More Stitches in Bloom

This is your second installment of quilts from the Stitches in Bloom quilt show. I'll just keep going until I've shown all of my favorites.

Today I'm starting with another Baltimore Album. There were about a half dozen Baltimore Albums at the show. I love this style of quilt, and I'm always impressed at hand applique. One day I'd like to try one of these, but first I'll need someone to add more hours to my day.

I have the pattern for this next one somewhere in my piles of patterns.

I like the way this one is quilted...sort of a quilting sampler.

This is one of my favorite quilts from the show. It really caught my eye. The piecing is just beautiful, and the colors are striking. Very pleasing to the eye...at least, to my eye. It was a large quilt too...I'm guessing king size.

Here's a little different take on a watercolor quilt.

Who can guess the designer of this next quilt? The answer is below the image.

If you guessed Jean Wells, you are correct. I have mixed feelings about quilts whose designer is instantly recognizable. This quilter made the quilt after attending a workshop. She certainly did a great job emulating the style.

This next one was just interesting to me. I kind of like the little accents in the border.

I wish I had gotten a bitter picture of the one below. I've never seen anything quite like it. It's all curved piecing, very expertly done. Also, it's quilt as you go, and the combination of the two was impressive.

Here's a bright and fun take on prairie points. I've seen them in borders many times, of course, but you don't often see them used so liberally in the rest of the quilt. Very pretty.

And for today's bunch of quilts, I leave you with this giggle.

Simple quilting, but very effective with the variegated thread. 

Today I need to drive down to Silverton to pick up my quilts from the show. As long as I'm so close to Salem, I'm going to stop into the two quilt shops in that area. Recently a friend asked me to make a baby quilt for their expected first grandchild. They asked for green and yellow with ducks. I went online and found a few duck baby quilts, and asked if they liked any of them. They chose this one, which just happens to be green and yellow. It's a design from Queen Bee Quilt Designs, called Turn Around Baby.

Cute, huh? As long as I'm going to be down in that area, I figured I'd look for some fabrics for this quilt. I can pull some from my stash, but I don't have a duck fabric like that.

I'm hoping I'll have some time to do more quilting on the Shoot for the Moon quilt. The end of the month is fast approaching, and I'd like to have it finished by then.

11 comments from clever and witty friends:

WoolenSails said...

Wonderful quilts and I do like Jean's quilt, a modern look for a gees bend style.


Christine M said...

More gorgeous quilts! I just love that Baltimore one. It is beautiful.

Teresa in Music City said...

I always love seeing quilts from shows that I could never attend :) There are some great quilters in your area - including YOU of course! The Baltimore Album was gorgeous! The little ducky quilt will be adorable for a sweet new baby.

Lyndsey said...

Another batch of great quilts and I love the duck quilt pattern, perfect for a new baby.

beaquilter said...

lovely quilts

Brown Family said...

I love the elephant! The prairie point fans is interesting as is the water color quilt!

Lynne said...

That QAYG with curved piecing is amazing! I think I'd like to try that! Bias strips no doubt!

Vroomans' Quilts said...

Wow - another super showing of quilts. And the cute duck baby quilt will be fun to work on - and shop for.

quiltzyx said...

Another nice batch of quilts - thanks!
I taught a workshop with Debbie Bowles' Pagodas pattern (http://www.mapleislandquilts.com/images/Product/large/MIQ302.jpg) - it uses gently curved piecing (but not quilt as you go) & it was quite easy to do & lots of fun. I'm guessing that one with the waves all the way across was done in a similar way.
Lots of nice, bright colors & beautiful pointy piecing today!

Michele said...

All of the quilts are just wonderful. Thank you for sharing them.

Kate said...

There are definitely some real stunners in that batch. Thanks for sharing.