A Block and a Top

This morning I sat and finished stitching the last bit of my latest quilted snowlady. This is Block 10 of twelve. Getting pretty darned close to finished with all of the blocks.

When I work on this again, I'll be doing this block:

I always look right away and try to figure out where to put the cat. I'm thinking this one is going to be snuggling under the covers with his head on the pillow. That's the way you-know-who likes to sleep.

After that, I got to work finishing up the applique for the Rubber Duckies baby quilt I'm making.

When I had those all finished, I sewed the blocks together. Now it just needs borders.

I was working the sewing in around some housekeeping chores. One thing I needed to do today was to fill the bird feeders. As I was walking out, I noticed this crazy tulip the squirrels missed. Do you see how it's growing right out of the soil with no stem? 

And look at the bud right beside the open blossom!

My explanation for this is that the squirrels ate all of its flower friends. Now, it doesn't know what kind of flower it is any more, and so it thinks it's a crocus. Do you have a better explanation?

Also, I noticed that the plum tree is starting to bloom. This is a good thing because there is nothing but sunshine in the forecast, which means we'll have pollinators out doing their thing. Sometimes it blooms in the rain. We don't get very many plums when that happens.

The bleeding heart is poking its head above ground. I'm always amazed when this comes back each year because it is completely neglected. But that's my garden for you. If it can't take the neglect, it doesn't come back. And if it does, it really does. Year after year, no matter what.

Also, the lilac is going to bloom very soon. We had another that pretty much died. It was here when we moved in, and it was planted in too much shade. This one is in full sun, and it has done much better.

It was a beautiful day of sunshine, and a great day to be a cat. 

What a life.

12 comments from clever and witty friends:

Vroomans' Quilts said...

You really went full throttle to get the ducky quilt to a near flimsy state - yeah. We finally had a non-snow day, but it was super cold.

Diane Wild said...

Glad to see some flowers in your world. Your little ducks are sweet. So is Smitty.

Kathy ... aka Nana said...

Seeing the flowers has made me long even more for spring. It'll be another 6 weeks before our lilac will start to bloom, I suspect.

Claire said...

We once had a neighbor who bought new hybrid tulip bulbs every year, then pulled and trashed the ones that had just finished. We asked for the trashed bulbs from his yellow with red streak flowers. As they grew in our yard they reverted to their pre-hybrid look--some tall, some short, varying degrees of the red streak (or none). So maybe your short one is second generation.

Denise :) said...

Wow -- look at all your pretty plants starting to bloom out -- I'm jealous! That Smitty -- he's such a darling. :)

A Nudge said...

So grateful to see your flower pictures. It's been too cold for me to garden, although this week is suppose to be warm. What a darling quilt! Baby is going to love it. And those embroidered blocks - so sweet, too. Thanks for sharing, Barbara.

Kate said...

Miss CC would like to demonstrate the proper catnapping technique:

Kate said...

And your flowers are looking fabulous! So much for winter, huh? And done with the duckies already??

Tami C said...

Your quilted snow lady turned our very pretty. I love the cat peeking out of the box beside her! Spring time at your place is just beautiful!!

Kate said...

The duck quilt turned out bright and fun, just right for a new little one. I'm so jealous of your spring blooms. It's still brown here. But it was 72 today, maybe that will change in the next week or so.

Brown Family said...

THe duck quilt is coming right along. Are the ducks going to have eyes? Smitty really knows how to enjoy the sunshine!

quiltzyx said...

Zooming along as usual, I see. That was quack, er quick work with the duckies.
Love seeing all the blooming around 3 Cats Ranch!