Flowers and More

As I said yesterday, it was a day for getting outside and pruning the last of the five hydrangeas. It's also the largest of the hydrangeas and it has grown leggy. It needed to have last year's dead blossoms pruned off, but it also needed to be shaped. That took less time than anticipated. I filled the bird feeders and then took a walk around the yard with my little buddy to see what's new.

The cherry tree is in full bloom now. This is the larger of the two trees. It gets more sun. The other has a few blossoms, but it is less impressive. It's always a question who will get to eat the resulting cherries. Humans or raccoons? Sometimes we get to them first. Sometimes it's the raccoons.

Also, the plum tree is in full bloom. The last two years, the tree has been loaded with plums. We didn't get any of these because we took off on a trip each year just when they were ripening. We're not planning a big trip this fall, and so hopefully, we'll get another good harvest. I'd actually like to enjoy them for a change.

I approached the tree to see if there were any bees buzzing around. There were none, but we have seen some mason bees around. They like to crawl up in the cracks of our cedar shake siding. Mason bees are the best pollinators, and so we encourage them.

It was also good to see some surviving tulips blooming where I planted them in the whiskey barrels. The squirrels ate most of the bulbs a few summers ago. Since then, a trusty squirrel hunting cat has moved in and the squirrels have moved out. 

There seem to be tulips in all five of the whiskey barrels, and they will fill in over time. 

I've given up planting them, and I'll just hope for the best on the ones remaining. Here's another group. They're keeping their color a secret for now.

This group is at the front door.

Also at the front door, the wisteria is starting to open.

It is positively covered with blossoms this year. It's going to be spectacular if they all open at the same time.

The clematis is in full bloom.

The vine covers one whole short wall on the south side of the house. Here's how the flowers look close up.

Also, the bleeding heart has started blooming.

And the Andromeda is putting on its best show of the season. Those red leaves will open up even more and they will grow larger.

Here is the first open azalea blossom. In a week or so, all of the azaleas will be covered in flowers.

Yes, it really is that bright.

Smitty is doing his part keeping the grass mowed. Keep eating, little buddy. Lots more to do.

Unlike Gracie, he doesn't immediately hork it up right after coming back inside the house. And unlike Gracie, he actually comes outside occasionally. Gracie has been coming out in the afternoon, but in the morning, her priority list reads as follows:

1. Morning Nap
2. Mid-morning Nap
3. Noon Nap
4. Afternoon Nap
5. Treats
6. After-treat Nap
7. Before Dinner Nap
8. Dinner
9. After Dinner Nap

She takes her list very seriously.

Smitty has been more wary about being out by himself for the past few days. He seems to be aware that the bobcat has been around. We're guessing the bobcat has marked his territory, and Smitty respects that. It's just as well. He's been out by himself less often and for less time. When he's out, he sticks close to the house.

Smart kitty. He'll stay alive that way.

Later in the afternoon, I got to work on the 10th Irish Door. Here's the door I'm making:

Here's what I have so far:

I printed the posters onto fabric, and then fused them into the windows. The appliques need top-stitching and I'll want to stitch in some of the details. That will be today's job. Also today I need to make a trip to the post office and then to the grocery store.

The day is mapped out, and so off I go. I hope you have a good day today!

9 comments from clever and witty friends:

Vroomans' Quilts said...

Love seeing all the pretty blooms. My kitties are sticking close to the house due to the large red-tail hawk that has been hunting along our boundaries.

Lyndsey said...

Love all the blooms and I wish spring was so far forward in our garden. Sensible boy Smitty, better to be safe than bobcat's dinner.

Marcia Kennedy said...

I am so jealous! I live near Boston and all my gardens (and yard) are still under a foot or more of snow! That's a lot better than the 5 feet of snow they were under less than a month ago -- we've had a lot of melting -- but I am afraid I won't even see any crocus or tulips or anything until May... :( My forsythia (sp?) took a bad hit by being under so much snow. Not sure if we'll get many blooms this year because so many branches were broken. I'll have to live vicariously through your blooms!

Marion K said...

So much blooms - I love it !! Spring is coming :))

quiltzyx said...

It's amazing how much the flora has changed in just a few days! Gorgeousness!
I always knew that Smitty was a smart guy. :^)
Love the way the door is looking too.

Barb H said...

When I see all the beautiful flowers at your house, I get hopeful that mine will someday soon show up as well. When I read Gracie's daily schedule, I about fell off my chair in laughter! I think Gracie and my Moira must have gone to school together--that's the same daily routine Moira follows!

Jacque said...

It's amazing to me that your blooms are coming along much more quickly than mine....but I guess your thumb is greener! LOL Love the letters and posters for the next door. Super!

liniecat said...

Gracie has a stressless routine I can see that lol
I have that same clematis, forget its name but mine is a joy to see when its festooned with flowers too. Love the wisteria, it must look perfect in that position when it flowers. I once heard it said in folklore I think, a house is blessed if wisteria grows well on it, isn't that a lovely thought!
Hope you get a lot of use out of the treadmill, in such a lovely position it will be a joy to tread away and watch outside as you do. I had one that sat alongside a wall with a view of a wall, due to lack of space, it very soon fell into use as a drying aid for washing! lol

Brown Family said...

Smitty is a smart kitty to stay close to the house. I like Gracie's plan, too. There was a 'door' quilt in the Dallas quilt show.. I thought of yours when I saw it