Coming and Going

Well, if you read my post from earlier today, you'll be interested to know that the thieving Quilt Patterns Pro seems to be history already. I just knew a group of blogging quilters could bring those amateurs down. Yay for us! Moving along with the remaining years of my life...

It's still only mid-afternoon, and we're eating leftovers tonight. I might do some sewing before Mike gets home, but I'm kind of tuckered out. I've been running errands today, and it feels a little too late in the day to fire up the sewing machine. I did spend some time cleaning up the sewing room yesterday. It wasn't too bad. I had a bunch of things in piles, and I got rid of some of the piles. It feels a lot less forbidding now. I'll probably get back there in the morning.

For today, I went to the post office. Then, I needed to get my new glasses adjusted. They were hitting me wrong behind my left ear, and that needed to be fixed before it drove me absolutely crazy. What's that you say? Too late?

After that, I went swimming. I felt so good when I was leaving the pool after my workout, and I realized that's what gets me out of the house in the morning. You've all suffered through my Me and Other Me arguments, and so you know I'm not kidding when I say it is absolutely murder getting out of the house in the morning to go exercise. Today I realized that now when Me starts whining, Other Me just has to remind Me how good it feels when I finish my workout. My body feels more flexible, and I think I'm standing up straighter. Mainly though, I just feel I've done something good for myself. For now it's working. Next week, who knows?

Then I got some lunch, bought four big bags of potting soil and a new nozzle for the greenhouse hose. Last year's nozzle froze this winter and split apart. Of course, I didn't realize that until I turned on the hose a couple of weeks ago and completely saturated myself before I could get it shut off. Oy.

Yeah...I'd say this was an image of me squirting myself with the hose, except I wasn't nearly that graceful...or shapely...or pink. Anyway...the water looks about right. After that I made a quick trip to the grocery store. We were out of kitty treats, and that simply would not do. And after that I got my monthly pedicure. As I was leaving the pedicure place, I snapped this image of their pansies. Pretty, huh?

So I don't have much else to tell you, but today is the day to link up to:

Val's Quilting Studio

Today's themes are Bindings and Birds, and I believe I have something for both. As far as bindings go, I'd have to say one of my favorites is the one on this quilt:

This was a quilt I called "A Slice of Summer" that I made for my partner in the May, 2013, Doll Quilt Swap. Theme for the month was "Shape Shifters" with a goal of making a quilt in a shape other than square or rectangular. I chose this pattern which was free on the All People Quilt website. It was my first time making a rounded quilt binding, and also a first attempt at making one in two colors like that. The quilt was fun to make. It was quilt as you go, and so it went together fairly quickly. You can read my original post right here.

As for the Birds theme, that one might be a little harder. I have a couple of bird quilts, but I think I'll go with this quilt that I call "Hunt and Peck".

I made this quilt in the earliest days of my quilting. It was a gift for my friend Sue who has often talked of having chickens. It was a birthday present for her in September of 2010. This quilt was another from a free pattern (scroll down) I found on the internet and designed by Pat Sloan. You can find my original post right here. (I had only been blogging for one month when I wrote that post!) I was unaccustomed to taking pictures at the time. The binding wasn't finished in this picture, and it's the only picture I have of this quilt. I might have to ask Sue to take a better picture for me sometime.

So that's it from me for today. Tomorrow I'll have some time for sewing in the morning. I want to start finishing up my Chili Rounder in the morning. 

In the afternoon, I have Zumba, and then I'll need to make a more comprehensive trip to the grocery store. Can you tell I put it off as long as humanly possible?

I hope you've had a lovely Tuesday.

10 comments from clever and witty friends:

Andee said...

I want to commend you on the daily exercise! I too am doing that and know one of these days i will start liking it, lol it does feel good though when we are done!

Vroomans' Quilts said...

Power to the People! I would love to do some water exercise but would have to travel rather far for that - think I'll get a kiddie pool to kick around in.

Kate said...

It's fun seeing your older projects. I should start a weekly work out plan. Congrats on the success you've had with yours.

Tami C said...

My hubby and I went for a ride up to the mountains today. It's been a couple of years since we've done that. It was a beautiful day! Anyway, I missed all the excitement about the site that stealing content from quilting blogs. Glad that has already been taken care of! Your A Slice of Summer quilt is one of my favorites of yours!!

quiltzyx said...

Oh, grocery shopping, our favorite thing to do! lol At least you had your pedicure today too. That should sort of balance it out, right?

Fun watermelon quilt! I haven't done a curved binding, but you made it look easy.

Dana Gaffney said...

Getting out of the house is always so hard, thank goodness I have a walking partner or I'd be sitting here drinking coffee and reading blogs all morning :)

Lynn - JnL4God said...

I must say that your slice of summer looks very nice hanging on my kitchen wall. :) I had it on our table for the longest time and just last month hung it on the kitchen wall. I love it. Thanks Barbara. I like the Birds too but of course I don't have them. :)

Anonymous said...

Grocery shopping used to be somewhat enjoyable.....not so much any longer!!!! Love the "Slice"!!!! Definitely a summer statement, as is the pansy photo.

Diane Wild said...

You're right about getting out to exercise first thing in the morning. It just makes for a better day. I found if I don't get the workout done in the morning it's not going to happen.

Brown Family said...

Keep up the swimming and Zumba!