Rainy and Lazy Day

We awakened to the sound of raindrops this morning, and a dreary, overcast day. We've had beautiful weather up until now, with only a brief flirtation with storms in northern Montana. Our goal for the day was to make our way to the visitor's center at Voyageur's National Park and see what we could see. From what we have read about the park, the only real way to see it is via some sort of watercraft. Having none, we weren't exactly sure we were going to see much of anything at all.

There are four places to enter the park, which encompasses some 218,054 acres of land and water, 500-plus islands and 655 miles of shoreline. We entered at the northern-most of those, Rainy Lake. In case you don't notice them on your own, those are raindrops on the windshield in the image below. It seems appropriate, don't you think?

There was a short hiking trail near the visitor center, but the rain discouraged us. We had a nice chat with the two rangers inside and perused the small museum. As it turns out, there was no boat tour today, but there is one tomorrow. We hadn't planned to stay tomorrow, but then decided we could adjust our schedule a little to accommodate another night here. It is what we came to see, after all, and we probably won't get up this way again. 

So we ponied up our pennies and signed up for tomorrow's tour. It's a 6-1/2 hour tour and will take us around the upper part of the Kabetogama Peninsula and Kettle Falls Hotel and Dam. We'll spend two hours at the hotel where we'll eat lunch and perhaps do a little bit of hiking. We are looking forward to that, and we are also grateful to have an opportunity to experience the park we've driven so far to see.

Remember my discussion of the giant statues from yesterday's post? Well, we managed to see "Big Vic" the 30-foot tall voyageur! Now you've seen him too! I'm telling you, it's a new adventure every second when you travel with us.

After we left the visitor center, we drove to the end of the road where there was a little town called "Island View". Sounds inviting, no? We had to check it out. Along the way, we saw a place for sale, and the sign made us laugh. Check out the name of the web listing for this place.

On the way, we crossed a little isthmus between two sides of Rainy Lake. You can see that the weather leaves a lot to be desired today, but it was a pretty area, nonetheless. There were lots of homes and different kinds of watercraft. There are houseboats for rent in the area if one plans ahead.

After that, we came back to the trailer and paid up to stay another night. The rest of the afternoon, we just lazed around, and when I finish here, I'll go back to doing just that.

First, however, do you want to see a bad cat?

He's been such a good traveler until the last three nights, when he's started whining and mewling at around 2:30 a.m., running back and forth from one end of the trailer to the other, using the two steps up into the bedroom as his launch bad for a mighty leap, jumping on Gracie, and generally, being a pain in the you-know-what. Then, in the morning, once he has everybody wide awake and walking around, he climbs up in his cubby for a day-long nap.

Today we've been hassling him, but good. I think the cat just needs to run off some of that excess energy, and so we've been keeping him awake playing with him and walking outside. Hopefully, he'll sleep better tonight. If not, we might just boot him out the door when we leave and tell him to hunt for his living. Nah. We wouldn't do that. Leave my kitty? Not on your life.

So, carry on. Hopefully the weather will improve, and I'll have some great pictures for you tomorrow. The rain is supposed to let up some, and sunshine would be nice.

14 comments from clever and witty friends:

Vroomans' Quilts said...

Hope the weather is better tomorrow so you can enjoy that boat trip. Smitty is being like a kid stuck in the house too long - needs to run, jump and scream.

Junebug613 said...

I hope the weather improves for your boating adventure tomorrow! I hope the furry terror lets you all get some sleep tonight too. It's funny how all of a sudden they get a bee in their bonnet and have to so rambunctious. Oh - I just got my Keepsake Quilting catalog! Page 12 is right up your alley!


Dana Gaffney said...

You can send him here, after a few days with the woofies he'll be all worn out and ready to come home.

crazy quilter said...

Sorry for the rain on your Voyager parade, but you get to stay another day! That boat ride will be fun. Little Smitty is just trying to get your attention, after all no little critters to hunt has him with Cabin fever. Hopefully the day of walks in the rain and playing will get all that energy used up so you can get some rest . Poor Gracie having to put up with the teenager! She needs to swat him a time or two to let him know she is the boss, but I am sure she is too polite to do that. Maybe he needs a night on the catio? Have fun and I be safe!

quiltzyx said...

Even in the rain the lake looks beautiful.
ICE BOX REALTY! lol That's hilarious!

Oh Smitty, Smitty, Smitty. You KNOW you shouldn't mess around with Mom's sleep!! Hope you are better tonight!!

liniecat said...

its just like having kids on holiday isn't it lol -
are we there yet?
Im bored Mum

rain affects play?
Hope Smitty gets the message !

Meg said...

I also cannot believe Icebox Realty. Oh my gosh. Is there a reason people have told me that when they think of Minnesota they think of Eskimos???

Rain! Another oh my gosh! When will it stop in MN? Our dock at at our cabin is almost all under water. We can hardly believe the rain the midwest has received this summer. Very unusual.

I too, would not leave on a trip if I could help it without my pets which of course are now all cats. Good reason or a camper, etc.

If you decide to come south and are near Brainerd, they have a couple of nice quilt shops. Colors (could be spelled Colorz) for Quilts and Country Fabrics and Quilting. Country Fabrics has been featured in Quilt Sampler but don't let the name fool you. They had thought of changing the name (I was in Brainerd last weekend) they told me but it was too much work. They have lots of contemporary fabrics from more than just Moda and Riley Blake. They also carry some imported fabrics. They have a good mix of fabrics although not lots of novelty stuff. They also have many samples. I would say it's one of my favorite quilt shops. Colors for Quilts probably has more novelty fabrics and not as many contemporary fabrics.

Sounds like you are enjoying your trip. Hope this rain stops for you. It has been coming down pretty hard since later last night. We are off to Vancouver, BC this morning until Sunday. I will miss my cats..... :(


Diane Wild said...

Um....frost predicted up there tonight. Hope your furnace is working.

Lyndsey said...

A boat trip will be fun but shame there aren't any quilt shops. Oh I recognise the wear the kitty out. Picasso gets like that when the weather is poor and we have to keep waking him up all day so he will sleep all night. I'm not sure I'd want to go travelling with him and we tend to get a friend or one of our children to look after him if we go away.

Lyndsey said...

I've just realised I've filly caught up with your posts. I am quite worn out with all the travelling and sight seeing so I think I'll take a little nap before doing some sewing and checking out Crabapple Hill designs.

Jacque said...

Ahh, Smitty, my friend, lil grasshopper, pay attention to my counsel. Long years have taught me that it is not wise to frolic in the darkness....our human companions must have their rest. Enjoy their company in the daylight, and all will be well....prrrrrr.
Sensei Moses

Lee Ann L. said...

You are doing things right (now). Keep them awake and exercise the living daylights out of him. They will be calmer and sleep sounder at night thus leaving y'all in peace. :-)

Barb H said...

How disappointing! To travel all that way to see the rain you could have seen in Oregon. At least, you get to take in all the giant statues! Since I've lived my whole life in the upper Midwest, I naturally thought everyone had giant statues in their towns. Who knew it was unique to us! Stay dry.

Tami C said...

Sorry you had a rainy day today. Hope it will be a nice day for your tour tomorrow. Hope Smitty will let you get some sleep tonight!