Indulging the Inner Stitcher

As expected, there was no time for sewing yesterday beyond binding the Four Fabric Forest. This morning, I added its label. Originally, I had the lettering in an aqua green color, but it didn't show up well when I printed it. The purple lettering worked better.

As I told a few of you in response to some of your comments, I'm very tempted to make another one of these with different fabrics. With that in mind, take a look at the finished quilt:

Now imagine it with these fabrics:

Every time I open my orange stash, I see those three orange fabrics together in a Four Fabric Forest. Yesterday, I needed to go to a local quilt shop to drop off a quilt for the upcoming quilt show, and I saw that brown fabric on the left. It seemed perfect for the trees in an orange forest. It's as if the Universe is begging me to make this quilt in an orange and brown colorway. With fall on the way, who can argue? So...I'm not saying I will, and I'm not saying I won't, but I'm giving it a powerful thinking-on.

The only other sewing I did yesterday was to get a little start on the ninth of nine little stitcheries for the Vintage Kitchen wall hanging. This morning I finished it up.

There was still a little time left for my morning stich-a-thon time, and so I ended up finishing Sophie's block for Lisa's Live, Love, Teach quilt. This is block #27. Here is Sophie's original block submission:

And here is Sophie's block rendered in floss and fabric:

As I said in an earlier post, the finger-painted head isn't technically a rainbow, but my eyes read it that way. I decided to use some rainbow print fabric from my stash, but the size restrictions meant I had to choose between the blue at the top and the red below the mouth. I used a rainbow-colored variegated thread to top-stitch it. Tomorrow I'll get a start on Block #28. There are 56 blocks in the quilt, and if math serves me, completing #28 will get me halfway there.

Today I need to fill the birdfeeders and I have just a little bit of housework to do. I should easily have time to get a start on quilting the Vintage Tin quilt. It's doubtful that I'll have time to get it finished before we leave on our trip to Moab, but I'm going to give it my best shot.

7 comments from clever and witty friends:

Marei said...

But of course you need to do your forest in the oranges! That's not even a 'thinking-on' type of deal. Do it! You'll love it! And then you'll be thinking about a Spring forest and a Summer one. Why not have all the seasons? I can't think of one good reason not to.

CJ Smith said...

Go for it! As quickly as you whipped out the first forest, the next one will "grow" even faster (now that you know the drill!). It will be good for when you don't have time for a large project.

quiltzyx said...

I could see on orange forest, definitely! I like what Marei said too, about one for each season, that would be fun!
Have a great trip!!

Teresa Lorenzen said...

The four fabric forest is terrific. The trees really are my favorite part. I can't wait to see it in orange.
I am so envious of Lisa the Teacher who is going to receive such a unique quilt! Your creativity in translating each of the blocks into fabric and thread has been fun and inspiring to watch. I'm looking forward to seeing the finished flimsy.

Vroomans' Quilts said...

Love the finish on the forest and it's label. Look at those instigators - 4 seasons of forests.

Valerie Reynolds said...

Its like a sunset in the forest....love Sophie block...is a raw edge??

Kate said...

Your Four Fabric Forest turned out beautifully. The orange would seem like sunset in the forest. The purple more like daybreak, before the sun is up. They would make a great pair.