Day at Home

Happy St. Patrick's Day!!

It was a much-needed day at home with nothing more on the agenda than sewing. Then, Mike called after leaving for work this morning to let me know "a guy" was going to come this afternoon. It seems we have "aggressive water" in our well. That would explain its attacking me in the dead of night. Or maybe that was the cat. 

Anyway...our well water is good. It tastes good, but nevertheless, its chemical make-up is such that it causes corrosion in our copper pipes. We discovered this because of a blue stain that appeared in our shower some years back. Turns out, it's the copper corroding that causes the stain. So, plumbing service to the rescue to install some kind of tank (don't ask me) that conditions the water in such a way that it stops eating the copper pipes. I think we can all agree that this is highly desirable. Last week, I noticed the dreaded blue stain had come back, and so "a guy" is coming by today to refill the conditioner tank. That is, he's coming if he ever shows up. He is officially six minutes late at this point. If he doesn't show up soon, he'll be missing the lady of the house because I'll be leaving to go to my guild meeting.

Yes, tonight is my second guild meeting. I learned via email this morning that the guild is offering a hand applique class taught by Connie Sue Haidle of Apple Blossom Quilts in May, and it is my intent to sign up for that tonight. It'll be my first guild activity. Yay me! And at Sharon's suggestion after last month's meeting, I'm going to sit a row closer to the front of the room. I'm feeling bold and daring today. It could be the aggressive water acting on my psyche, I suppose. It's hard to say what has gotten into me, but there you go. Sometimes I'm a wild woman. I suppose I could blame St. Patrick's Day as well...a touch of the blarney maybe.

So want to know what I did today? I finished up the latest Folk Art Cat block. Here's where I left off with it last week:

Today I needed to make the two little cornerstones for the lower sashing. The first one is a variation on a Bear's Paw block.

According to the pattern, this next block is called "Thrifty". Keep in mind that these cornerstones finish up at 3 inches, and so the little four-patches in the one below are just half-inch pieces once they're sewn together.

Then I needed to make a strip set for the checkerboard sashings. It's a little tedious sewing all those little strips for the sashing together, but I really like the looks of it. Once I had that done, I added the cornerstones and the whirlygig. Then, I top-stitched the whirlygig, added the hot fix nailhead for the eye and the block was finished!

Each block of this quilt is about as much effort as making a doll quilt for the doll quilt swap. Lots of pieces for each one. Here's how it will look when it's sewn to the block above. You can see the beach ball now.

And here are all the blocks I've made so far. 

Recall that there are four rows of three blocks, and I'm only getting started on the 2nd row. I have not made any blocks for the 3rd row, and so you are seeing the top and bottom rows of blocks, plus the first block in the second row. It worked out like this because this was originally a block of the month. I started the quilt in October of 2012, and so I started with the first block in the fourth row, which was the October block. I had in mind to do a block each month, but I fell behind after December. Only now, enough time has gone by that I can say I'm ahead of the game! April's block is complete! (Pauses to polish fingernails on shirt.)

Anyway...the next block will be the May block, and if I'm really on the ball, maybe I'll actually get it finished in May. Wouldn't that be something?

So I should probably go eat something in preparation for my meeting. Mike will be on his own, but there's lots of corned beef and vegetables left from last night. He will not go hungry, nor will I.  So enjoy your evening, and don't drink too much green beer!

15 comments from clever and witty friends:

Vroomans' Quilts said...

Yeah for you - enjoy that seat closer to the front. As always, just love seeing those kitties coming to life.

Junebug613 said...

Go you! No need to be bashful; sit closer to the front! The thingI have to remind myself of when I'm in a situation like your guild meeting, is that everyone there has a common interest, and can't be so very different from me, if they enjoy something I enjoy. The cats are coming along fantastically!

quiltzyx said...

That folk art cats quilt just makes me so happy! Could it be partly because I'm NOT doing all those little blocks? Hmmmmm... :) It's just so danged fun!

Hope you had fun at your guild meeting, one row closer to the front. I'm now sitting in the VERY front, staring out at everyone else - yikes! No, not really, no one has thrown any rotten produce at me yet. I'm used to them anyway, seeing as I am TLC member #29. My friend Jean is member #1 - she was our very first President. At my guild, if it's your birthday month, you're supposed to bring a snack to share, and the guild buys a tray of sandwiches & provides ice water, lemonade & sometimes coffee. That way the members who are coming straight from work will at least get a little sandwich & goodies to tide them over. Those whose b'days fall in August or December when we have potluck & our holiday catered dinner, are asked to watch for months with few birthdays & bring something then. There is almost always ALWAYS something chocolate. We are quilters after all.

Dana Gaffney said...

I've seen agressive water in it's natural habitat and it's not pretty, so glad you're taking care of it.
Move closer is a good move, I always have the urge to sit in the back so I can pass notes and talk :)

Kate said...

Such fun blocks. Glad you got in a day of stitching topped off with a guild meeting.

LittleHouseontheDairy said...

Hot vinegar mixed 1 to 1 with blue dawn works wonders on those blue stains.... Don't all how I know. We really need a tank like that.

Jacque said...

If I knew how to spell the Marine's exulting yell, I would type that - awesome...sitting boldly closer. That would be hard for me.
Hope your day was wonderful -- my St. Paddy's day is always nice. Why? We married on the day! Haha! Can never forget our anniversary, no matter how senile, right? (That may be coming soon....36 years now.) LOL

Diane Wild said...

I adore the kitty blocks. All those tiny pieces make it special. I have to sit in front at the guild meetings so I can see AND hear. Short people don't do so well in the back don't you know.

LynCC said...

Barbara, this project is just so wonderful! So much work for each block, but it's truly delightful. One of my favorites that you've done.

Cath said...

at least you are at the meetings. I am still too bashful to go on my ownsome and cannot find anyone to commit to joining me. Just once, is all I ask! then I can manage on my own.
Cath @ Bits 'n Bobs

Kathy Felsted Usher said...

This is really looking great! I love the fanciful cats!

Kathy Felsted Usher said...

This is really looking great! I love the fanciful cats!

Dar said...

Good for you about moving to the front. I hope the meeting went well, since I'm a little behind in my blog reading. Your folk cats are looking so cute. I love that checkerboard sashing in between them.

Brown Family said...

Your car art quilt is so cute. So tempting to start !

Michele said...

I hope you enjoyed your meeting. The latest kitty is just fantastic!