Stuff from Sunday and a Winner

Good Monday morning to you. I'm trusting you all had a good Easter weekend. We had a pretty relaxed one here. 

I'm hoping you all had a chance to leave a comment for the Canvaspop giveaway. Let's just choose a winner right now. But before I choose the winner, I'm estimating that at least 50% of you who left comments were no-reply. It's an old song, but I'll say it again: If you're settings are at no-reply, and you don't leave an email, you have no chance of winning. None at all. You might want to check that out if you're entering a lot of giveaways and never winning. Or if you leave a lot of comments and no one replies. That's your first clue. Puh-leeze check your settings. 

Okay, so here we go. Spinning Mr. Random number generator, and he says:


Congratulations, Nita! I've written you an email, so check your inbox.

Now, don't despair if you didn't win because you can still get 35% off  an entire order from Canvaspop through the end of April by using this code:


Just head on over to their website and order up.

But, hey! Here's another reason to dry your eyes. Come on back here on Saturday, and we'll be having a giveaway to celebrate Mr. Smitty's third birthday on April 11th! Look how he's grown:

Smitty worked all weekend making this mug rug for some lucky random someone. He's calling it "Aged to Purrfection".

Here's how it looks from the back.

If you'd like your own kitty mug rug, just be sure to come to the party on Saturday. It's gonna be great fun.

Easter Sunday morning I got a yen for a Dutch Baby. I'm a great fan of this Mixed Berry Dutch Baby, but I haven't made it in a while because Mike has to avoid those little seeds in the berries. So Sunday morning, I went in search of a recipe for a Lemon Dutch Baby. I didn't find one that appealed to me in particular, but in the process, I found this recipe for an Apple-Cinnamon Dutch Baby. Well. Nobody has to tell me twice. I just happened to have a Gala apple and everything else I needed, so I went straight to work. And yum, yum, yum. It was an instant hit.

These are super easy to make, and it takes longer for the oven to heat up than it does to prepare the "pancake" for baking. I used two Gala apples in mine. It said "large", and I'm never sure what size my apples are. How large is large? I took no chances. I'm a firm believer in food safety. 

It has a sort of "sauce" that goes over the top as well, made from sour cream, apple cider (or orange juice) and brown sugar. It makes a whole lot, and with just two of us, I only made half of that. It was still too much. For two people, I'd make about a quarter of the amount of sauce next time. For four, I'd make half. And if I were betting, I'd bet that even six people could get by with half the amount of sauce. So there you go...my food enticement for the day. Make it. You won't be sorry.

The rest of my sewing for the weekend was pretty much comprised of stitching up this block for Lisa's retirement quilt. Here's the original block:

Here it is rendered in fabric. It took me longer to stitch it than I anticipated, but it's done now. That's Block #11 of 56.

This morning, I scanned in the next one to get it ready to go. This is Elizabeth's block. From the notations that accompanied it, I can tell you that Elizabeth was a 4th grade student.

I'm thinking this one might work well with the thread painting technique a tried a few weeks ago. We'll see. Sometimes I change my mind once I get going on them.

Today I have laundry and housework to do. Also, I'm taking Miss Gracie to the vet to have her drain removed. You're probably wondering, and so I'll say that Gracie is doing marvelously well. She's been downright kittenish. We took off her cone, and she's been a good girl about not pulling at her stitches. We just left it off and we were all a lot happier. She's been eating, and she's had a few supervised strolls outside, and she's been downright playful. That's all a good thing, but it makes us realize that the abscess has probably been festering for a while, poor baby. 

"Get rid of that ruffian cat, and we'll all be a lot better off. 
I knew that cat was trouble from the get-go!"

Just FYI, a cat's skin can heal from a wound very quickly, which makes them prone to these kinds of infections. You can find some information about this condition here and here. Gracie gets lots of lap time and TLC (she demands it, in fact), and yet, we were unaware she had this brewing until it became inflamed enough to start draining. Then, they are stinky and disgusting and pretty much demand instant treatment.

So I'm sorry Gracie has probably been suffering for a while with this, but she's all fixed up now. She just needs to live with her stitches for a little while longer, take her antibiotic, then grow her furs back, and she'll be good as new. Good as a 14-year-old cat can be.

I'm hoping I'll get in a little bit of sewing time today, but it's too soon to tell. I hope you have a good Monday planned for yourself.

12 comments from clever and witty friends:

quiltzyx said...

That is one mouth-watering Dutch Baby! I think it would be good with just about any fruit.
I can hardly believe that Smitty is going to be 3 years old already! Seems like just yesterday when you brought him home & introduced him to us all.
I'm so glad to hear that Gracie is feeling so much better - hooray!
This next block looks like fun - love the hearts in her cheeks!

Diane Wild said...

Glad Gracie is on the mend. Minnie had an abscessed molar that didn't present itself. The vet saw it on the xray when she went in to have her teeth cleaned. Wonder how long that was there. Your apple stuff looks yummy.

WoolenSails said...

It seems we rarely know something is wrong until it is serious, they can't tell us they have an ache or feel sick. I worked with a vet and a dog had two inflamed, you know whats, lol. Talk about a disgusting smell, I was holding that end when he lanced them;)


Vroomans' Quilts said...

Poor Miss Gracie - but glad she is on the mend. I check my two furkids during petting/cuddling time, but like you said - sometimes you can't notice those things until late.

Sharon Sauser said...

Poor Gracie! And you thought she was just being a lazy older cat. I'm glad she's being frisky and kittenish again. Tabby is also fourteen, but I don't think she will ever be frisky again because of the problem with her spine. Poor kitties.

Beth said...

You knew we were all hoping for a Gracie update. So glad to hear she's sparky.

Cats are so funny about keeping it to themselves when they are not feeling well. That was the biggest obstacle/worry I have when tending to our cats with congestive heart failure--they really try so hard to keep the symptoms to themselves. Very different from our dogs, who come directly to us each time something is wrong.

The only time a cat has ever done that for something serious was once when one of our cats bit into a lily leaf after I had surgery (and was too medicated to notice a lily was part of the bouquet). She didn't even swallow the leaf, but simply biting into it made her incredibly sick and she made sure I knew that so that I could drag my post-operative body out of bed, find my sweetheart, and have him take her to the hospital, where she remained for two nights. I've wondered if she knew I was too dopey, on my first day home from the hospital, to notice on my own that something terrible was happening, so she took matters into her own paws. Lucky for Gracie, she could rely on you and Mike to figure it out in time.

Dana Gaffney said...

I'm so glad she's feeling better, now she'll be ready for the big party. My, how fast they grow, I can't believe he'll be three.

Lou said...

So glad Gracie is doing better! They are family! Wow 14.. she is doing really good!
I see Smitty grew into his ears:) ha ha!!! He is just SO adorable!!!
The Dutch Baby looks delish!
You are doing a great job on all the blocks so far! I also love the hearts on the cheeks:)

crazy quilter said...

Well I think I finally figured out how to no be a no reply blogger... LOL. I am a little slow on the uptake sometimes. Boy does that pie/tart look delish, but I really need to loose a few pounds so I will not be baking one of these anytime soon. SIGH, Glad Ms. Gracie is doing all better, darn that rascal Smitty! Have a great day!

Tami C said...

So glad that Gracie is feeling much better!

Kate said...

Glad that Gracie is doing so well.

Brown Family said...

That will be a fun block! Glad Gracie is doing better!