Some Blocks

Yesterday I was making blocks. I made a pair of blocks for the Block Lotto. 

This month's block is this Plaid 9-Patch, which is made in an interesting way. You can see how to do it right here. Because of the way they are made, they are best made in pairs. Here are mine:

With those finished, I moved on to my bee blocks. 

This month's hostess has asked for this Kaleidoscope block. You can read her blog post about it right here.

And when I saw this block posted, I went into distress mode because the block is...you guessed it...paper pieced. Oh the humanity! I must have offended the quilt gods somewhere along the way. Fortunately, our bee hostess has asked us to leave the block sections unsewn with the paper still attached, which means they go pretty fast. Each block has eight sections, and I finished four of them yesterday. 

She asked for a mix of bright and modern fabrics. I don't know about modern, but mine are definitely bright. I still have 12 of these to go. Fortunately, they go pretty quick.

Today is going to be a day of running around. I'm seeing my orthotist this morning. If you don't know what an orthotist is, then consider yourself fortunate. An orthotist is someone who makes custom orthotics for people whose feet have seen far too much walking in their time. In my case, it's for people with high arches who have walked barefoot too much in their lives. I spent ages 7-11 in Hawaii, where we even went barefoot to school. And I swam on the swim team. So, pretty much 100% of the time I was going barefoot while we lived there.

After that we moved to southern California. My dad deployed to Vietnam 3 times during that era, but my family stayed put...and yes, I went barefoot most of the time. I was a lifeguard, which meant I was even barefoot on the job. Nobody ever told me I'd get fallen arches at some point in my life, but there you go. I don't suppose I would have put on shoes either way. So, here I am, having been born during the 14th century, and now I have to pay for expensive custom orthotics to keep my sorry feet from hurting. My feet having been bothering me more and more, and I'm thinking my very expensive, but rather aged orthotics probably need replacing. We'll see what the orthotist thinks.

And all of that to say that I probably won't get to do any sewing today because after that happy appointment, I'll need to get some groceries. My CSA is better fortified than my refrigerator, and as I've said before, this is war. And really, how bad can it be when you're at war with vegetables?

6 comments from clever and witty friends:

Dana Gaffney said...

Well thanks for that, I have high arches and never wear shoes unless I have to.

Junebug613 said...

I guess there is a plus side to having flat feet. I'm bad about being barefoot too. Being a coastal native Floridian, tends to instill the urge to be barefoot. Although, I am not a huge flip flop wearer. It's kind of all or nothing with the footwear for me... Except when it's cold (stop laughing! It does too get cold here!) My barefooted-ness (I know you like that one) drives Bruce crazy, because he's from New England - If his foot is touching floor, it must have a shoe or a slipper on it. Even if it's 97 degrees. Crazy.

LethargicLass said...

Seeing as I know Katie (Your bee girl) I feel pretty darned confident that your fabrics are perfect for her :)

Dar said...

Your Bee blocks look very pretty to me. I love your bright colors too.

Brown Family said...

I like the bright colors of the bee blocks.

quiltzyx said...

I haven't seen a plaid 9-patch before, those are cool. Great colors for the kaleidoscope blocks too.
Hope new othotics help. Being a SoCal kid, I was barefoot from June to September every year. Even now, as soon as I walk into the door, my shoes are OFF. And the only shoes I can wear any more that are comfortable are Foot-Eez. Even my "fancy" tennis shoes that my feet were actually measured for make me uncomfortable. oh well.