Sunday Stitching

Brace yourselves, because things are about to get crazy. It's that week among weeks, that day among days, when madness ensues. When it's over we all heave a sigh of relief for having survived the season, and then get ready to do it all again in another year. If you're like me, those years start seeming more like weeks all the time. Anyway...I hope you're ready.

Today I'm doing the last bit of holiday ready-making by heading out to the grocery store (shudder). Fortunately, I only have a few things to pick up, and so I have great hope of surviving the trip. There are just a couple small house-keeping tasks on my list today, and so I'm hoping to get in a little sewing today too.

Yesterday, I finished my housework early, and that gave me some time to get a start on my "Let's Book It" project for the month. I'm making a project from this book:

In fact, I'm making that little cat you see there on the cover. My little helper cat comes in a different color. Here's what I did yesterday:

It's going to take quite a bit of top-stitching to bring out the details on the cat. Fortunately, I had my little model close by. He took his job very seriously.

It only made him a little bit grumpy when I lifted up his head to see what color his chin is.

Also yesterday, I made this dust cover for my rooster. Ha! Actually, that's not a rooster on my sewing table. It's Eliza!

I have something similar on Big Bertha. I got the idea when I saw this project in a Martha Stewart Living magazine once.

It looked so pretty and easy. When I made the cover for Big Bertha, I got myself a tee towel, only then, lazy person that I am, I thought, "Hey! Why bother with those cutesy little ties on the side when I can just sew side seams and call it good?" Obviously, my towel was larger than the one Martha used, but it's a great little cover. (Frankly, I'm too obsessed with making quilts to get carried away making a nice cover for my sewing machine, and so I settle for this quick and dirty style.)

So to get back to Eliza...I realized that it was going to take a big beach towel to be large enough to cover that curvy girl. But then I got real smart and said to myself, "Hey!" (my usual way of addressing myself) "Why not just use some of that fabric from your stash!" And then I answered, "Hey! Why didn't I think of that?" 

So I measured the old girl and found her to be about 30 inches long and about 24 inches high, which was just about right for a yard of fabric. Then I cut a 36-inch-wide piece, cut off the selvages and gave those edges a hem.

Then I sewed up the sides with a French seam.

And voila! A quick a dirty dust cover for Eliza.

She looks just like her namesake, right?

Minus a little glamour, maybe.

Also, I'm nearly finished with the stitching on my little blackwork piece.

I should be able to finish this later on this afternoon or tomorrow morning. This is a pattern from Bird Brain Designs. It's framed on the pattern cover.

I'm going to make a little "quiltlette" from mine in the same way I made this one for my friend Marei. This is another design from Bird Brain Designs. (I love their stuff.)

This is the backing fabric I'm going to use.

And that's all the sewing I've done since the last time we chatted.

I'm hoping to treat myself to an Egg McMuffin this morning before I hit the grocery store, and so I'd better get going. I hope you have a lovely day. Try to stay calm.

8 comments from clever and witty friends:

Linda M @ Pieceful Kingdom said...

I made the last grocery store run before the big day this morning as well. It was surprisingly quiet...I'm glad I went today instead of tomorrow as was first planned. Now I won't have to go out of the house until the weekend! Hubby didn't luck out...he had to take his mother to Walmart and it was BUSY. I hope you all have a wonderful Christmas!

Brown Family said...

The little cat looks just like Smitty! Very nice cover for Eliza.

I finished sewing projects for our first Christmas at my sisters. I am now working on projects for second Christmas at my daughters on Thursday. Hopefully I do not have to make anything for third Christmas at my Sons!

Diane Wild said...

Trying to get motivated on the sewing projects but it's not working. Did most of the running around today as tomorrow there are predictions on ice and snow. So, I don't know about you but every year I think I'm ready with my gift giving and then I start to fret that it's just not enough. Does that ever happen to you? Deep breath.

quiltzyx said...

The kitty is so cute - nice color change too.
I was thinking I should make a cover for my Janome, as I was blowing the dust bunnies off. Now you've inspired me!
My gas metered was changed this morning, then off to the colleges for lunch w/coworkers. Stopped to see if I could get the oil changed in my car, but was unsuccessful, filled up with gas, stopped at the grocery store & post office. Finished emptying the back of the car so I can pack it up for my trip up north. Just have to wash up my dinner dishes & that's it for me today!

Lyndsey said...

I have to visit the grocery store later but first i have a couple of things I must do for work (oophs I shouldn't really be reading blogs but it is so much more fun.) Love your machine covers. I got the fabric to make one but haven't done it yet. Our spare bedroom is becoming the den/sewing room after Christmas so I must get it done soon.

Quilting Babcia said...

Calm you say?! I did manage to set Casey Jones into his cabinet at the new house yesterday but right now the sewing room is a total shambles. DH says Janome table will come with next load. We shall see. Headed back to apt. tomorrow to bake pies for Christmas dinner - very minimal cooking utensils here as of now. 50s forecast for tomorrow - yay!

Ann Bassett said...

I made my sewing machine dust covers with old pillow cases and just made them big enough to tack on each side, couldn't be bothered with ties. Love Eliza's dust cover, it's just what she needs. The only shopping I did for Christmas was for food and that is all done. I have one little stop to make tonight for medicine and I'm done until sales this weekend. Merry Christmas to you and yours.

Kate said...

Your kitty is looking quite like the model. Hope you survived the grocery store. I'm hoping we don't have to make a quick run today.