Empty Vessel, No Noise

When I was a kid, I remember hearing this idiom:

An empty vessel makes the most noise.

I can't remember where or when, but it always stuck with me. Today I'm an empty vessel...tired...and so I'll just keep my mouth shut. Mostly. 

This morning I had my third and final observation with the Coffee Creek Quilters. When that was over, we went to where they store their substantial stash, and there were some women there making up quilt kits for the women in the program. It was interesting to see what goes on in the "background" of the organization. I'm not sure what comes next now that I've done my three observations, but I'll leave it up to the universe to decide whether to continue with it. By that I mean that, at this point in my life, I don't chase after folks any more. If they want me to become a part of the organization, they'll have to tell me what to do next. For now I'm going to focus on finishing up Joseph's Quilt, making salsa and pasta sauce, and getting ready for our trip to the Great Lakes Region...all things that will take a lot of my time.

After the observation, I went to the grocery store. I had 49 items on my list, and so it took a while. I was really anxious to get home after spending the whole morning away, and it seemed as if every slow (and hard-of-hearing) person was standing in my way. "Excuse me. Excuse me. Can I get past you? EXCUSE ME!"

So, as you can see, I'm an empty and tired vessel tonight, but I wanted you to know that I was thinking of you. Here's a picture:

And with that, I think I'll go and become a throbbing mass of protoplasm.

But before I leave, I want to remind you that the voting is under way at the Pets on Quilts Show. Don't forget to vote for your favorite quilts.

Tomorrow I'm making salsa...and quilting. I'll have more to tell you then.

10 comments from clever and witty friends:

Needled Mom said...

I think I would be an empty vessel too after a day like that. I like the quote.

Needled Mom said...

I think I would be an empty vessel too after a day like that. I like the quote.

quiltzyx said...

I think sometimes we just have to take a 'bye'. Just that list at the grocery store alone is enough to do about anyone out of their energy.

I know what you mean about not chasing anyone around too. It can't always be our turn to make the call, right?

I'm going to try to get to the post office after work tomorrow afternoon - your dreamcicle soap is packed up & ready to fly!

Janet said...

49 items!! Usually I have under ten on my list when I go shopping and that wears me out. Maybe you aren't an empty vessel but just full right up to the top.

liniecat said...

Some days we do just seem to 'run down' and I would think that's a natural reaction, batteries need recharging, that kind of thing.
And its quite nice to chill out and yes, look at and smell the flowers!
I would think that taking part in the Coffee Creek venture could feel unsettling and that would be a natural reaction for many of us. Not everyone would feel comfortable sharing knowledge in those circumstances.
So it may be unconsciously stressful and if you haven't felt a surge of interest or the 'need' to get involved, then maybe getting involved directly is not for you.
Of course if they do come asking for your help, you may have to decide then whether you really want in lol
I guess your anticipating the stocking up of produce before you go galavanting on an adventure - so surely a good idea to chill whilst you have the chance lol

Diane Wild said...

Amen, or, as I prefer, awomen!

Jacque said...

Seems you are describing some of my days recently. :)
Take some time for you....enjoy the process of the salsa, and especially your quilting. It will all happen as it is supposed to, in His time. Hugs to you!

Cath said...

Sometimes a trip to the grocery shop can leave me in the grumpiest of moods. I always seem to come across the rudest and most inconsiderate people while there. Already voted for the gorgeous Gracie.

Tami C said...

Some days just go like that and really stink! Sorry you had a bad day today. Our day started by taking my mother-in-law to lunch and no sooner than we sat down than a young boy a couple tables over start yelling & crying. They couple leave soon enough for us. The rest of the day was wonderful. We went back to Mom's house and had a real nice chat!

Kate said...

Hope you are feeling rested and revved. Those low energy days aren't any fun at all.