Playing Catch Up

Today I'm doing a little bit of everything. Since I made no progress on the laundry yesterday, I got started on that right away this morning. As I'm writing this, the last load is in the wash, and I'll have it finished soon. Also, I still want to get a little housework done.

In between, I finally got started on the doll quilt I'm making for my partner in the monthly Doll Quilt Swap.

 Doll Quilters

The theme for this month is "On My Bucket List". I knew right away what I wanted to do, but with July being such a busy month, I wasn't sure when I would get to it. Usually I like to start the doll quilts right away so that I have plenty of time for them. It simply wasn't possible in July. Nevertheless, I'm off to a good start, and I'm feeling better about having time to get it finished by the last-day-of-the-month deadline. Here's a little peek:

Yes, that is a curved seam. It had me a little worried before I got started, but it's all going together very nicely. If nothing else, it's very colorful.

This morning I started a new recipe in my crockpot for pulled pork sandwiches. If it turns out good, I'll give you the link to the recipe. All I can say for sure is that it smells good. Also, I'm trying another new recipe for some German potato salad, and I'll give you the link to that too once I've had a chance to sample it for you. 

And that's all the excitement going on around here for today. I know. It's not very exciting, but that's Wednesday for you. Our weather has been very warm, and we ran the air-conditioner yesterday. Today, it's not so hot, but it definitely feels like summer. There have been no further sightings of the bobcat. Smitty would be feeling better except that dratted Uno showed up this morning, and that just about ruined his day. A cat can't get any peace around here.

4 comments from clever and witty friends:

Marei said...

Ooooo....loving the colors in your doll quilt. So bright and beautiful and happy. It was 112 at my house (in the shade) on Monday. Thankfully the temps have dropped to the high 90's. Thinking I might have to pull out a sweater (snort!).

quiltzyx said...

Nice curved seam it is too! Love the bright hearts on a string fabric.

Ugh, laundry. It's been way too hot to do that until I'm forced into it, and by then that means it's late o'clock, so it's usually in the dryer when I hit the sack. Today I'm working at the colleges (8 - 4:30), then on to Auntie's Ceramics & hope someone shows up for my new quilt class. I haven't heard back from my cousin yet today. We'll see. At least I have the supply list & pattern done.
Whatever time I get home tonight I'll be unmolding the soap I made at the guild workshop on Saturday. I'm excited! It's BRIGHT orange with orange scent and all natural. I may have to actually do a blog post about it!

Patrica said...

Your So Cal post had me missing my home town roots. It's been so hot here in the Nor Cal foothills I'm dieing I tell ya! The three weeks I spent in San Diego in June were in service to new baby ( welcome task to be sure) but I got no beach time or friend time either. Your reunion looked like so much fun I'm happy for you that it was such a major success!

Kate said...

That little peak at your doll quilt has me curious. Looking forward to seeing it revealed.