I've been so busy writing about my classes on this trip that I've neglected to tell you some of the truly remarkable things I've seen. This blog post is to set things right. So here goes:

1. Geisha Girls: While I've been here, there has been a veritable gang of Japanese young ladies running around. On Thursday afternoon, they all came dressed in authentic Geisha garb, minus the white make-up:

I'm not sure about the event, but they are all speaking Japanese. They have a remarkable ability to be everywhere you want to walk or stand all at the same time.

2. Hunky Guys: There has also been a veritable army of remarkably hunky guys dressed up in athletic garb. I don't know what sports they are playing, or even if they are playing the same sport, but they do make up for the bad food. In other words, Yummy. Ahhh...to be 18 and a college freshman again. Or not.

3. This morning there were the most remarkable cloud formations in the sky. This one was especially interesting:

I saw it as I was walking to breakfast this morning.

4. Breakfast was remarkably good this morning. Ignore for a moment the powdered egg food product and focus on the fresh fruit, the bacon cooked just the way I like it (greasy and limp), the cheese blintzes (really!) and the nicely roasted red potatoes with the skin on. I've complained enough about the food. I figured I should remark on it when it actually tastes good.

5. On the way back from breakfast, I spied this sign.

Yesterday, I noticed they were setting up for some event, but it was hard to identify it. Turns out it was a dog rescue event...spay and neuter education...doggy prizes, etc. When we broke for lunch, I had a chance to wander around a little bit.

Here were some of the doggy participants:

They even had live music!

Remarkably, I found the one and only cat tent at the event.

I spent some time communing with the kitties, which went a long way toward improving my cattitude for the after-lunch activities in my class.

And I found three buttons for which I made a donation to the cause. 

Allow me: Woof!

I decided to adopt this cattitude for my class.

And, I believe this goes without saying.

6. There has been another veritable army of cheerleaders while I've been here. There must be some sort of cheerleading camp going on. The other quilters and I agreed that they all looked remarkably perky so early in the morning. I would post a picture of some cheerleaders here, but apparently cheerleader images go for a pretty penny on the internet. I'll just say that I imagine they are all admiring the hunky athletes in the same way the rest of us are, even if we are no longer perky enough to be cheerleaders.

13 comments from clever and witty friends:

Vroomans' Quilts said...

I have been enjoying sharing your journey and class. I think I would have had enough of unbridled play in free form fabrications. I was an art major and still don't get it - and I'm up for anything. Glad you got some furry cuddle time and those buttons are cute.

Tami C said...

Glad you found the only cat tent to help improve your cattitude! I don't think I would do very good in that class either!

Michele said...

Well at least you've enjoyed a little bit of entertainment while you've been there.

Muv said...

That cloud formation is definitely a giant Celestial Mouse, looming over the earth to make all cats with tails hanging out of their mouths feel GUILTY.

Jeanie said...

You are certainly seeing a variety of sights and sounds. Love the pins!

Dana Gaffney said...

Fun! We have Woofstock here too, a day of Peace, Paws and Music, it's pretty big time for here :)
When we were looking at colleges for Cori, her first sight of FSU she said "this one", strolling around campus, big old trees and spanish moss we were suddenly surrounded with about 20 of those hunks, running shorts and sneakers all around, she looked at me and said "definitely this one", I've always believed that those hunks were the reason she became a Nole, LOL

liniecat said...

Woofstock lol inspirational !

Diane Wild said...

Nice to see you got the wiener dog pic at Woofstock. Speaking of feral cats, the neighbor and I just live-trapped mama and her 4 kittens this past week. All have been relocated to safer surroundings. The kittens were like vicious wolverines..Yikes! You certainly had lots of inspiration at the end of your sym-dig.

quiltzyx said...

Good to know that there were some other fun things going on while you were slaving away. What bright colors the "Geishas" are wearing! It's always nice to see some hunks around. I'm surprised those 6-packs didn't find their way into your abstractions...
My first thought of the cloud formation was 'Big Horn Sheep' & fresh air. It's hot & humid (65% right now) here. Last night, driving home from a friend's house at 10pm, it was raining and 81f. Reminded me of Australia!
Woofstock looks like fun - glad they had a cat tent too. Purrs are ALWAYS welcome, aren't they?

Judy H. said...

Ah, memories! I worked on campus for two summers, and saw lots and lots and lots of cheerleaders. They do camps all summer, I think. Also, I think most of the young hunks running around are high-schoolers, not college … high school football camps. The geishas are new to me, though! (I had a couple boys try to pick me up while I was working -- one literally said, "yeah, you'll do," and looked like he expected me to fall at his feet! I laughed and told him my boyfriend was at least four years older than he was!

KatieQ said...

Reading your posts about your classes and the sites you are seeing is making me increasing jealous. Glad to see you are having fun.

Kate said...

That's a very busy campus! Looks like lots of fun was to be had outside of class.

Michelle F said...

I enjoyed this trip down memory lane.

The dogs & cats are precious.

I like the saying `Real Dogs Love Cats`