Baking and Sewing

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How does that old poem go? Cleaning and scrubbing can wait til tomorrow...it's about rocking one's baby. We're short on babies around here, but the sewing machine is a good stand-in. I had very good intentions when it came to housework, but somehow the sewing machine kept me busy all day. I blame my furry friend here:

He kept coming in all day long looking for catnip, as evidenced by all the greenery around him on his bed there. I couldn't disappoint my little cat, now could I? So, I soldiered on.

This is where I left off with my little Christmas table topper yesterday.

Then, today I added two more rounds.

I worried about running out of that white snowflake tone-on-tone because I wanted to use it throughout. Then I dug around in my scraps and found yet another nice long strip. It was used as a quilt back on another quilt, and I still had the cut-off edges from its previous incarnation.

If I were making the bed quilt, I would be making three more of these 36-inch blocks. My goal has always been to make a table topper, and so I'm just adding a plain green border from here. Also, I have a cute candy-cane stripe for the binding. I had the border half way finished before I needed to stop for the day.

But that's not all I did today. Before I started sewing, I baked this Apple and Sour Cream Coffee Cake.

It's a recipe from Martha Stewart, and this picture from Martha Stewart's website had me going. It has a pound of diced apples and a cup of pecans in the batter, not to mention a streusel topping made from oatmeal and more pecans. And, heck, it has eggs, and so with apples, nuts, oatmeal, and eggs, I figure it just has to be good for you, right? It's practically health food!  And it's tasty. I had a piece nearly straight from the oven. All those apples make it so moist and yummy. Here's the link to the recipe.

So almost no housework got done today, but I do have a cake to show for it. Tomorrow I'll do better...or not. Take your pick.

8 comments from clever and witty friends:

Quilting Babcia said...

Hey, I vote for 'or not'. Sounds like a much more rewarding day!

Vroomans' Quilts said...

Most of my house chores were blown as I had more than planned errand running toay. The apple cake looks scrumptious, too bad I don't bake (or lucky I don't bake).

quiltzyx said...

The table topper is sweet! I love the cranberry fabric - just perfect.

I got a little kitty time in yesterday, visiting my friend Brad. I was showing him how to attach photos to an email, and his cat Lance came out to see me. She (yes, she) came up on the table & let me skritch & scratch for quite some time. Brad just shakes his head & says "You are the only one she likes." LOL Evidently I'm also the only one who can sit in the recliner & have both Lance AND Toby the tiny dog lay on me at the same time with no fighting. I think it's my super power.

Dana Gaffney said...

Nice save with the snowflake fabric, it really is so pretty. Yes, Smitty is much more important than housework, can I borrow him so I have an excuse?

Jacque said...

Mmmmm, gotta love that health food!

Chris said...

Oh for Pete's sake.....Smitty was having a 'need' day. Jombie and Maui have theirs....they need a little pat, a rub in that ultrasoft fur behind the ears, a little snuggling. With two you get less sewing done. Then again, sometimes they just need a fix. Catnip does it. lol. Love your table piece.

Brown Family said...

very pretty large block!I am doing a bom that has a some 36,27 and 24 inch blocks along with a bunch of 6 inch ones!

Kate said...

Your table topper really sparkles!