Home Again

We're back home for a little while. Two weeks from today we'll be taking off on our month-long trip to the Great Lakes Region. We are both really looking forward to that. It is so much fun when we take off on one of these long RV trips.

But I'm getting ahead of myself because I need to tell you about our weekend out at Greg and Jan's. It's the same party, year after year, and we old folks kind of like it that way. This is a group we've been friends with since before many of our kids were born. Now all of our kids are grown and gone on to careers, marriages, and children of their own, and the rest of us sit around reminiscing for the weekend.

I like going out to Greg and Jan's for the friendships, but it's also a great place for photography. When the light turned golden on Friday afternoon, I wandered around taking pictures of this or that...just shooting anything that looked interesting to me.

Greg has a lot of old rusted out junk sitting around, and it never fails to catch my eye. Such great stuff from days gone by.

There are a lot of alder trees growing around the edges of the property, and the lichens and mosses are always interesting to see.

And then there was little Chloe, the dog in the image below. Does this seem wrong to you?

Well...Chloe got tired of everyone laughing and pointing, and changed into something more sedate when we lit the campfire.

A marine layer rolled in over night, saturating everything that wasn't covered up, including our camp chairs. Fortunately, the sun came out early enough and dried everything off. While I was waiting for a dry place to sit, I went around taking pictures of the flowers.

There were dew-covered spiderwebs everywhere.

Later in the day, our friends Larry and Tracy showed up. Larry has been in poor health for many years. You'll never find a more tender or loving caretaker than Tracy.

They stayed for just part of the day, but it's always great to see them if only for a few hours.

When we got ready to leave this morning, Jan asked for a picture with her quilt. They loved the quilt, by the way.

I knew I had a pile of tomatoes waiting for me when I got home, and I'm going to start processing them tomorrow. Nevertheless, fresh peaches have come to town. When we passed by a farm stand selling beautiful freestone peaches, we had to stop and buy a box.

That means that, in addition to canning tomatoes this week, I'll be making peach chutney. I'm hoping for enough peaches in the box for a batch of peach chutney and a peach pie for next weekend. The kids are coming for dinner next weekend. It'll be our last chance before summer's end, and peach pie is on the menu.

When I checked the mail, I found this wonderful bar of handmade soap from my good friend Sue at Zzyzx & Sue. Sue took a class to learn to make soap recently. When she posted her beautiful bars on Facebook, I shamelessly begged for one. We agreed to trade chutney for soap, and this baby is mine, all mine! Looks like a Dreamcicle, doesn't it?

Thanks, Sue. I'm feeling a shower coming on right now!

So that's my weekend. August is winding down fast, as the months seem to do, especially in summer. I'm hoping to get some more accomplished in the sewing room before we leave on our trip, but the next several days are going to be devoted to canning tomatoes and peaches.

Also, I wanted to say that the ladies of the Coffee Creek Quilters have been johnny-on-the-spot following up after the last of my three observations. When I first started this endeavor, I had in mind to substitute teach. Then, they let me know that there is an opening for an instructor in the Thursday afternoon class, and so I agreed to fill that space. That means I'll be joining in permanently as a volunteer on October 9th (the date I chose). The class will run from 1:30 to 3:30 every Thursday afternoon, and when the next group of new students come in, I'll be assigned one or two of them. I think I will enjoy having my own group of students to teach from beginning to the end of their third quilt. I still have to attend some additional training before I'll get my official Department of Corrections badge. Until then, I'll sign in as a visitor and teach as I would, badge, or no badge. ("We don't need no stinking badges!")

And that's all I have to tell you for today. It was a relaxing weekend for me. I hope it was a good weekend for you too.

11 comments from clever and witty friends:

quiltzyx said...

Sounds like you had a lovely time in Seaside again. Some wonderful pics - oh! I just noticed there's a teeny ladybug on the wheat grass! Love that one, with the dark green in the background. I'm a sucker for old, rusty stuff too, it's always so interesting. I'm not a fan of dogs-in-clothes, but I've learned to live with it as Presley & Elvis, my friend Mary Ann's doxies, wear jackets in the winter. (Even when it's a bazillion degrees outside & Mary Ann's Camaro has been baking in the sun all day, the first thing he does when she puts him in the car to go home is burrow under the fleece blanket!) Chloe looks a little nervous to have her picture taken. Oh my! The spider webs are incredible!! The second one especially looks like strings of crystals.

Yum, freestone peaches are my favorites. I can't stand peach fuzz, but I'll make a mess to peel & eat a Freestone!

I feel famous now, being mentioned! LOL Hope you like the soap as much as I do. :)

Congrats on becoming a quilt instructor. Do you pick which pattern you do? I hope you have a lot of fun!

Lyndsey said...

Great Photos as always and lovely to hear about your trip to visit friends. I love catching up with friends from my pre children days but it doesn't happen very often

Good news about teaching your own quilt class. It will be fun to pass on your skills to others. When we do quilting with the Guides it is always so rewarding.

I bought a lot of peaches and have made peach jam and started some peach wine off but need more to make the chutney. It is following your blog that got me back into jam and pickle making again, so much tastier than the shop bought.

I'm looking forward to following your trip again this year. I'll still be on holiday but starting to prepare for next years teaching.

Diane Wild said...

Your weekend looked relaxing and great photos, as usual. Speaking of your trip, consider stopping at Itasca State Park in Minn. which is the origin of the Mississippi River. You can walk across the river. I've never been there myself (living in MN all my life) but I personally know folks who have done it. Supposedly it's only 2 feet wide.

Dana Gaffney said...

Beautiful pics, it's so fun to find somewhere new to wander and snap. Why do people do that to little dogs, no wonder they have complexes. (This from a woman who's avatar is her dog in total humiliation, LOL.

Jacque said...

Looks like a wonderful time was had by all....love the photo with two friends and one quilt. That is special!

Vroomans' Quilts said...

What a lovely visit - great photos, too. Oh, those spiderwebs draped in pearl droplets!! And poor Chloe - how embarrassing in deed.

Tami C said...

Glad you had such a nice relaxing weekend. Loved all of your pictures, especially the dew-covered spiderwebs and the picture of you and your friend along with the quilt you made for her!

beaquilter said...

ahh so envious of your camera! what kind is it again? I'm sure I've asked before

Kate said...

Love your spider web shots! Those are so cool.

Junebug613 said...

So glad that you had a nice visit. I love all the pictures! The peaches look yummy. What fragrance does the soap have? Congratulations on your new teaching position!

Michele said...

Those are some really breath taking photos you captured.