Fourth of Four Quilt Sandwiches

By the end of the day yesterday, I was exhausted. I'm not sure the day's activities warranted all that exhaustion, but I was tired just the same.

Since I'm a terrible procrastinator when I try to put housework before quilting, I decided to have dessert first and take care of my quilting goals for the day ahead of housework. Actually, I think that's a better strategy for me. When I put housework first, I tend to procrastinate, and then nothing gets done. By putting quilting first, I had a good start to the day, and then I felt ready to tackle the housekeeping chores. However, I did end up exhausted...and so I guess there's some sort of circle of life thing going there. As I said in an earlier post, I'm all about balance these days...and, clearly, I'm deep into philosophy. Move over, Kant.

So, I got the Doors of Ireland sandwiched. That finishes off the four I wanted to sandwich this month.

This one required a bit of wrestling. For one thing, it is 76 x 76 inches...a little large for my 60-inch-wide ping pong work table. Vicki W.'s method of using sawhorses and sheets of plywood is sounding better and better to me. I don't think it would have given me as much trouble had I remembered to iron the batting. Duh. It's done now and ready for quilting. I've already quilted one of the four sandwiches I made this month. Having three that are sandwiched and ready to go feels like having quilted money in the bank. All that quilting, and no sandwiching! I'm liberated! For now, at least.

Also yesterday morning, I finished off the first of 12 of the Hocuspocusville stitcheries. I'm liking the orange pumpkins.

When I work on this again, I'll be doing Hester's U-Pick. Cute, huh? And some cute pumpkin action in this one too.

That was my sewing fun for the day. After that, I cleaned up and organized my very badly disorganized sewing room. I had a lot of bins and loose fabric stacked around that was needing to be put away. Also, I'd been putting off dusting and vacuuming until I'd done all that sandwiching. Now the whole downstairs...not just the sewing room...is cleaned up and tidy. Then there was watering, and by the end of the day, I was a blob. Not that it's novel for me to be a blob, but I was a little blobbier than usual. "Blobbier". I just now made up that word. It's a good word.

This morning I'm going to the farmer's market with Erik and Mae. I'm on the hunt for some nice tomatoes and cherry tomatoes, and I'm hoping to find some peaches too. (My CSA does not include fruit...at least not tree fruit.) Coming off of my successful lemon meringue pie for two adventure, I'm of a mind to try to make a skillet peach crisp for two in the little mini iron skillet I purchased in this whole dessert for two transition. After that I'm off to Joann to pick up the items I need to finish up the tote I started a few days ago. Also, I'd like to get two more blocks made up for Lisa's Live, Love, Teach quilt. That will probably take me through the weekend.

What's going on at your end?

5 comments from clever and witty friends:

Linda M @ Pieceful Kingdom said...

Hocuspocusville turned out great. I think the orange pumpkins will look wonderful. After some decluttering and organizing my china cabinets this morning, I think I may spend some time down in the sewing room with my new machine. Yup! I got a new one yesterday. Have a great time at the farmer's market!

gayle said...

Love your Hocusing, and am impressed with all your sandwiching. I finished thread-basting my Star Patch quilt this afternoon (yay!), all the while wishing I had tables to work on. (That floor is soooo far away...)

Kirsty said...

I'm with Gayle and Linda M on this. Excellent work. Did I tell you that your marvellous embroidery has so inspired me that I signed up to a BOM with similar stitchery required? Yes, your name will no doubt be taken (semi-affectionately) in vain once I start that one!

Kate said...

Congrats on getting the not fun stuff done so you can be super productive now.

I really like the spots of orange in the Hocuspocusville block. That's going to be such a fun quilt.

quiltzyx said...

Congrats on all the finished basting! Eliza is going to have fun soon too!!
And on 1/12 blocks for Hocuspocusville being finished as well! Hooray!