Morning in the Garden

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Smitty, Gracie, and I were out early this morning. We needed to water the annuals, change the syrup in the hummingbird feeders, feed the birds, and just do a general walk about.

Smitty spent his time huffing the catnip. He does love his catnip.

Of course, he's always alert to any signs of life from Gracie.

Gracie wisely stays in the background safe from his exuberance.

She likes to come out at watering time. It's a good time for puddle-licking.

We were pretty excited to see the first cherry tomato. (Yes, we're easily entertained.) It's the only tomato I grow outside the greenhouse because it's the only tomato that will ripen before the first snowfall.

After three years of growing tomatoes in the greenhouse, we're getting pretty good at it. This year, we have some prolific bloomers, and we've managed to keep the foliage looking green and healthy.

I use a soft make-up brush to fondle the flowers, encouraging them to propagate. The door and window are left open to allow some insects in, but the make-up brush is the real secret. I got this idea after watching a documentary about Chinese apple and pear growers having to hand-pollinate their trees because of the decline of honeybees. If you're interested, you can find an article about it right here. (And now you know why those Asian pears are so expensive.) They use feathers tied to a stick. I figure a soft make-up brush is a good way to go as well, and since it works, we're sticking with it.

The green leaf lettuce is finally starting to get some size to it.

It has a long way to go to catch up to its red-leaf neighbors. This weekend, I'll probably plant a second round of red leaf lettuce. I've been picking the leaves from this, and it will last for quite a while. If I keep up with the planting of the next round, however, we'll have garden lettuce well into November.

It's too expensive to heat our greenhouse, and so we can use it until the first freeze. Then it's done until the next season.

Today is a swimming day for me, but that's the only thing I need to do in town. When I get back, I'll be making lasagna and frozen breakfast burritos for the guys' ATVing trip this weekend. They are going to have perfect weather for it too. As for me, I'm looking forward to a Bohemian weekend alone at home. I can sew and sew and sew. Maybe I'll be able to finish my Sunflower Mosaic.

What's on your agenda for today?

7 comments from clever and witty friends:

Vroomans' Quilts said...

Love Gracie hiding from Smitty. Mine like watering - to get sprayed, as they love water. No gardening here, I'll support the local farmers.

Andee said...

I am trying to do herbs and tomatoes in AZ and am discovering I am doing it the wrong time of year! I just hauled in all the herbs because they just cannot take the heat...will try again after summer if nothing grows. My tomato plants are still growing but no tomatoes yet!

Diane Wild said...

Perfect weather here. Harvesting the red leaf lettuce for my salads. I started it in April. The romaine is not wanting to germinate for some reason. Have a fun weekend ahead.

WoolenSails said...

Even with no heat, it is nice to get an extended season. At this rate, I will never get my garden started and what goes in will be coming in by the first frost, lol.


Tami C said...

Yes indeed, your tomatoes sure are putting out a lot of blooms! I enjoy seeing your cats outside.

Brown Family said...

I have a couple of dozen cherry tomatoes on my two vines. One if the vines is not looking healthy. It is yellowing. Not sure what to do for it.

quiltzyx said...

It's always fun to spend time outside with you, Smitty & Gracie! I had a lovely day for my b'day yesterday - was "in charge" at Auntie's Ceramics while Mary Ann was taking a class. Spent the time just yakking with Kelly while she painted on her big pictoral stein. The rest of the day I spent w/my friend Marilyn. Went to one of the LQS where I was a good girl & stayed under the limit of the gift card I won at guild last month. Then she took me out to dinner. Yum. At work today - but we are having some phone issues. I think the phone has rung a dozen times, but only once have I been able to hear the caller. Oh well. I think I'll work on my block for Megan Dougherty (aka The Bitchy Stitcher) & maybe do some more on my sister's quilt, when I get home.