Two More Leaves

Today I was able to finish top-stitching two more leaves on my "Leaves" table runner.

For today's effort, I stitched the reddish-orange one,

and the green one.

Tomorrow I should have time to top-stitch the purple one, and then it will be ready to sandwich and quilt. Looks like I might actually finish this so that I can have a fall table runner on my table.

Also today, I went back to swimming, as I intended to do. That means I've done two days of exercise so far this week. If you recall, I get a "C" grade in exercise for going twice in a week. Three times earns me a "B", and four times earns me an "A". Of course, nobody cares but me. 

Tomorrow I'm going to spend some quality time with my dentist while he does a crown prep. Oh boy. I'm so excited I can hardly stand it. Really. I can hardly stand it. But you know how it is...your wallet gets so heavy carrying around all that cash. Every once in a while it's kind of a relief to get a new crown so you can lighten your load a little. Can I get an Amen on that? Really? Nobody? 

Mike just got home. I have a pot roast cooking away in the Dutch oven. Tonight we're having Spanish Daube, which Mike has declared as his favorite pot roast of all time. It's pretty simple to make, and when you serve it up with some crusty bread for dunking, it makes a great meal on a rainy evening. If that recipe looks good to you, just know that I always use a chuck roast. I tried it once with the cut called for in the recipe, and it was far too tough. The chuck roast is better.

So that's about all from me. I'll bet you're envious of my trip to the dentist tomorrow, aren't you? Believe me, the envy will be all mine.

10 comments from clever and witty friends:

Vroomans' Quilts said...

I will let you have all that envy. The leaf runner is going to be quite stunning.

Dana Gaffney said...

My only crown had to be gold since it's thinner than the usual, my wallet is still complaining about the weight lost. The table runner looks so good, can't wait to see it quilted.

Dasha said...

You are just too funny Barbara! LOL. The pot roast sounds good. Yum!

Sher S. said...

Sorry about your crown, been there too many times. That is one you can keep. I love the fabrics you used, they do look like leaves you could find in nature. You have a good eye for color. It will look stunning on you table.

Diane Wild said...

Amen and Awomen.

quiltzyx said...

I don't know about you, but when I had my crowns done, my dentist was cute & had wonderful green eyes for me to stare at. That (and dental insurance) made it a little less painful.

The runner is looking better & better. :^)

Andee said...

LOL, I care about the exercise grade too...we need all the cheerleaders we can get! Love the leaves too!

Betty said...

I'll give you an Amen on the crown! My dentist is great about letting me make payments on things like that. A few years back we had a lull in procedures and I told him it just didn't feel right not sending him a check each month!

Kate said...

The roast sounds yummy.

Two days is better than none, you'll get back in the groove soon I'm sure.

I can relate to the slightly lighter wallet comment, I'm still getting the bills from DT's ACL surgery.

Shannon Meyer said...

After getting some work done at the dentist this week, my hubby was asked by the receptionist how the appointment went. His answer: 'I don't know where else you can spend that kind of money and get that kind of fun!!' ;)