More Colorful Quilting

This morning I was able to quilt three more blocks on Joseph's Quilt. That makes eight blocks down, five more to go. Plus setting triangles and borders, of course...so, quite a ways to go, actually. I'm hoping to finish this by next week some time.

When I snapped this picture, I got a little ahead of myself because I ended up quilting a tight spiral in that center red square. I'll have to take another picture of the completed block next time around. Oh yes, and you can see I haven't buried my tails in the bottom center of the image. I call this my "FedEx" block. Get it?

It's not my fault that I was so shutter happy. I blame my little furry friend who came in seeking catnip in the middle of everything. Can you see how dirty his face and paws are? Typical boy. (And I do know me my boys.)

This feline interruption gives me a purrfect oppurrtunity to let you know that the newly-instituted closed-door policy to his favorite, um, "dining" rooms is working. We haven't had any mammalian eviscerations since. That is not to say that the cat has learned anything. We, however, have been nicely trained. Obedience blue ribbons for the adults in the family.

But to get back to the quilting, I'm sorry the thread is so hard to see in these pictures. I pretty much let the fabric tell me what to do in this next one. A diamond spiral in the center, more diamonds and pebbling in the red and yellow squares, and some spirals and triangular stippling in the half square triangles.

This next one was kind of fun. You can see what I did in the lightest center squares. Then I did some echoing wavy lines in the dark blue triangles. There is square stippling in the dotted and reddish fabrics, a grid on the grid, and then I followed the lines in the pea fabric.

After that I was getting kind of tired. This quilt is very densely quilted, and so each block takes 30-45 minutes. I'll have a lot of time invested before I'm finished.

It was a pretty day on the river yesterday. The water wasn't as warm as we'd expected. The level seemed higher as well, and so we figure some water was let out of a dam somewhere that cooled things down a little. Nevertheless, the air temperature was nice, and we just enjoyed bobbing, talking, and laughing. We saw a couple of osprey, and that's always exciting. 

Here's the motley crew. That's Mike, Sam, and Tim from left to right. Think of them as the "hatted ones".

Tim was the only one energetic enough to actually get out and do some wakeboarding.

The rest of us just stayed in the boat applauding his most splendid of face plants. (Actually, Tim is a very good wakeboarder.)

So a little more catching up on housework for me the rest of the afternoon. There's nothing going on this weekend except rest and relaxation. The next two weekends will be busy when we head out to see Greg and Jan at their place for our annual weekend get-together. I have a quilt to give them. Then, the following weekend, we'll get together with the kids for a summer dinner. We'll be celebrating Matthew's last weekend as an unemployed person because he starts his new job and his new career at HP on the 25th. There will be plenty to celebrate.

The weekend after that is when we leave on our trip to the Great Lakes region. We are both looking forward to it. Today Mike is cleaning up the trailer. (He pretty much does all the housework in the trailer, which is nice.) In our quick getaway from the snow when we left Great Basin NP on our last trip,

we lost a cable that attaches the catio to the side of the trailer.

And, of course, it's critically important that the catio be in good working order when one is traveling with cats. It's been replaced now, but he still needs to attach it to the catio so it doesn't get lost again.

How's your weekend going?

6 comments from clever and witty friends:

WoolenSails said...

That is a really fun quilt, great fabric prints and fun quilting. Love that kitty patio, looks like so much fun for the kitties.


Brown Family said...

Your time on the river looks very relaxing. It is just too hot here to get out.

quiltzyx said...

Your FMQ is getting better & better & better!

Oh no, you are such a nip-enabler...

The water looks great, even if it was a bit too cold for swimming. I learned to water ski one summer, a million years ago. Never did manage to start off on one ski tho', so stuck to 2. It's back up in the humid 90s here, but at least it's cooling down at night.

Oh yes, must have the catio in good repair for the trip!

Lynda Halliger Otvos (Lynda M O) said...

Quilt looks super. Smitty sure acts like a boy, doesn't he !~!

Vroomans' Quilts said...

You quilt is coming along nicely and I do like that verigated thread. Ah, dirty Smitty - Moe has been coming in covered in burrs which are so fun to take out.

Kate said...

Joseph's Coat is looking great. I love how you are doing something unique in each block.