Happy Meowmorial Day

Good afternoon. Smitty here.

It's been a busy day here at the Three Cats Ranch, let me tell you. And I've been helping my mom and dad in the yard today. A cat's got to earn his kitty treats, you know. So here's what we've been doing. Today's report is from the cherry tree. Sometimes the demon spirit gets into me, and I can't help myself. I just have to run. Sometimes I run up the cherry tree.

It has lots of branches and I can look real kingly and everything.

And there's a great view of the critters from up here...not to mention the birds.

Sometimes the getting down part takes a little figuring, but I always get there somehow...sometimes more gracefully than others.

My mom said I could only write the blog post today if I was sure to tell you about the iris, and may I just say...yawn. But here goes anyway. We have these apricot ones...

and these purrple and yellow ones...

And these purrple ones...

and these purrple and apricot ones... 

And I'll tell you I get so bored looking at iris, that I just play leopard in the weeds. Get down there, Tail.

She wasn't done looking yet, so we looked at some more purrple ones...

and these...hm, what color is this, anyway?

And I was thinking about pouncing on my mom if she looked at any more iris. Sheesh. How much patience can one little cat have?

Oh yeah, and then there's this kind of blue one...and a little later on, we found this one broken off and on the ground. My mom stuck it in a vase. I didn't do it. Honest.

And I decided to give her just a few more minutes, and then, pounce!

Oh, thank goodness. We moved on to the hydrangeas, which are only slightly less boring than the iris, but at least they have more bushes for hiding under. She just wanted me to tell you that they're starting to form flowers.

Who's writing this anyway?

Okay, now I can tell you what really happened. We repotted the tomatoes! And I helped! You have no idea how much I helped. And when they were all in their new pots, they looked like this.

And my mom was purrety excited about the lettuce too. She says it's ready for picking. I don't care for the stuff myself. Give me a good catnip salad any day of the week, and sprinkle a little mouse guts over the top. Mm, mm, good.

And it was hot in the greenhouse, let me tell you. So we took a break in the shade of the tree. I had my own chair.

My mom is kind of purrtial to Mike's Lemonade. That's my dad's name: Mike.

These chairs are grrrreat for chin scratching.

And then my dad got into the act, and we were going to set up the drip irrigation system. I walked the line to make sure everything was ship shape.

But then there was a purroblem. Something about a fitting furreezing over the winter.

Here. Let a cat help out. And watch where you put that hook, wouldja?

Hmmmmm. I can't say I like many things having anything to do with water...unless it's my outdoor water dish...which I love almost as much as catnip.

I was starting to get a little, you know, rumbly, about this time. My mom has the most excellent litter box in her greenhouse, but she keeps it covered with these slats. She says she doesn't like my turds in there. 

But it's so soft and smelly. She puts purrtilizer in it, and let me tell you, it is the nicest stuff for kitty feet and digging. It's a shame it's covered up like this.

So my dad and I couldn't fix the irrigation system. He says he has to order a part for it. That's okay. It was a lot of excitement for one little cat. I'm ready for my nap now.

So that's it from me today. Smitty, signing off.

13 comments from clever and witty friends:

Kate said...

Thanks for sharing the irises Smitty, the are really pretty. I would have needed a nap too after all that excitement.

Vroomans' Quilts said...

The iris walk was just purr-fect! Looks like you earned that cat nap.

BillieBee (billiemick) said...

Oh Smitty! You do make me smile.

ipatchandquilt said...

Oh those irisses!!!

Tami C said...

You are such a good kitty for helping your dad in the greenhouse and showing us all the beautiful iris!

legato1958 said...

Love you, Smitty! And all of the repurrrrting ,from the 'cat's eye' view!! Tell mom her flowers are so pretty!


quiltzyx said...

Yes, Smitty, you were quite kingly looking up in the cherry tree. I bet you have a king's eye view too, from there.
Thanks for the Iris tour & for helping Dad in the greenhouse too. You're a good helper!

Susan R said...

I so enjoyed following you on your adventure today Smitty. I have never seen such beautiful Iris before; you must have so much fun walking through them. You sure have a great life Smitty. You can tell that your Mom and Dad love you so much. I have a Mom who lets me help her quilt (well sometimes) and she loves me too. Aren't we lucky to be KATS?


Jacque said...

Hiya, Smitty! Purrrfectly understandable that you were bored with the iris....I'm with ya, buddy. I like to help with the chores, too. I'm purrrticularly good at checking out the suds when mom washes her car. Happy Meowmorial Day to you!

kc said...

Hiya Smitty, long time no see!! Those were the purrrtiest irises I've ever seen!! Love that you helped check out the drip line, you're real good like that..and you made me burst out laughing when you said mama didn't like your turds in that furrrrtilizer..can't imagine why on earth NOT? I mean, it's not like you left her mouse guts and bird feathers too, is it?

Bailey's over in the other room, taking her own version of a cat-nap (you know, the short nap before bedtime), but if she saw you up the tree, she'd tell you WOOF!

Hugs to you all!!

Dar said...

Thanks so much Smitty for the wonderful tour and all the excitement going on at 3 Cat Ranch. You are such a good writer too.

Brown Family said...

Smitty, you are a dare devil in that tree. Thanks for showing us the lovely iris!

Kirsty said...

Oh Smitty, what a lovely tiptoe through the garden. Thank you for the tour. One of the keys to contentment is finding beauty in everything. Those irises are gorgeous! I don't think I've ever seen a better display. I'm sure Mum and Dad appreciate your 'help' in the glass house. It just wouldn't be the same without your furry assistance. Keep up the good work.