Camped Out

We had a little bit of a dry period this morning, and so I used the opportunity to take some pictures of the flowers outside. The weather is supposed to be beautiful next week, and I think everything is going to burst into bloom. The bleeding heart is covered with flowers right now.

Thanks to those of you who clued me into the name of this next one, an Andromeda. It still has a little ways to go for the red blossoms/leaf clusters to be fully opened, but it's very close.

I thought this poor little azalea might be dead, but it's blooming away...

Not as impressive as this one, however. Again, it's a difference in the amount of sunshine they get.

The clematis is at its absolute most beautiful right now. 

It is covered with blossoms.

The wisteria is tantalizingly close.

Here, you can see how some of the blossoms on the left of the image above have started opening.

Also tantalizingly close is this rhododendron.

The rain isn't doing it any good, but here's one opened blossom that is sheltered in among the leaves of the plant.

More flowers to come, and you can bet I'll be out taking pictures of them.

Before I tell you what happened in the sewing room today, I wanted to follow up on my post from this morning where I showed you some of my grandmother's handkerchiefs. When I wrote the post, I had questions about how the square holes in the linen hankie below are done. I wasn't sure if it was purchased that way, or if my grandmother had done that.

Thanks to my reader, Felicia, for providing the following answer:

You probably know that the name for the appliqued hanky where threads are missing is called "drawn work".  It is achieved by embroidering the edge where the threads will be drawn, this must be done at the other end as well and then the threads are cut and pulled.  The next step is to use a special stitch to bundle the little groups of threads on both sides.  Depending on the technique You end up having the bundles as in your hanky, others will end up looking like a zig zag.
The squares are created when the threads drawn criss-cross previously drawn threads.  It does help to count ahead of time the threads so You end up with an  even number of threads in each group.
Thanks, Felicia. I think I understand. It's interesting.

So I told you I wanted to get started on my Happy Campers quilt, and this afternoon I did the applique for the first two blocks. Here's the original:

Here's mine:

Some of the details will be filled in with thread when I do the top-stitching. I'm going to use a dark thread to top-stitch all the pieces and fill in the missing details.

Here's the other one I did. This is the original:

And here's mine:

I'll be stitching in the "power poles" in the background, the rope holding the flag banner, and the details on the camper. Tomorrow I'm hoping to get the remaining two blocks done.

And now we're going to watch a movie I've wanted to see for a long time: Beasts of the Southern Wild. I hope you have a lovely evening planned for yourself as well.

12 comments from clever and witty friends:

WoolenSails said...

Your gardens are beautiful, we got rain most of the day but that is good, it means the blooms will come in quicker. Love your versions of the campers and that is a really fun background.


Lynda Halliger Otvos (Lynda M O) said...

So much loveliness going on at your place. Wonderful to see Spring arriving. We've been blessed with lots of color already and it's getting thicker every day.

Tami C said...

I just love your bleeding heart! I used to have a whisky barrel with those before we down sized. I've never seen any Andromeda before! That's a very exciting plant. I love seeing all of your beautiful blossoms! The little campers are going to looks so cute! I'd love for spring to start here. We keep getting snowed on! Lol

Kirsty said...

Beautiful garden pictures! Spring is definitely my favourite time of the year. Love the material you have picked for the camper van quilt. That map fabric is perfect. Now, I understood the name of the embroidery your grandmother used on the handkerchiefs was called Hardanger. But, thanks to this blog, I now understand the difference between that and Drawn Thread work. See, yet another reason to love this blog :-) As for Beasts of the Southern Wild...will be keen to get your take on it. I saw it a year ago and the images still haunt my mind. It is compelling in a subtle way - one I do not often see these days in the age of big movies with big budgets. But perhaps that's just because I tend to go for mainstream movies. Suffice to say, BOTSW is an experience and I think you will appreciate it, if not enjoy it. xx

quiltzyx said...

I don't think I've ever seen a Bleeding Heart in person - it's amazing in photos! Also the Andromeda, 2 flowers in one & gorgeous to boot. I'm glad you have all those lovelies & that you enjoy showing them all to us. Thanks again!!!
The little trailers are off to a great start! I held down the fort at Auntie's Ceramics today, as Mary Ann FINALLY got to take her first class for the 10-thread embroidery machine she bought in January. Even had a new customer come in with her 9-year old niece, that was fun. It was part of the niece's b'day gift to paint something. I think they might be back for sewing lessons too...plus the little girl wants to come back to meet Presley & Elvis, Mary Ann's dachshunds. lol

Kate said...

Beautiful flowers!

Your travel trailers are so cute. What a fun idea.

Carol said...

Oh my goodness, those are just the prettiest flowers! Love the trailers, too!

Barb N said...

Your flowers are gorgeous! We are far behind you - the daffodils are blooming but in fear of being frozen. Tulips are just beginning to form buds. Cute trailers, how fun!

Jacque said...

Love how your campers are coming along....your little camper from Sue will look perfect in your "Home away from home". The hankies in your previous post are so delicate and beautiful.

CathieJ said...

I love the pictures of your beautiful flowers and shrubs. It is a little too early here those plants to flower yet. We were of the same mind in our blogs as I too shared floral pics. I love your grandmother's handkerchief. I have several of my mother's and some that I was given as a child. I am thinking of incorporating them into a quilt some day. I saw that idea at a quilt show.

Brown Family said...

Your campers are cute. I am sure they will come to life with all the details!

Valerie Reynolds said...

Oh these are stinkin' cute!!! Hey looks like you had a great time learning to long arm....woot woo!