Going Nowhere Fast

We had a quick trip to the farmer's market yesterday. The forecast was for temperatures into the 100's in the valley. If the warmth and sun at the Beaverton Farmer's Market were any indication, it was easily going to reach that. Erik, Mae, and I grabbed the vegetable and fruit objects of our desire and skedaddled for home and the comfort of air-conditioning.

That didn't stop me from making this Iron-Skillet Peach Crisp. I can make these little desserts in my toaster oven.

I made just half the recipe and I substituted cinnamon for the garam masala. (Does that sound like something that belongs in peach crisp to you?) It turned out pretty good, but I had a little too much filling. I recommend using just one-third the filling recipe, and all of the topping...because, honestly, isn't the topping the whole point when you're making a crisp? We had it for dessert last night with a scoop of vanilla ice cream. It actually makes enough to serve four, and so we'll have it again tonight.

Before coming home yesterday, I made a stop at Joann. While I try to avoid ragging on Joann (it's such an easy target), I nevertheless want to point out that I hate shopping at Joann. Do they have the worst service ever? I was there to get the things I needed for the tote I've been working on. It has Smitty's comfort seal of approval, in case anyone's asking.

Yesterday I finished stippling one side of the main part of the bag. Then I had to stop while Smitty took a nap on the other side. Besides...I was wanting to get going on two blocks for the Live, Love, Teach quilt.

While I was at Joann, I got interested in looking for some fabrics I'm going to need to finish off my quilting snowladies. There is just one embroidered block to go, and I'll probably get started on that within the next day or two. I have in mind to set these using a small border around each block, and I'll do them in different colors. 

I'm also wanting to give them cornerstones using some sort of star block to make a snowflake. I've already purchased the fabric I'm going to use for the back and the sashings, 

and so my vision for the quilting snowladies is coming together.

You're probably wondering about my "Going Nowhere Fast" title for this post. So here's what happened. I finished two more blocks for the Live, Love, Teach quilt. Kathy's block:

And Sue C's block:

Okay...so two more blocks made, right? Well then, I tried to add signatures to one of the blocks I made previously.

Ooops! I was tracing the names using my bright light box, and with that bright light shining in my eyes, I didn't notice that I had the block upside down. So, okay, I officially hate myself for doing that. I'll have to remake that one. That's okay because I'm going to have to remake the block that Lisa's mother submitted too.

The block submission had the wrong ending year on it. It says "2014" instead of "2015". We didn't notice until I'd already finished it. I was going to try to fix just the year, but then when I trimmed it, I trimmed the whole design off center. Doh! Actually, I did this one quite a while ago, but I'm only just now fessing up to it.

So there you go...two blocks finished, but two blocks to be remade. I'll do those last when the sting has worn off some. I think the heat is affecting my brain...or what's left of my brain.

Today I have a little housework to do, and I'm going to do some dinner cooking early in the day. Then, I'm going to sew. It's going to be another hot day, and the sewing room is the place to be. It's the coolest room in the house...for so many reasons.

5 comments from clever and witty friends:

Kathy Felsted Usher said...

We had a new JoAnne's open up and they had a massive sale but had only 1 cutter. People were walking out, it was taking a very long time to get served. I asked why only 1 cutter for a grand opening with a sale and coupons. She said it was a corporate policy. They have to have so many sales in a particular time frame which determines how many cutters they can have. Unfortunately, when customers walk out there are not as many sales so per Corporate's metrics, they didn't need more cutters. This just does not make good sense. They need to have their reps visit and observe.

quiltzyx said...

Your peach crisp looks much more appealing than the picture on the link! They didn't have near enough topping. And yes, I agree, that is the whole point of a crisp!!
The new blocks look good. Sorry about the 2 waiting to be redone. I hate it when I do things like that!
Yesterday it ended up raining nicely most of the day & the temperature actually fell as the day went on, which was quite lovely. Today though, we're back up into the 90s & it's humid. And I guess it is raining in some places, but not where I am. Ugh, 43% humidity & 91* per weather.com right now. At least for a few more minutes I'm at work in the air conditioned basement at work!

ES said...

Can you trim up the other side of the clock and then add a border to it? Instead if completely re doing it? And perhaps trim the crayons and aplique it on a background colour? I just hate it when a lapse in consent ration makes us make a mistake!! X

Dana Gaffney said...

You can tell Sue you did some dancing while making her quilt, one step forward two steps back. Joann's is such an easy target, I have to be really in a bind to go in there, ours has changed everything around including the employees, they've gone all Miami so it's really difficult to shop there.

Dar said...

Peach dessert looks yummy. I was thinking about the solution to the overly trimmed block too and came up with the same idea that ES did. You are doing such a great job of re-creating their drawn blocks into embroidered quilt blocks. You are amazing.