A Sunny Day

We were forecast a week of rain, but the sun was shining today. It was on the chilly side, but bright and sunny. You can't hope for much more than that in Oregon in January.

Since I had some pancetta left over in my refrigerator, I made myself the BEST sandwich. That's the name I gave it: BEST. Bacon (or pancetta...don't be picky), Egg, Spinach, and Tomato Chutney. It's my breakfast take on a BLT.

It's not really rocket science. Toast an English muffin. Fry up some leftover pancetta (which is just Italian bacon, and so regular bacon or Canadian bacon would work too). Then fry an egg and throw some spinach leaves on top of the egg as it fries. Then, if you're really lucky, you'll have some tomato chutney to spread on the English muffin. If not, just use a regular tomato slice. Then pile 'er all up and chow down. Yum.

So after I'd fed my face, I went outside to feed the birds. You'll never guess what I saw outside. 

No...not that. Repeat after me: Eeeewwwww.

No, not this either:

Give up? 

DAFFODILS! My stars and garters. Spring is on the way! These guys amaze me coming up in the dead of winter as if they own the place.

It was a swimming day, and I'll just say that I'm thrilled to pieces with how my reading and swimming thing is going. I'm using a larger ear bud, and I can hear so much better now that my ears aren't full of water.

I've still been fairly distracted at trying to do both things at once. Today was my third time trying it and I was actually able to concentrate on the book this time. My, oh, my did the time fly by! It was Fan. Tastic. Next time I'm going to try the largest of the earbuds. I still think I could hear better if I could keep the water out of my ears better. It's working well enough as is, but I'm going to experiment and see if a larger size will work better.

After that, I went to the grocery store. Then I came home and finished basting Psycatdelic. Phew. What a literal pain that was. I had to stop frequently to give my neck and shoulders a rest, and I lost count how many times I stuck myself with the needle. But it's done and ready for quilting now.

My goal for the month is to quilt Shoot for the Moon, and I won't get that one basted until tomorrow. Also, I still need to baste Sew Helpful. Those will both be spray basted, however, and that will be a breeze in comparison. Spray basting is still my favorite way to go. I think we all have to do what works best for us, and I thought this thread basting was a royal pain. I like the method of rolling the quilt onto boards. For my effort next time, however, I'm going back to pins. 

Speaking of Sew Helpful, would you like a little lesson in cozy? 

Feast your eyes:

Mike called just as I was getting started here, and he's on his way home. That's my cue to start dinner.

It was a nice day here. I hope you had a nice day too.

10 comments from clever and witty friends:

Sheila said...

Cold here in the Finger Lakes of western NYS, but they say we will be in the low forties on Sunday, a regular heat wave. Love your cat quilt!

quiltzyx said...

Of course we know if I made that sammie, it would be a BES' sandwich - still and all, it looks delish.
I guessed wrong - I though maybe Uno was outside. Daffodils are better!
Hooray for getting Psycatdelic basted. I can feel your pain. Really, I can.
I went to the grocery store today too - got stuff to make some chicken soup tomorrow. It will probably get hot here because of that. Oh well, what can you do? I think I'm going to have a grilled cheese-and-jalapeno-jelly sandwich & the mystery soup/chili/whatever that I took out of the freezer this morning for dinner tonight. Soon maybe. That sandwich made me hungry!

Brown Family said...

Glad you got the basting done! Now you can move forward!

Sally T said...

Hey! Isn't that picture of cozy really a picture of "Sew Helpful" taking over Gracie's favorite quilt?

Vroomans' Quilts said...

I love seeing others post the beginnings of buds/flowers - I know we won't see them any time soon, but it does give strength to last what's left of winter. We had sun today but only reach 5 degrees. Next week we will go into the high 30's, possibly 40's - whoot, get the shorts out!! Not really, just maybe not have to wear one more layer of clothing.

Lyndsey said...

Great work getting the quilt basted. I'm go to redo the votes for women quilt but keep putting it off as it will give me back and shoulder ache. I wish the fairies would come in and baste the larger quilts. On our walk at the weekend we saw some snowdrops in bloom.

Dana Gaffney said...

I spray baste everything, when I first started out I was thread basting, what a pain, now no matter what size I spray it.

Sherry said...

Tomato Chutney yum yum yum, You know I did take your suggestion and make some. Will have to try your new sandwich. Basting is my least favorite of the quilting process and loading to my quilter is the least favorite of that process for me too. It just doesn't seem very creative to me,, I guess. And thanks for the photo reminder spring is knocking on the door.

Dar said...

Oh to be able to be "sew cozy" around here. I need more help in that category. Glad to hear that you are reading and swimming better. Even on a good day, I can only do the reading part.

Kate said...

You'll be all set up to finish up a lot of stuff once you get all that basting done.