and your rendition so far. To risk sounding like an old nag....this would be an excellent post to link in with me at Bits'nBobs

Christine M said...

Looks like a wonderful place to hold a quilt show, Barbara. Our Guild just had our show on the weekend. I'm the convenor and I have to admit, today I am exhausted! But it's a good exhaustion. LOL! I hope to have some photos up soon.

Dana Gaffney said...

The "thank you" barn quilt is really wonderful, I love the little hidden sign.

Kate said...

Looks like a great show, with a great variety of quilts to look at. Hope you get to slow down and rest some this week.

liniecat said...

What a great looking show, loved the Keep Off sign and those barns are delightful.
Would make a cute addition to my grandkids Old McDonald's Farm animals come to think of it or for the special needs kids I make resources for. Thinking cap is on lol

Lynette said...

That's a fantastic picture of you two :) I've never had dilled carrots. It sounds good. You made me remember how surprised I was, not long ago, to find out that carrots were originally PURPLE, not orange, until they were carefully bred centuries ago to mainly be the sweeter orange ones we all grew up thinking were how carrots have always been!

VickiT said...

I was very relieved to read the 'frantic' part was that you were super busy. I was so afraid something had happened to one of your kitties. The quilt show looks like it was a lot of work but fun at the same time.

CathieJ said...

Thanks for the pictures of the quilt show. So many beauties there. Hocuspocusville is really coming along. Mission of Love looks pretty also. Happy Stitching.

The Crafty Creek said...

Looks a great show, loved the houses

Cathy said...

It looks like it was a wonderful quilt show. Thanks so much for sharing the pics.

Renee said...

The quilt show looks like it was fantastic! Love your canning pics. I love, love, love your Hocuspocusville piece. And the Live, Love, Teach quilt looks like a sweet project.

Dar said...

Wonderful show and loved your pretty canning jars of yummy veggies. That is an especially good picture of "helper cat" and you doing your embroidery. I love seeing our furry little friends helping us with our sewing and stitching. Great post.