Quilt Shop: Quilt Corner, Beaver Bay, Minnesota

It was so much fun visiting the quilt shop in Beaver Bay. I wish I could have taken a better shot of the front of the store, but someone had parked their boat directly in front of the store. The noyve of some people's kids. Anyhoo...

See the red bench there on the right of the image above? How true is this? Actually, on this day, I sent Mike in search of some of the wild rice I saw advertised for $10.99 for 3 pounds. Cool!

When you come through the front door of the store, this is what you see:

The space was small, but packed with merchandise. Down the first row of fabrics were plenty of polka dots and other whimsical fabrics...and lots of flannel. This was a flannel-lover's dream store. This being cold country, I imagine there is a big demand for flannel and wool, and this store had both in abundance.

There was a good supply of patterns and notions.

Heading back the other direction was a great supply of regional prints and landscape prints...most were available in cotton and flannel...I guess flannel is cotton, but you know what I mean.

The regional prints were mainly of the animal variety, which isn't necessarily what I would choose, but there was a good supply nonetheless. Many were also available in flannel.

And then another row of fabric down the other side of the store. There was a lot of fabric crammed into a small space, and there was something for everyone's taste here.

I saw more of the Patch Abilities patterns here. I have never seen these in an Oregon shop, and so I'm happy to have learned something new in my travels. Cute stuff.

She had a lot of cute potholders hanging around the store in various locations with patterns behind. I especially liked this one.

I loved all the little minis hanging from the ceiling...many of them paper-pieced, but most smaller than 15 x 15 inches. With my quilts to-do list of bed-sized quilts getting a little longer than my comfort zone can accommodate, I'm getting more interested in small quilts and table runners. Lately, those are catching my attention. I can still start something new, but I can finish it in a few days and not add any more to my in-progress list.

When I asked about the patterns for these quilts, I was directed to a box where they were filed by title. I ended up purchasing a few of them. This is another new-to-me designer, MH Designs. There were lots of cute ones, and you can see them there at the website. This designer is from Hudson, Wisconsin. These are the ones I bought. See if you can guess why.

There was another cute lighthouse that I wanted, but it was unavailable. The employee in the store directed me to this one, which was a far better choice...a pattern by Zebra Designs of the Split Rock Lighthouse, and so I bought that one too.

Remember that pattern because I visited another quilt shop in Bayfield, Wisconsin, today, and I bought some fabric that is going to be perfect with that pattern.

From this store, I ended up with these two fabrics. Of course, I loved these little trailers. Lately campers and sunflowers seem to be my thing.

And in honor of the terrible roads we've encountered in Minnesota, I couldn't resist this print.

I'm not picking on Minnesota, however, because the roads were even worse today in Wisconsin!

Anyway...I enjoyed this shop for its easy access from the main highway, it's wide variety of fabrics, great patterns, and friendly employees. What I didn't like about it is that there were bolts of fabric and boxes of stuff littering the aisles, making it a little bit of a minefield to maneuver around. For that reason, I gave it four out of five rotary cutters on my five-point scale. 

It's a great shop...well worth visiting...just watch your step if you want to avoid turning an ankle.

Today we traveled to Bayfield, Wisconsin, which means another new state on the side of the trailer. Yay! And I was delighted to find the one quilt shop in town open on a Sunday. I'll tell you more about Bayfield and the quilt shop in separate posts.

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14 comments from clever and witty friends:

beaquilter said...

what a neat shop and would have NEVER guessed you'd get some cat patterns ;)

quiltzyx said...

I've seen the cat on the pile of quilts pattern done & it was delightful! Looking forward to seeing what you do with it.

Gee, with all the regional "animal" prints, you'd think they'd have some regional CAT prints! LOL

And, of course, you're right, I do love the fabric you picked!

Vicki H said...

I love the mini patterns you chose.

Vroomans' Quilts said...

I love a 'packed' shop, but don't like floor hazards. I also noticed each bolt had a rubber band around it - crease marks that are hard to get out. I love all the little patterns you chose and the fabrics are cute, too.

Kate said...

Ha! I almost made Cat Nap for you, but ran out of time. I blame the kids. ;)

Tami C said...

I can certainly see why you like the Cat Nap quilt! Cats AND Quilt! Great to see you found one of Split Rock. I remember you getting a pattern for the place you traveled to last year! Loved the fabric you picked!

Brown Family said...

I have the first two patterns you picked out! I love small projects that I can finish in a day!

VickiT said...

Cute patterns you picked up. That lighthouse is so pretty. I can't wait to see yours when you get it done.

I was laughing while reading about the construction in MN thinking Oh you just wait if you will be heading into WI. I am not sure which direction you'll be heading next, but if you think those two are bad and you'll be headed my way into IL .......OH you just wait. LOL

juliehallfeldhaus said...

Love the patterns you picked out. I may have to get the camper one for a friend! I have some of the patchablities patterns the one in the picture the hunter and his dog and a cowboy and cowgirl one. Thanks for taking the time to share your trip!!

Barb H said...

I know what you're saying about the roads here in MN and WI. We say there are 2 seasons here--winter and road construction. :)

NancyA said...

Great patterns--seeing those Patchability patterns made me remember one (a kit?) that I bought years ago--it, too, was a cat. Off to check in the quilt den to see where I may have stashed that. I am thoroughly enjoying your quilt shop reviews--as well as the travelog, of course!

Junebug613 said...

Looks like a lot was packed in that store. I love all the patterns you bought. I will be looking up the designers too! One of our local quilt shops has a similar bench out front.

Lyndsey said...

Great quilt shop. I love the idea of the mini quilts and table runners. There is a need for quick projects so you can get a finish whilst making a large quilt.

LethargicLass said...

I love and adore the mini quilts you chose :) So cute!