Before I tell you about today's sewing adventures, I want to tell you a little about our 4th of July celebration. In a word, it was hot. Hot, hot, hot. (Technically, that's three words.) The actual temperature probably didn't reflect how uncomfortably warm we all were. The humidity was the culprit. We were all grateful for our Arctic Chill Towels. Erik and Mike were particularly stylish in theirs:

Obviously, Erik has his on his head. Mike has his draped rakishly around his neck. First, you saturate them with water, and then wring them out. They are damp, but not uncomfortably so, and they don't really wet your clothing. As they dry, they feel cool against your skin. When they stop feeling cool, you simply snap-stretch them out again, and that re-cools them. Eventually, they become too dry, and you have to re-wet them. We were wetting them with the ice water in our ice chests. Ahhhhhhh...they made the heat bearable.

Aside from our cooling towels, we had a pop-up canopy we kept adjusting for the angle of the sun. Mae had her own private umbrella canopy. It kept the sun off, while conveniently showing her Oregon State colors.

As you already know, we had a couple of side salads and some blueberry hand pies. Erik barbecued some delicious ribs that were marinated in an Asian style marinade. Dee-lish.

When the sun went behind the buildings, the temperature dropped to a very comfortable level. In previous years, we sometimes donned coats at this time of day. No need for that yesterday. The night air was delightfully comfortable after the hot afternoon. The barge pulled up directly in front of us as we waited for the sky to darken.

We were treated to a pretty sunset, and about an hour later, the fireworks display started.

A few more of Erik and Mae's friends joined us toward the end of the day. You can see their heads at the bottom of the image. It was a long and hot day, but enjoyable as always. I don't know why, but the time passes quickly.

This morning I stitched up the June stitchery for the Vintage Kitchen quilt. I'll finish July's tomorrow.

Then I went back to work on the To the Rescue quilt. Today I made the two hose applique blocks.

And then two stars. Actually, I made three stars because one of them had a brown spot on it that seemed to materialize out of nowhere. I tried dabbing at it, scratching at it, scraping it, coloring it, yelling at it, threatening it, stomping on it...all to no avail. And in the time it took to do all of that, I could have simply made another one, which is what ended up happening anyway. So...I present to you two hard won stars.

Then I was ready to sew together Section B,

which was sewn to the right side of Section A, finishing the upper section.

Then Section C was pieced together.

Then I laid the four completed sections together, and that was where I left it. 

There's still time to do a little more sewing today, but the air-conditioning in my basement sewing room had me shivering with cold. I needed to move to a warmer part of the house.

Since there's nothing else on my agenda for tomorrow (except perhaps some laundry), I think it's a good bet I'll get the top finished. I still need to make another fire engine identical to the one in Section A, and there are three borders, which always take longer than you think they will.

While I've been sewing, the Resident Engineer has been installing a ceiling fan in our bedroom. This is a project that's been on his honey-do list for approximately eight years. It has taken record-setting temperatures during the month of June to move the ceiling fan to the top of his very long list. That's not a complaint...would I do that? No. It's just an observation that the blades on the fan sometimes turn very slowly. So, here it is. Nice, eh?

And while you're admiring the ceiling fan, be sure and cast your eyes to the right where the window was replaced last month. You can actually see through it now!

When you live with a Resident Engineer, your walls often look like this. Engineers are nothing if not excellent interior decorators.

And they love their remote controls. We have approximately 874 remote controls in our house. Make that 875, as of today. I gave up trying to understand which one went with which television, amplifier, fireplace (really!), kitchen appliance long ago, let alone how to operate any of them. Nevertheless, I think I can handle this one. The large round button at the bottom is to turn on a light (if we had the one with a light, which we do not). Then starting with the littlest button they go in this order: Off, Slow, Medium, Fast. I think even my feeble mind can comprehend that level of difficulty.

After he had it installed, he laid on the bed and took a nap while it blew a nice breeze over the top of him. He declared it heavenly. After waiting eight years for it, I just know I'm going to like it too.

That brings you up to date on happenings at the Three Cats Ranch. How are you spending this 5th of July?

10 comments from clever and witty friends:

gayle said...

Well, I spent the morning picking raspberries. Now my arms and hands are so torn up by brambles that I look like I took a grater to myself...
Love that firetruck quilt! You're really flying along on it.
Enjoy your new fan!

Cath said...

Funny readiing your post as I am trying to get my toes warm! Glad you had a great 4th of July.....I was fretting that something sinister might occur in the US on the day as we had news reports of hightened security......always a relief when major events turn out well. I think that remote it one of the best yet!

Michele said...

We actually has nice weather yesterday too thankfully after a very rainy 4th. And we've had a fan in our bedroom since we built this house and we won't ever not have one. You'll love it.

Dana Gaffney said...

I'm glad you had a nice forth, that heat will take all of your energy. Ceiling fans are almost a requirement here in every room, I think you'll like it once you get used to it.

A Nudge said...

What a fun read, Barbara. It's always interesting reading your post. I have to wear a neck-tie version of that towel. It's the only way I can survive the heat. Thankfully, our the fourth was in the low 90s for us. It was a quiet day. At 9 PM, DH dusted off some chairs, placed them in the lane out back and we sat down and watched the city's firework show that takes place on the mountain behind our property. We had double chocolate brownie sundaes to finish off the day. Cheers for the fan! That's going to be a darling quilt.

Lyndsey said...

Oh I like the ceiling fan ... dare I suggest to John we get one for our bedroom? Guess I may have a long wait but the heat really does drain all your energy. your 4th July looks great fun.

quiltzyx said...

Fast, fast fire trucks! Another cute quilt nearing the finish line.
I made myself a neck cooler, using some wild floral cotton from my stash & some magic crystals that plump up when you soak them in water (originally made to mix with soil to help retain water). Cooling by evaporation is a wonder. The ceiling fan looks nice! I use my tower fan in the bedroom & another in the living room. The one in my bedroom has a remote control & I know the main buttons to push, even when asleep!

Valerie Reynolds said...

My weekend was spent with family....but oh this heat! I thought Oregon was suppose to have mild weather. Admittably, I was a little crabby. LOL!!! Too hot to feel motivated to do anything. darn it!

Kate said...

Looks like you had really nice 4th, even with the heat. We were lucky to be in Maine and it was a slightly chilly 60 something degrees.

Brown Family said...

I have the same decorator or at least one that has the same taste!