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There have been a surprising number of quilt shops in the Middle of Nowhere, Montana. I used my Quilt Shop app to find this one in Shelby, Montana, where we stopped for lunch. Mike and the kitties ate lunch while I visited the quilt shop, and everyone was happy.

Here's how the front of the store looks.

When you walk through the front door, this is what you see.

I like quilt shops with lots of color, and this one did not disappoint.

If an award were given out for friendliness, this shop owner would certainly be a contender. When I asked her permission to take pictures, she not only allowed it...she encouraged it. "Free publicity!" was her attitude, and I agree. It always seems silly to me when a shop discourages or disallows picture-taking. 

She proudly showed me her most recent finish, this "Wizard of Oz" quilt made using Wizard of Oz fabrics and the Fire Escape pattern. (I think I have this pattern somewhere in the archives.) I like how this turned out. She told me it had only just come back from the long-arm quilter that day, and I think we can all appreciate what a happy day that is.

Her favorite fabrics were batiks, and she had a wall filled with real beauties.

Look to the extreme right of that image above, and you'll see where the "pattern room" is. I liked this way of organizing.

She had a good selection of books and patterns, including quite a few from this designer, new to me. Patch-Abilities seems to specialize in what they called "door banners". They were seasonal and monthly quilts, mostly around 6 x 20 inches that could be hung on or near a door in a narrow space. They were very cute. Since I've never seen these patterns before, I wondered if the designer was local. I found her web page right here, which also contains a link to her blog. I did only a cursory glance, but didn't see where she's from. Anyway, I intend to spend some more time exploring her site and possibly ordering some of these.

But to get back to the shop, she had a good selection of fabrics in her small shop, including these fun polka-dots.

There were lots of small quilt patterns and kits available as well.

Pretty poppies.

As you know, I'm on a sunflower kick right now, and so I bought the pattern for the one below.

And because traveling always puts me in a "barn mood"...yeah, I just made that up...I got this one too. This is the same designer that used to design for Bigfork Bay Cotton Company. (By the way, we traveled through Bigfork Bay, Montana, the same day I visited this shop. Just sayin'.)

When we're traveling and visiting quilt shops, I'm always on the lookout for regional prints. In this part of the world, that often means western prints...horses, cowboys, that sort of thing. I loved these barbed wire fabrics, and I got a yard of this one:

and a yard of this branding-iron fabric.

But I loved this one of wheat bundles. It's hard to see in this image, but there's a little bit of metallic gold in it. It's very rich in appearance. I got two yards of this one.

So for its friendly atmosphere and great selection of fabrics and patterns, not to mention the owner's clear enthusiasm for quilting, I'm giving this shop my highest rating of five rotary cutters out of five.

Definitely stop in if you find yourself traveling the Montana Hi-Line and driving through Shelby. You won't want to miss it.

*Disclaimer:  Cat Patches accepts no advertising, nor any sponsorships.  The opinions expressed on this blog are based on the personal impressions and perceptions of the author. They are formed  on the basis of one short visit, on one day, and may or may not reflect the experience of others visiting on a different day.  They are no more descriptive than a single snapshot image can be, and nothing written in a review of a quilt shop should be construed as objective fact.  The reviews are strictly the author's subjective opinion and should not be interpreted as anything more.

17 comments from clever and witty friends:

Vroomans' Quilts said...

You chose some very pretty patterns (I loved the poppy one) and cool fabrics - the barbed wire would certainly go home with me.

Barb H said...

Sounds like a fantastic shop and shop owner as well. I'll definitely stop in if I'm ever that way--have to get me some barbed wire fabric!

Julianne said...

Looks like a great shop Barbara! I love that Hummingbird quilt, so cool! How were the Ugly Burgers?

ana-ane said...

Me gusta ver los almacenes de telas que nos enseñas, en España siempre son locales que no superan los 30 metros.

El reportaje de Idaho y Montana me ha gustado mucho, me encanta ver los lugares donde los pastores vascos recalaron para cuidar grandes rebaños de ovejas, me gustan los reportajes que se hacen sobre Boise y las fiestas que ahí hacen mis compatriotas vascos.

Seguiré tu caravana allá donde vaya.


Tami C said...

I just love seeing your visits to different quilt shops! It's great to see all those pretty things! Thank you!

Brown Family said...

THat is a neat shop. I love Patch-Abilities! I did a bom from a shop in Houston, TX two years. I have two narrow windows beside my front door and they fit perfectly. Having done 2 years worth, I can hang similar ones on either side. Then next 2 years they were table top banners. 12X18. Yes, I did those, too!

Kathy Felsted Usher said...

I have seen the poppy and sunflower kits advertised but it was good to see a photo of it. You would do great with both.

ytsmom said...

I love your purchases, especially the poppies and sunflowers. Patchabilities is located in Jesup Iowa. Her mom owns the Merry's Stitchins shop there.

Quilting Babcia said...

Fun times in Montana! I love the background fabric on that sunflower pattern! We're heading east the end of next week but probably won't hit Montana unless we're skirting storms further south. Gorgeous country!

Betty said...

Wow! I missed reading for a few days and I'm amazed at how far you've gone and all the beautiful scenery. Glad the tire problem got fixed before you headed out into the wilderness.

Junebug613 said...

Looks like a fantastic find! It's really wonderful that Mike supports your passion for quilting, even while on vacation. I don't know if Bruce would be so generous about me hitting the quilt stores. You are a lucky woman. As always, I'm enjoying your trip!

Janarama said...

I love walking into a quilt shop and finding out that the owner is so friendly. I've been in a few where nobody even said hello and there wasn't even anyone in the shop. No excuse for that. You found some lovely fabric and pattern. Looking forward to seeing where we end up next. ;)

Jacque said...

Looks like an awesome shop! I have not seen PatchAbilities before, but I'm loving those door banners...off to see her site now! Ya know, I love to travel along with you! :)

kc said...

PatchAbilities was the very first quilted item I ever did, and I guess you could say, they hooked me. They're easy to customize & there's a ton of little embellishment opportunities with each one. If I'm not mistaken, I believe her mom is the Ackfeld Quilt Hangers company. Seems to me I remember that from somewhere.

Their patterns are very batik-friendly, too. I love those western fabrics you found!!

Keep the rubber to the road!

Michele said...

Those fabrics that you bought sure are fun. It will be interesting to see what you end up doing with them.

quiltzyx said...

I do like the look of that shop - gorgeous batiks! I'm with you about the picture-taking. I guess I can understand not wanting pictures of patterns maybe, but I think more of us would be buying it rather than trying to just copy it on our own. Nice to know the owner was so friendly!
The Back Forty reminds me of one of the barns you showed recently, at least the shape of it. Fun fabrics too, that you picked out!

Lyndsey said...

I like the look of this shop and the batiks are to die for. Great choice of patterns Barbara and I like the fabric you bought.