So Saturday

Even though its Saturday and the alarm is not set, Smitty has his own personal alarm. At exactly two minutes past the hour, he was singing the song of his people, letting us know it was time to open the door.

Mousies are running. There's no time for snoozing. A cat's work is never done.

That's okay. I can never sleep very late in the morning anyway. It's a beautiful day here in the Northwest...a perfect day for going to the farmer's market with my kiddos. I'm excited to see them since it will be the first time I've seen them since we left on our trip. I'll be bearing gifts this morning. I can never resist loading them up with presents when we've been traveling. Because of that, I had to unwrap a few things to show you.

We visited a Christmas shop while we were in Bayfield, Wisconsin, and I found some cute Christmas ornaments. I was especially on the lookout for one for Valerie (Matthew's main squeeze). Valerie undertook a major project of gutting and renovating a 1940's style 750 square foot home, and she closed on the deal and moved in this past May. I thought she needed a Christmas ornament to celebrate her first home.

While I was there, I found this beaver ornament for Erik and Mae. It's not an Oregon State beaver, but I wanted them to know that Wisconsin is rooting for Oregon State too.

And you didn't think I was going to leave the store without this one for our own Christmas tree, did you?

So I just have a few minutes to spare before I need to get ready to leave. The vegetables await. For today's hunting and gathering expedition, I'm hoping to score another five pounds of tomatoes so that I can make some more tomato chutney. My recipe only made a few jars, and we've already either eaten or given away half of what I made. 

At that rate, it's not going to last long. It's so delicious that I simply must make more or risk wasting away this winter from the coming chutney famine. 

Sewing is probably going to be put on hold for a few days. There is quite a bit to do before I greet my out-of-town guests on Monday, Tom and Deb. They are old friends from high school, and I can't wait to see them. And that brings me to my other quest for today's hunting and gathering: apples. Apples are in season, and I want to make an apple crisp for when Tom and Deb are here. It makes my mouth water just thinking about it. Yum.

What's on your agenda for this weekend? 

15 comments from clever and witty friends:

Teresa in Music City said...

Enjoy your family and coming friends! What great times to look forward to :) Those are perfect ornaments - I like to give them as gifts too. Each year I buy at least one new one for our tree too.

Vroomans' Quilts said...

What very pretty and personal ornaments for gifting (and keeping). I'm minding the 'store' today - rainy and cold - and have some hanging sleeves to attach to quilts for the upcoming show.

Kate said...

Love the Christmas ornaments. DT and I always look for one special one to remember our vacations by.

Enjoy your time with your family today.

quiltzyx said...

Smitty is just so gorgeous! What a nice way to start my day. :^)

Very cool ornaments - you did a great job picking them out.

Hope you had a productive trip to the farmer's market. I'm at work this morning. I actually got up early enough to throw some chicken in my little slow cooker. When I get back home, I have 2 transcripts to do - YAY! And, sometime after dark, when it cools down, laundry. Either that, or wear dirty clothes next week. My choice, right?

barbara woods said...

makes me want to make one

Linda said...



Michele said...

That is a great picture of Smitty. It's rainy and drab here today and laundry is the current chore. I hope to get into my studio a little later, if I can stay awake that is.

Christine M said...

Smitty looks like he's a cat on a mission! Those ornaments are gorgeous, Barbara. I love the caravan one. Have a lovely day. I'm going to head into my sewing room!

Diane Wild said...

Such cute, meaningful ornaments. Have help this weekend so cleaning up the gardens, cutting back and putting stuff away.

kc said...

Cute, Cute Cat. and ornaments! :) especially that little beaver!!

We went to a Bikes & BBQ/Pets in Art festival yesterday...I was a little leary, 'cuz I gave up my leathers LONG ago...but, turns out, most bikes there were of the recumbent type. It was the annual celebration of the Rails to Trails along the Withlacoochee River. Boy, was I pleasantly surprised. And the ribs were finger-licking good, too, tho, they did set my mouth on fire for a while..

After that we went exploring in one of the many State Parks - didn't see any alligators, but lots of warning signs, so I know they're out there.

Came home to do up some of the same as you - no sewing, but made a pumpkin pie & cleaned house, in anticipation of our friends' arrival. She's actually the one who got me into quilting in the first place, and she's coming armed with a machine embroidery project that's needed for a round robin she's in, due next week!

Today we have to powerwash some concrete and re-position our camper, so they'll have room to park their coach level & still close the gate (no one wants to chase our pup all over the neighborhood, nor do I want late night visitors of the 4-legged furry kind that go yip-yip-yip in the middle of the night).

And with that said, I guess I'd better get my butt in gear & get going!! Enjoy your Sunday!

Dar said...

Very cute ornaments for your family. I love your camper one. Have fun with your out of town guests. It's always fun to reconnect with friends.

Brown Family said...

Nice ornaments. Of course you could not pass up the travel trailer!

Smitty, my husband just saw your beautiful photo and said you were handsome and regal!

Jacque said...

Those ornaments are just so perfect for all of your special people...love the camper, too! I need to get in gear and start making grape jelly -- the fridge downstairs is full of grapes!

Tami C said...

Love the Christmas ornaments you found (especially the little camper)!

Junebug613 said...

What fun and thoughtful ornaments! You are so cool.