Northwest Quilter's Guild Quilt Show: Day Three

Let's get back to the quilt show for a bit. Whaddaya say? I have several to show you today, but there are still more to come. I always tell myself I'll only take pictures of the really special ones, but then, THEY'RE ALL SPECIAL!! How can I choose? So let's get started with this fun quilt.

This next one is from our good friend Claire over at Knit N Kwilt. Claire, I love this quilt. I looked for your other one, but I didn't see it. 

The rest of the quilts I have to show you today are from the guild challenge, described in this next image.

Got it? So here we go:

Are these tacos just the cutest?

Definitely, inspiration after my own heart.

Finally, I couldn't resist taking a picture of these little sewing machines that were in one of the displays set up by a vendor. The one on the left is a featherweight, and so that gives you some idea how small the one on the right is. 

I'm still pulling myself back together after yesterday's family dinner, so I'll have more to tell you later on. For now, I hope you're enjoying the quilt show.

7 comments from clever and witty friends:

Cheryl's Teapots2Quilting said...

Love the Singer Sew Handy. Enjoying the quilt show, too.

Average Quilter said...

What a great show. I love seeing how creative people can be

quiltzyx said...

Lots & lots of inspiration at that quilt show!

Junebug613 said...

Wonderful quilts! I love seeing the tags, with the explanations of the inspirations.

Dana Gaffney said...

Those are some really different quilts, I like seeing inspiration like that. The Nature one is gorgeous.

Claire said...

Glad you liked Urban Chickens! It was placed at an attention getting place, wasn't it? The Fading Charms one was hidden among the large group of small pieced quilts.

I start out a show reading all tags, and gradually read fewer and fewer. And I forgot to ask the to put neon lights pointing the way. :-)

Brown Family said...

Interesting quilts. My sewing buddy has one of the small machines.