A Day Spent Stripping

Yeah, here at the Kitty Cat Lounge, we've been stripping all day. That isn't entirely true because I had several items on my to-do list. For every to-do I crossed off my list, I allowed myself an hour of stripping.

All the strip sets are complete for the Irish chain blocks I'm making. (Admit it. You were worried.)

And I had time to start sewing them together.

Just now I paused to keep working on my to-do list, and so I might still have time to finish sewing these together. After those are finished, I'll need to add sashings to all the door blocks to bring them up to the 12.5 inches I'm shooting for. Then, I can start sewing them together.

But stripping isn't the only thing going on here today. There's a cover-up too. Yesterday evening, I finished satin stitching all the quilt blocks for the latest Quilting Snowlady. Oh yes, and the cat. I can't forget the cat. He still needs his whiskers, eyes and nose.

Then, this morning, I stem-stitched the borders and binding, and I started stem stitching in the ditch between the blocks. There's still plenty more of that to do, and then I'll be ready to do the rest of the running stitch quilting.

It's a big quilt, little quilt kind of day.

Tomorrow I'm going to the Northwest Quilter's Guild quilt show at the Portland Expo Center. I'll be taking a lot of pictures, and so I should have some eye candy for you very soon. Also, I have a plan for another Baking on Friday project if I don't stay too long at the quilt show. There's plenty to do, and so I'm just gonna keep on going.

10 comments from clever and witty friends:

Average Quilter said...

You've had a productive day. The embroidery is looking great can't wait to see it finished

Junebug613 said...

Well, you are certainly not wasting any time getting the top made for your doors quilt! You go Barbara! Looking forward to the quilt show review. :)

Dana Gaffney said...

I really like the green batik patches, I think you went the right way on this.

Vroomans' Quilts said...

Look at you go with those blocks! Whoot! I like to work my to-do lists that way, cross one off and get to play for a while. Makes for a happier camper.

Doreen Auger said...

Hello, Barbara!!!! Aren't you the sly one with the words!!!! LOL! I remember the photos from last year's show and am looking forward to what you will have to share!!!!! Those strip sets are yummy!!!!! Next to blue, green is my fave! Have a great weekend!!!!
(my "Reader" doesn't get your posts til a good day after you put them up!!!! Ugh!!!!)

Claire said...

Maybe I'll see you at the show. Look for my Urban Chickens. And Fading Charms.

Dasha said...

That quilt you are stitching on the Quilting Snowlady is very cute. The Irish Chain is coming along nicely too. Nice rich green you have in that.

quiltzyx said...

You are blazing along on your Irish blocks! Yay!
Nice job on the big little quilt too.
Have fun at the quilt show!!

gibbygoo56 said...

Have you thought about doing a quilt along with the Pam Bono Cats in the Attic pattern? Is that possible? I read about her death once I began searching for her pattern. Would it be possible to do a quilt along considering she had posted the pattern as free anyway?

Brown Family said...

you are making great progress.