Northwest Quilting Expo: Final Day

Well, you've done it. You're just about to make your way through the last of the pictures I took at the quilt show. Keep in mind that I said at the beginning I was trying not to take pictures of everything I saw, which should give you a clue that this was a very good show. I enjoyed it more than most, and so I looked at and walked by lots and lots of quilts that didn't make it into my picture album. The quilts and artistry in this show really were jaw-dropping, and so I hope you've enjoyed getting a taste of it. Here are the last of the quilts I have to show you.

I loved these first two, for obvious reasons, but on my goodness. The patience this must have taken.

This one gave me more ideas for quilting the Doors of Ireland, set to be quilted in November.

Look at the beautiful details in this next quilt. I only hope I can do as well when I get around to making my Barns of America.

I believe this is the original Garden Patch Cats quilt.

This next one gave me chills. Beautiful work.

This next quilt maker was nine years old. When I see these quilts made by children, I wonder if I'm looking at the quilting celebrities of the next generation.

I love this idea...kind of like zentangles with a lot of pizzazz.

There was nearly an entire wall devoted to quilts to honor Portland's own Pearl District, an area in the Northwest part of Portland that has undergone major urban renewal recently. Even before the push to rejuvenate the area, there was plenty of charm in The Pearl, lots of good restaurants, and plenty of wonderful shopping. All of the quilts in this exhibit were fantastic, but in keeping with my desire not to take pictures of absolutely everything I saw, I kept my choices to a minimum.

This first quilt is a nod to Powell's Books. If you're not familiar with Powell's Books, it's a can't-miss bookstore in Portland that is to books what FAO Schwarz is to toys. Interestingly, I saw the quilt before I saw the quilt maker's statement, and it spoke "Powell's" to me instantly.

This quilt is a map of The Pearl District.

This one just made me laugh. There were lots of Farmer's Wife quilts, but this one was unique.

And that's it! Now, I suggest a foot massage.

If you're sad to see these go, you can rest easy knowing that my own guild quilt show happens this coming weekend. If you live in the area, be sure to head over to our

show to be held this Saturday and Sunday from 10:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. at the Tuality Health Education Center: 334 8th Ave, Hillsboro, Oregon. If you're interested in going, you can find a coupon for $1 off admission by clicking right here. Hope you can make it!

9 comments from clever and witty friends:

Lynette said...

What a fun show-sharing post! Thanks, Barb. It's extra fantastic with all the quilter info carefully included. THOSE EMBROIDERED CATS! oh my gosh! And the surreal bookcase is cool. And the the daffodils, and the barn with the broken-out portion that made me think of a sewing machine first and a pointing shade second. And the fun UFO quilt! lol :D Very nice "stroll" through these fine quilts.

works4me said...

Wow! I would hate to have been a judge at that show. Such talent and creativity.

We'll be in the area this weekend but I have a feeling a quilt show is not in the cards. A driving tour doesn't allow a lot of time for side trips. Some, but not enough for a quilt show.

Thanks for showing us all this amazing talent.

Ellen Gibson said...

Barbara, thanks for all the eye-candy, especially the details of the quilts......gave me lots of ideas. I hope you'll favor us with more pics from the local show coming up....your photography is almost as good as being there!

Dana Gaffney said...

I am sad to see this end, this batch was fantastic, especially that first one.

Junebug613 said...

Just tuning in after awhile away. I have lots of reading to catch up on! These quilts are amazing!

Vroomans' Quilts said...

Those first two are amazing - they all have been stunning and thank you for taking the time to capture them in all their beauty for us.

karenruth said...

I attended the show on Thursday and Friday; couldn't savor all of the quilts in just one day. What a fabulous, inspirational experience! The quilting groups and artists in the Portland area are just amazing!

Judy1522 said...

Sadly I couldn't make the show this year, thank you very much for your pictures.

Kate said...

Thank you for sharing so many pictures from the show. I love your finally, it's perfect!