Busy Day, Short Post

It was another lovely day in the Northwest...warm temperatures, and not a cloud in the sky. It's quite a gift in March! I spent the day running around, but I still was out and about enough to enjoy the lovely weather.

First, I made a stop at the post office, and then I headed over for my monthly pedicure. My feet always thank me for it. The spa where I go has a whole bank of windows where their pedicure chairs are, and so I was able to enjoy the brightness and the sunshine from there, albeit through the glass. What better way to enjoy the sun when one has not used one's sun screen? After that, I had to go to the grocery store, but I was through there in record time. I had quite a few items on my list, but 3/4 of them were in the produce section. I didn't have to wander up and down very many aisles before I was out of there.

Before I left, however, I took the last stitches on the latest of the Quilted Snowladies:

I've noticed that these patterns aren't always complete...or else the pictures aren't always complete. For example, the stitchery above has the little green tree on the left. But when you look at the pattern picture (below), the green tree is missing.

It was included on the pattern for tracing, but not in the picture. On the other hand, the grass below the "Feed the Birds" sign is clearly visible, but it was missing from the pattern for tracing. I drew in the grass on my own. Fortunately, it wasn't difficult because my lack of drawing skills is legend.

That makes 6 out of twelve stitcheries complete. The next time I work on this quilt, I'll be doing the one below.

Where should I put the cat? I'm leaning toward putting the cat on the right side of the snow lady, or just below the "Finish Line" sign.

And then this afternoon, I made up the next stitchery for the Vintage Tin quilt. This will be Block 5 of 9 for this quilt. I've been doing the smallest blocks up until now. When I get to Block 7 they get a whole lot bigger.

And that's my day! Mike is on his way home. With such lovely weather, it's time to break out the lavender tea and make lavender-honey syrup for Bees Knees cocktails. It's one of our favorite ways to enjoy a nice evening outside. Mike will be barbecuing steaks for a Seared Rib-Eye Steak with Arugula and Roasted Pepper salad. It's another great dish for enjoying a nice evening outside. We always substitute spinach for the arugula, and we're using New York steaks since that's what I had in my freezer. You can click on those links for the salad recipe and the cocktail recipe.

With that...I'm off! I hope you had a nice day today too.


Junebug613 said...

I'm happy that you're having such nice weather. Im praying that it isn't windy (as predicted), because we're setting up a very large tent tomorrow. 80' ×140', if you're interested. Dinner sounds great! We're having cube steaks with a "spring mix" salad. It has spinach too. If you were more comfortable with your drawing skills, I'd say put the cat on the stump, but next to the stump or the lady would be good.

Vroomans' Quilts said...

We are paying for our last couple of nice days with rain/sleet/snow for the next two days. I was going to suggest the the kitty sitting on the stump, too.

Marei said...

I say put the cat on the tree stump....in a place of honor....and yes, I believe you can draw a cute kitty sitting there.

liniecat said...

Im with Marei, was going to say the same thing, put puss on the stump and there must be oodles of cat cartoony pics you could copy on a google search!
I love these snow women, such fun characters and such lovely ideas, like - feed the birds! - despite the cats lol
We have had murky misty mornings that are panning out to be delightfully bright, warm afternoons here and the promise of spring seems to be with us.
March last year we were deep in snow so this is doubly lovely. Mind you we can still get snow in april in england, so no counting chickens yet lol
I wish you more blue skies and bright days : )

Dana Gaffney said...

These are so cute. I agree with everyone else, I'd put him on the stump.

Doris Rice, The Quilting Queen said...

My vote is on or next to the stump too. But next to the finish line would be cute too. It was a nice, windy day in Central Texas. I'm loving this weather, even if it bout blows me away!

Diane Wild said...

Sounds like a nice evening. Temps heading to the low 40s today. Yay! I just purchased a small gas grill so I may have to try it out. The snow ladies are very charming.

barbara woods said...

they are beautiful, have fun with your steak

Tami C said...

Yesterday was a wonderful day here in Colorado as well. The sky was sooo blue and there wan't a cloud in the sky! Yesterday was our weekly lunch with hubby and his mom and we really being out and about! Just below the finish line sounds like a great place for your cat.

Christine M said...

I just love those snowladies. Your finished block looks wonderful, Barbara.

Karen said...

Your quilting snow lady does look lovely.
Looks like these patterns are keeping you on your toes with the missing parts and the additions. Good luck.

Cath said...

Was it your idea to add the cats? I am sure you will find a lovely spot to put the next one. The salad sounds yummy. Interestingly, Arugula is called Rocket over here and I have a lovely salad that I make too. I roast cubes of pumpkin and wedges of red onion drizzled with balsamic vinegar and serve on a bed of "Arugula" sometimes adding broken up feta cheese as well.
Cath @ Bits 'n Bobs

quiltzyx said...

Sounds like you had a busy, productive day on Weds! I got to work - hooray! I do wish there was money/space for me full-time at the colleges. It's a lot of fun answering the phones there. We're in a windowless basement room, but the ladies have it all spruced up & decorated for every holiday. :)
My first thought was to put the cat on the stump too, except for the odd angle the stump is at. Anyplace the kitty ends up will be swell!

Brown Family said...

It amazes me how pattern photos do not always match the actual pattern! I guess that leaves us creative licenses!

Kate said...

Love your latest Snow Lady. But I'll admit I'm ready for our snowy season to end.