Quilt Shop: Tangled Threads, Lynden, Washington

My thanks go to Rosequilter for putting me onto this quilt shop in Lynden. There are apparently other quilt shops there, but this one was her favorite and so I chose it as my one stop quilt shop.

A casual passerby would have a hard time missing this shop.

This is the store front.

When you step through the front door, this is what you see.

If I had to describe this shop in one word, it would be "joyful". This was a busy shop with lots of women there shopping. Some women were gathering for a class, and there was lots of laughter. It made me smile just listening to them. 

When you step around the front desk, you see these shelves of fabric.

Someone here is obviously a collector of vintage machines. Although I wouldn't describe myself as a vintage machine enthusiast, I can't help noticing these machines and seeing some of the ones embroidered into my Vintage Miniature Sewing Machines quilt.

This "Quilter's Alphabet" banner was hanging at the front door. You can make it easier to read by clicking on the image to make it larger.

The store was long and narrow with rooms going off to the left and the right. Look through that open door there, and you can see the women gathering for a class.

About in the middle of the store, there was an office area with this quilt commemorating ten years in business.

There was a good selection of patterns, notions, books, and fabric, including these pretty batiks at the far end of the store.

If I'd been in the market for a portable ironing board, I would have snatched up one of these.

Instead, I chose two yards of this pretty stripe. I love stripes in a quilt binding. When I approached the cutting table, I asked for one yard.

As she unrolled it from the bolt, I saw there were even more colors above the fold, and so I asked for two yards instead.

Even the bag was pretty!

So, I give this quilt shop my highest rating of five out of five rotary cutters.

This is a gem of a quilt shop in a small town. I loved it for its cheerful interior, both in decor and decorum. There was something there for every taste, and plenty of on street parking available. If you find yourself traveling north to Canada (or South into the USA), it would be well worth a stop.

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8 comments from clever and witty friends:

Kate said...

If you made it out with just 2 yards, you did really well. Looks like a fun shop.

Cheryl's Teapots2Quilting said...

Lots of lovely, vintage machines, and pretty fabrics!

CaroleM said...

Oh I'll be there next Saturday for the Washington Quilt Shop hop. Lovely ladies in there.

Sandra W said...

So where is this quilt shop? Canada? U.S.? State?
Also--the best sign I've seen--in a restaurant in
London England
All of our sandwiches are made with real meat.

Rosyquilter said...

Am so glad you got a chance to stop and shop at Tangled Threads. I always feel so happy when I leave that shop. Love poking around in there. It was originally a Dr. office, thus the small rooms. They have opened it up a lot since they first opened but I really like moving from room to room and discovering what they have tucked away. There samples change regularly and fabrics feel bright and fun. Lots of good lighting as well. And the owners are friendly and cheerful and welcome you. I don't cross the border as often anymore because we winter in Arizona but, if I am in WA state for any reason, Tangled Threads is a must stop destination!

quiltzyx said...

It's always nice to hear that the shop is happy & friendly. And to see all those lovely fabrics & quilt samples too! I made a Weaver Fever quilt top many, many years ago in a guild workshop (draped over the desk/table in the pic showing the ladies in class). I sold it to another guild member last year & she's finishing it. I love the bright colors in theirs - mine was red, blue & black.

Lynda Halliger Otvos (Lynda M O) said...

Love the ironing boards-superb idea for gifts to sewing friends. Wonderful looking shop. If we get up that way I will certainly make the effort to stop in and see for myself all the loveliness.

Brown Family said...

I have one of those ironing boards. Ours has an applique press sheet and we use it in hot blend crayon classes.