Traveling Cat

Good afternoon. Smitty here to tell you about what's been going on. We just got back into the country from Catnada. Yes, I'm a traveling cat. There are even songs written about me. You might recall these lyrics:

I'm a traveling cat
I've made a lot of stops all over the world
And in every purrt I own the heart
Of at least one purretty squirrel

Yeah, that's me. I'll tell you about the squirrel in a minute. For now, just think of me as Double-O Smitty...International cat about town. 

So anyway...we're in Meownesota right now. Yesterday we got out for a walk, and I wanted to show you around this place...Gooseberry Falls State Park. I haven't seen any gooses so far, but I keep looking. So, follow me, and I'll show you around the place.

We have a furr pit just outside our door. We haven't started any furrs yet, though.

If we go this way, we can get to Lake Supawrior. Look both ways before crossing, please. Safety furst, always.

I went in search of some of that righteous Meownesota weed.

Here. This looks pretty good. Let's pawse here while I have a little snack. Nom Nom Nom.

So here we are at the path that leads out to the lake. That's my dad there. He gets scared when he sees cats on the path, and so I had to reassure him. Maintain, Dad. It's all good. It's just me...Smitty.

So we walked on down to the lake shore, and what do you suppose we saw right away. Tread carefully, my friends. Mans ahead.

And just so my Dad wouldn't get scared, I snuggled in right next to him until the danger passed. Phew.

But then, Holy Catnip! What do you think we saw?

It's that squirrel I told you about! Eating a mushroom! Right! In! Front! Of! Us!!!!!!

Well don't you suppose that had my paws in a wad. 

I've been told that it's illegal to hunt in state and national pawrks, but don't you know that gave me the blood lust BAD! A rodent dinner was sounding purretty darned good about now. I haven't had a decent meal in weeks.

I had to go back inside the trailer. I don't want to end up in jail somewhere in Meownesota. It's supposed to get cold here purretty soon.

So that's my walk. I know...not enough guts and gore, but sometimes a cat just has to hold back. Another time, maybe. Just keep cool for now.

12 comments from clever and witty friends:

Vroomans' Quilts said...

That's one bold chipper - eatin' in front of you. He must have known he was protected in that park - the only bars/wires we want to see Smitty in is when he's in the catio.

Donna said...

Oh Smitty! Such control! I'm so proud of you.

Linda said...

Smitty you are a brave one (and cute too!)
Meow to Barbara for me!


Jeanie said...

Good boy, Smitty! It's your job to protect Dad, Mom, and Gracie so don't let those other Mans and rodents distract you. Happy trails to you.....

Jeanie said...
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Scrapatches said...

Thanks, Smitty, for showing me arrowrn and giving me a look at all the purrty sites. Safe travels ... :)

Michele said...

Oh the temptation! I'm sure it was hard to resist going after that rascal. Sometimes it just isn't possible to enjoy the local cuisine.

Jacque said...

Whew! You did a yeoman's job of resisting temptation, Smitty! Bravo!

quiltzyx said...

Thanks for taking us on the guided tour Smitty - and for watching our for Dad too. I think he might need a lot of watching out for, don't you?

Brown Family said...

That was a good walk, Smitty. We have never seen out squirrels eat mushrooms before! Maybe it was a magic mushroom!

Tami C said...

Hey Smitty! Good to hear you are having some fun out by that big lake. Did you ever find any of that Meownesota weed? Stay safe!

Lyndsey said...

Great post Smitty and I'm pleased you didn't eat the squirrel. Your mom wouldn't be able to visit you if you ended up in jail that far from home.