Intel Underneath Revealed

This morning I hand-sewed the label onto the Intel Underneath quilt. And then, I couldn't stand it any more, and so I pushed all of the furniture out of our small living room and spread it out on the floor. It isn't the picture I want, but at least you can see it now.

When the family comes over on Saturday, I'll get a better picture of it, but for now, you can get an idea of how it looks. You can see the quilting a little closer up in the image below.

The quilting was done by my longarm quilter, Erin Davis. She does such beautiful work, whether it's from a pantograph or custom quilting. I always know I can count on her to do a good job. I've messed with the contrast in this next image a little bit so that you can see the quilting better. It's done in a variegated green.

And there's the label I sewed on this morning.

Our weather has been unseasonably warm, but we have been loving it. We ate dinner outside the last two evenings. The weather is supposed to hold until the weekend...it figures...but we have at least two more good days before the rain returns. 

Yesterday evening, I took the opportunity to take pictures of the newest bloomers. This is my favorite rhodie in the garden. It isn't necessarily the prettiest, but it's still my favorite. I love it for its deep purple flowers. 

When we lived at our previous home, our neighbors had a deep purple one like this, and so when we moved to our new house (this one), we decided to find one and plant it. It sat in the pot for a bit before we got it in the ground. While we were gone for several days on a vacation, the weather grew very hot, and this little rhodie got missed in the watering process. When we got home, it was a crispy critter. We were just sick about it. Mike stuck it in a bucket of water, and it revived. You have to respect a little shrub that comes back from the brink of death like that. And now it's a big one!

There are only just a few flowers open on it just yet, but it will be beautiful by next week, I'm imagining.

This is the one I showed you the other day...I think it has the prettiest flowers of the rhodies in our garden. It was just starting to open the last time I showed it to you, but within a day it started to open all of its flowers.

These next two images don't do it justice. Its petals are ruffly and with its spotted centers, it almost looks like an orchid.

I might have to break out my DSLR to get a really good image of it. For now, the bees are loving it.

My green leaf lettuce finally sprouted. Amazing what some new seeds can accomplish.

It has a ways to go to catch up with the red leaf, but that's okay. I neglected to open up the greenhouse the other day, and the edges of the leaves on the red leaf got a little fried. It should be fine, but obviously, I need to pay better attention to the temperatures outside. It just didn't seem that warm to me, but there you go. The lettuce is young and tender and it can't yet take the heat.

Smitty gave it his all yesterday, patiently waiting for the critter to make an appearance downstairs. I stepped into the sewing room yesterday evening just to be sure everything was turned off when....eewwwwww...one gruesome scene. Fortunately, it was a very small critter. 

Thank goodness Smitty can get back to his morning toast in the sun.

Today I'm going swimming and then I'm getting my hair trimmed. And then if I can stand it, I might go shopping for some clothes...a most loathsome task...I hate all the clothes that are available these days. Yesterday I tried some things on. I found a couple of things I liked, but I ended up not buying anything. Everything is 100% cotton, and after one washing it has shrunk so that it no longer fits, which I find extremely annoying. I'm hoping to find the capri pants I found last year, only in different colors from what I have. What are the chances? As I said, I'm only going if I can stand it, and so that makes it highly unlikely.

So things to do...places to go...and time to get to it. I hope you have a lovely day.

15 comments from clever and witty friends:

WoolenSails said...

The quilt is beautiful, love the colors.
I love cotton, with my nerve problems I need soft things so I just buy large and then hang dry so they don't shrink.


sophie said...

The quilt is wonderful; the quilting design and thread are a perfect match for it; and I love the label.

Marei said...

Matthew is going to love this quilt. You did a wonderful job on it and the label is perfect. Good (?) to know Smitty's protecting you from all the dangerous small critters and devious birds out there in the world.

Tami C said...

I love the label that you did on Matthew's lovely quilt! I'm sure he is going to love it too! Your favorite rhodie have such beautiful rich colors. I like the other one with the ruffly petals and spotted centers. It sure does look like an orchid. Glad Smitty got his critter!

Junebug613 said...

What a fantastic looking quilt! He's going to love it! I wish you could come and landscape my yard.... We have the worst soil here, so I have to keep everything in pots. Very pretty flowers. Ewww on the critter remains. I totally agree with the clothing issues. Not all of us are 20 somethings and aren't shaped like the mannequins.

Dana Gaffney said...

The quilt is wonderful, I think Matthew will love it.
I just bought capris online, all different styles, tried them on, returned the ones I didn't like, then ordered more of the ones I did like. Worked for me :)

carla said...

Hi!!!! Your quilt is WOW!!!! I love your flowers too!!!!

Karen said...

Great result with the quilt. A lovely finish. Great choice with the quilting.
Lovely to see so many flowers enjoying the sunshine!

Brown Family said...

Your son will love the quilt! A beautiful and thoughtful gift!

Anonymous said...

Totally understand the "shopping thing"!!!!! That quilt is awesome and will be loved I'm sure!! The quilting carried through the theme perfectly.....a motif I love to do, also! Our flowers are finally doing something..yay!...but 39F this a.m. is way too chilly for my liking (at least we didn't get the forecast frost!!!!). Hugs...........

Cheryl's Teapots2Quilting said...

Your son's quilt turned out great. As for the shopping thing, it was more fun, back when I was a size 10-12. Everything fit and looked cute back then.

quiltzyx said...

The quilting perfectly accents the quilt and the label looks terrific too! Great job!!

Oh, gorgeous flowers - looking forward to more pics upcoming days.

Ugh, shopping.

Laura said...

that is the perfect quilting for that project! :)

Kate said...

Intel Underneath is pretty spectacular, even if it's not the shot you wanted. I bet it's new owner is going to love it.

Michele said...

The quilt really did turn out fabulous. And although the scene you found in your sewing room was not pleasant at least Smitty took care of the intruder.