Quilting Mileage

Yesterday was devoted to quilting Vintage Tin for the most part, and I managed to get quite a bit done...which is an accomplishment considering the obstacles in my path.

Despite the assistance of Sir Helpsalot, I managed to finish up the Filling Station. Yesterday's job was to finish adding siding to the building, outline some of the main structures, and add more texture to the trees.

After that, I moved on to the block directly above. For this one, I added some clouds in the sky, more rumples in the dirt, and texture to the trees.

After that, I moved to the oil cans at the top of the quilt. This block extends the entire width of the quilt, minus borders. For this one, I did a sort of loop-de-loop pebbling with large circles. (Warning: Technical Quilting Terms ahead)

Here's a little closer shot so that you can see it better.

Also, I quilted the pieced strip below the embroidered block. For the friendship stars, I did a sort of pinwheel flourish and then a hexagon around the outside of the stars.

Also, a sort of cathedral window thingy in the half square triangles.

Recently, I pinned a design that is going to make quilting the flying geese borders of this quilt a breeze. It starts at the bottom center of the middle triangle. Then weaves back and forth to the point, then cathedral windows to the left and then the right, which brings you back to the center for the next flying goose.

It will allow me to quilt those flying geese borders from one end to the other without cutting thread, assuming no thread breakage...which happens to be a big assumption. If you didn't follow all of that, here's the numbered diagram for how this is done. (I'm sorry I can't give credit to the person who created this diagram originally. I've done an image search for it, and the only things I can find do not identify the creator. Nevertheless, this quilter thanks you.)

So there is one more large embroidered block to quilt, and then I'll move to the smaller blocks on the sides. I haven't yet decided what to do in the black sashing.

This morning I started stitching Block #2 of Hocuspocusville. It's a good start, but there are still acres to go on this one.

We're coming down the home stretch getting ready to take off for Moab on Thursday morning. Today I'm doing laundry since I'll be driving all over the state tomorrow. I need to go down and pick up my quilts from the Oregon State Fair, and I need to pick up our CSA share from the farmers. Erik will be picking up our share while we're gone. I'm hoping to get in one more batch of diced tomatoes on Wednesday morning, and then I'll be packing food and clothes in preparation for an early start on Thursday.

10 comments from clever and witty friends:

Betty said...

I love the look on Sir Helpsalot's face as he checks your work! Thanks for sharing the diagram for quilting the flying geese units. I am attempting to learn free motion quilting and it can be difficult to come up with good designs that continue from one block to the next.

Lyndsey said...

Whoo your quality controller takes his job seriously! Not that you need to worry, your quilting is fabulous.

A Nudge said...

He's never jumped at the needle, right? What concentration. Thanks for sharing that quilting pattern. It 's looking neat in the flying geese. I invite you to link to WIPs Be Gone because that one will soon be gone at the speed you are going.

Kate said...

Love the quilting on Eric's quilt. Sounds like you'll have a busy week with all your trip plans.

Vroomans' Quilts said...

Ah, Sir Helpsalot - good job! This is looking fantastic. Thank you for sharing the motif for the geese - that looks like something even I might be able to do.

Dar said...

This is coming right along and will be done before you know it. Of course Sir Helpsalot is partly responsible for your quick finish.! Have a wonderful trip.

Sarah said...

I love the additional texture you're adding with the FMQ. I've also seen and liked the "weave" you've used for the flying geese but never with directions. Thanks!!

Cath said...

Hello Barbara.....long time no see (from my end). I have a similar triangle design pinned on Pinterest so I thought I would try and google that for you but to no avail....just links back to Pinterest. I am still unsure how you can own a FMQ pattern.....I get it if it is a template pattern but doodling can be very individual. Heres to that particular doodler though.....looks good in a triangle and all your quilting is looking mighty FINE!

quiltzyx said...

The quilting is looking dandy on Vintage Tin, so obviously Mr. Helpsalot is doing a good job. I do like that flying geese quilt design too! In the small black border, you could just stitch in the ditch on either side (if you haven't already finished the whole thing by now).

Brown Family said...

I like the loop-de-loop pebbling with large circles! Cool affect (effect? ) I also like the flying geese pattern.