2014 Year in Review

Since I'm off in Bend, I wanted to keep you entertained by reviewing my finished quilts for 2014. Here goes:

Vintage Miniature Sewing Machines
started 3/15/12 and completed 1/19/2014
pattern by Ella and Skysie Designs
hand embroidered and free motion quilted
blue ribbon and division winner, 2014 Oregon State Fair

Freckled Fruit
started 7/26/13 and completed 2/22/14
from the April/May 2011 issue of The Quilter magazine
fusible applique, traditional piecing and free motion quilted

Réimsí Glas
a doll quilt in the March, 2014 Monthly Doll Quilt Swap
optional theme: "Keen on Green"
started 3/1/14 and completed 3/3/14
a project from the book, Sew Celtic, by Nikki Foley
15 x 15 inches, fusible applique


On a Roll
pattern by Java House Quilts
started 1/18/14 and completed 3/8/14
16 x 37 inches, fusible applique

Outback Sunrise
a table runner from the book, Skinny Quilts and Table Runners II
started 1/26/14 and completed 3/20/14
80 x 20 inches, traditional piecing and free motion quilted

Spring Fever
a wall-hanging from the book, Stained Glass Applique
started 3/26/14 and completed on 3/28/14
11 1/4 x 21 inches, stained glass fusible applique and machine quilted

Shine On
a wall hanging, 25 x 37 inches 
inspired by the "Duluth Trees" pattern from Frieda Anderson
started 2/13/14 and completed on 4/4/14
 free piecing, fusible applique, and free motion quilted
red ribbon winner, 2014 Oregon State Fair

Hot Stuff
23" in diameter, from the pattern by Pam Wolf
started 3/21/14 and completed 4/12/14
fusible applique and free motion quilted

Intel Underneath
started 1/10/13 and finished 5/6/14
86 x 88
traditional piecing, machine quilting by Erin Davis

A World Apart
started 5/19/14 and finished 5/25/14
22 x 17 
stained glass fusible applique and machine quilted

Pretty Posies
started 5/31/14 and finished 6/2/14
13 x 17
traditional piecing and machine applique
Carolina Lily pattern from allpeoplequilt.com

We Are the World
for the 2013 Rainbow Scrap Challenge, started 1/14/13 and completed 6/26/14
60 x 75
Using the "Little Red Dresses" pattern by Barbara Weiland Talbert

Initially Yours: Blooming Sunflower
a quilt for my guild challenge of making a quilt to 
represent my initials of BS
adapted from a pattern by Jane L. Kakaley 
36 x 36
started 6/3/14 and finished 7/5/14

Lady Liberty
made for the July, 2014 doll quilt swap
optional theme: "On My Bucket List"
New York Beauty block, signifying my desire to see the Statue of Liberty
paper-pieced and free motion quilted
18 x 18
started 7/16/14 and completed 7/22/14


Where Angels Walk
the "Good Morning" pattern from McCalls Quilting March/April 2012
started 11/19/13 and completed 7/29/14
60 x 82.5
traditional piecing, machine quilting

Happy Campers
a wall hanging inspired by the original art work of
Portland artist Rachel Austin
started 4/26/14 and completed 8/4/14
30 x 30
fusible machine applique and machine quilted

Joseph's Quilt (A Quilt of Many Colors)
a lap quilt made as a participant in the Blogger's Block of the Month
started August, 2011, and completed August 14, 2014
61 x 61
traditional piecing and free-motion machine quilted

table runner started 11/18/13 and finished 10/2/14
fusible applique pattern by Sticks and Broomstraws
17 x 36
first time making "prairie points"

The Grim Ripper
a wallhanging started and finished on 10/5/14
fusible applique
free pattern by Terry Chilko
9.5 x 12.5 inches

pattern from the book, Skinny Quilts, by Kim Schaefer
a table runner started 10/8/14 and finished 10/19/14
fusible applique and free motion quilted
88.5 x 22.5 inches


An Embroider's Blessing
pattern by Meg Hawley of Crabapple Hill Studios
started 6/22/14 and finished 10/28/14
12 x 15.5 inches
first project quilted on my Baby Lock Tiara mid-arm machine


The Sparrow
pattern by Jennifer Reynolds
started and finished in a single November weekend, 2014
7 x 10 inches
a mug rug given to a friend as a Pay it Forward gift

Mickey's Mug
inspired by the work of T'onna Peters of USS Crafty blog
started and finished 11/11/14
7 x 10 inches
a mug rug given to a friend as a Pay it Forward gift


Peppermint Star
a table topper 45 x 45 inches
traditional piecing and free motion quilted
started 11/2/14 and completed 11/29/14

Merry and Bright
a wall hanging 32 x 44 inches
traditional piecing and free motion quilted
tree is "lit" with hot fix crystals and metallic thread
started 2/23/14 and finished 12/10/14

A Gardener's Journal
55 x 55 inches
started 12/6/12 and finished 12/20/14
designed by Anni Downs of Hatched and Patched
hand embroidery, traditional piecing, free motion quilted

So there you have it. One year's worth of completed projects. I'm still hoping to finish one more before the year is over, but 26 finished quilts is a pretty good showing for the year.

19 comments from clever and witty friends:

Linda M @ Pieceful Kingdom said...

Gorgeous! And what a productive year you've had!

Dana Gaffney said...

That was great, a quilt show with old friends.

gpc said...

My gosh, I knew you'd been busy but this is really an impressive display! I wish I lived nearby so you could teach me some skills!

Donna said...

Wow! Gorgeous projects! I wish I was as productive.

evelyn said...

Love the show-gorgeous quilts.

Diane Wild said...

A great selection of finishes. Some I haven't seen before, doll quilts for instance. I like them all. Do you sometimes look back and say, "Did I make that?" They're beautiful. Thank you.

Michele said...

I think that is a fabulous showing for the year. Congrats on completing so many great projects.

Cathy G said...

Good Job! Beautiful!

Jeanie said...

Oh my, Barbara.... that's more than two a month.... incredible! You certainly inspire me with your creativity...quilt on!

WoolenSails said...

Lots of wonderful quilts and pieces, you really have been busy this year.


Janarama said...

You sure have accomplished a lot in 2014 and all of your quilts are beautiful. My two favorites are the Blooming Sunflower and Merry and Bright.

Denise :) said...

That was fun to scroll through -- you had a very productive and creative year, Barbara!! :)

Lyndsey said...

It is a pleasure to see your finished quilts. You have had a really productive year. All your creations are beautiful.

Junebug613 said...

That's amazing! I don't think I actually finished any.... How sad. I started a lot though! Thanks for another year of sharing your life and beautiful crafts with us. I enjoy living vicariously through you in your journeys and being entertained by your humor and the antics of Smitty and Gracie.

quiltzyx said...

Thanks for the wonderful quilt show & tell Barbara! This was a great retrospective for 2014.
Hope you're having a lovely time with your friends in Bend!

Quilter Kathy said...

I would say that's an outstanding showing of finished quilts for 2014... way to go!
My faves are the embroidered sewing machines, the Gardener's Journal, and the scrappy dolls.

Katie said...

Seam ripper is so funny

LynCC said...

Boy, you've had such a good year of finishes! I particularly love the Vintage Machines and Shine On.

Kate said...

Congratulations on having such a productive year. I can't pick a favorite, all your projects have their own unique charm!