Sew Helpful

Good evening. Smitty here. My mom asked me to take over the blog this evening. She's tired after making a big dinner for eight yesterday. It wasn't bad. There were lots of people here. Even the red dot made an appearance.

Aside from that, the weekend has been booooooooorrrrring. I asked Gracie what she wanted to do. She said she wanted to take a nap.

I understand. She's old. It's hard being a kitten in a house full of grandmas and grandpas.

My mom put on my "Hungry for Angry Birds" video game. I played that for a while.

It felt kind of flat though.

The birds weren't even afraid of me. They acted like I wasn't even there...even when I bopped them with my right hook.

Later on, my mom went down to sew and Gracie and I went along to lend a paw. Gracie found the nip right away and she was useless after that.

Not me, though. I maintained purrfect sobriety. I took a look around this place and I could see that a cat was needed to keep everything lined up and opurrating correctly.

And what a tale I have to tell you!

So I kept careful watch on this thread just to make sure everything was coming off the spool correctly.

And I watched my mom sewing...looking for any pointers I might have for her. My paws have excellent pointers.

Hmmmmmmm...something doesn't seem quite right here.

I was watching and considering how she might impurrove her accuracy.

I took a really close look just to be sure I was understanding the purroblem.

Okay, I think I see what's going on here. 

Let me just check these as they come off the machine.

So then I surveyed her nifty toolbox over here.

Mom, I say, You really need to switch out this stitch plate.

And you could work some of that fullness in with a stylus.

Here, I'll even sharpen it for you.

Things started going a little more smoothly then. She made these little cornerstones yesterday. I'm not sure how she did this without my help. Beginners luck, purrobably.

But with me here, she got the whole thing stitched together. And let me tell you, this is the weirdest looking cat I've ever seen.

She has a whole bunch of these weird looking cats, although that blue one seems to have his act together.

She went into the closet and pulled out some more. How did I not know about these cats?

Then she said she was going to make a quilt sandwich, and I said, If it's tuna, count me in! I'm starving!

Oh, a different kind of sandwich, although I'm not sure who would want to eat it. I'm not that hungry. Here's the back she made.

And then she put this other piece on. She says she's going to start quilting it tomorrow. I should probably be around to help with that. 

Oh, and I almost forgot. She started stitching on this stitchery a couple of days ago. I asked her to stitch the cat first.

And she told me to be sure to link up to:


So I'll do that, but then...it's nap time for me. It's been a busy day.

And I know the purrfect place for it.


  1. Giggles! I really enjoyed Smitty's quilting lesson for today!

  2. Well seems to me Smitty is the purrfect sewing helper. Love the Cats ! Keep on sewing. Hope the knee is still feeling good.

  3. What a great helper - Smitty could give mine some pointers, they just know how to either hold it down or scatter it to the wind.

  4. What a great helper - Smitty could give mine some pointers, they just know how to either hold it down or scatter it to the wind.

  5. Your kitties are just too cute (and so helpful)! My kitty just turned 13 yesterday so I have a teenager in the house now :)

  6. What a cute post! Love your cats - fabric and otherwise. Thanks, Smitty

  7. What a darling boy -- and such a good helper! She'd be lost without you keeping her in line, dear Mr. Smitty!! Keep up the great work! :)

  8. Your lucky! My mom moves me when I get close to the machine. A course I do have a habit of sitting on the quilt so she can't move it to sew it. Then there is the problem of me batting at the needle as it gos up and down. She just doesn't understand that's just what kittens do.

  9. I cannot imagine how you get so much done in a day with all the help, lol.


  10. Very cute. How nice to have a guest blogger!

  11. :) Smitty, you are just so handsome! Your mom gets the best shots of you. And what a great writer. ;D

  12. Oh Smitty, what a great post you did for your mom! You sure are a helpful guy! Tell your mom that sshe did a nice job on those cornerstones. My poor kitties hid most of the day because we were doing renovations. They didn't get to help me sew at all this weekend, like we hoped. Thanks again for the wonderful post.

  13. Great job Smitty! You made my night.

  14. Smitty, you wrote a great blog. I can tell how much you helped Mom in her sewing room. Kirby helped on the quilt frame today. I will try to get him to post it tomorrow!

  15. Smitty, you have got a new fan!
    Purrfect, right?
    esthersipatchandquilt at yahoo com
    ipatchandquilt dot wordpress dot com

  16. Smitty is so good at blog writing Barbara. You better watch it or he will take it over completely!
    Cath @ Bits 'n Bobs

  17. Smitty you sure have a way with words in addition to being the purrfect Quilt Supervisor! Sew helpful indeed.

  18. Great Job Smitty...you always make me smile!

  19. With help like this, what could possibly go wrong?!!

  20. I love your posts...they are very entertaining! However, I REALLY love when you let Smitty take over occasionally. This was one of the best!

    Good job, Smitty!

    Keep up the good work, I know you have the purrrfect quality control officer over there to help you out!

    Connie :)

  21. Mr Smitty your mom just couldn't get anything done without you around to help. You are such the expurrrt at everything. Good thing you got in some nap time too so you are rested and ready to direct her next bit of stitchin.

  22. Enjoyed your post. You are so patient.

  23. Thank goodness River and Shadow show no interest whatsoever in my sewing! What would I do with a 80lb German shepherd 'helping' me stitch?? So funny Barbara.

  24. HI!!! What a fun adventure!!! I love the story and the pics!!! Very fun!!!! Thank You

  25. Oh how cute! I am sure Smitty was a great help with the company too!

  26. Wow Smitty, you sure do have a lot of responsibility in the sewing studio. Seems like you're right on top of the quality control, too. My mom is so dependent on me to keep things moving along nicely and I always get to have a nap in my basket while she finishes up for the day and cleans up. A kitty's work is never done. Keep up the good work.

  27. Thanks for checking in Smitty! You are such a good boy and such a great help to your mom :*)

  28. Smitty, you are an amazingly intelligent and charming cat~!
    i enjoyed your post a lot and will be explaining to my Emmitt how a good kitty should behave in the studio . . .
    he doesn't always listen when he should though as he's known to suddenly and inexplicably go completely deaf.

    btw: that cat quilt is gloriously fun and colorful~!


  29. Looks like you did an excellent job Smitty - kept Mom right on track & helped get all those corners to match just right. Keep up the good work!

  30. Goodness me - I adore cats and quilting, so I feel like I stumbled across heaven finding your adorable blog!
    Thank you, this fabulous post from your guest writer made me smile from ear to ear.
    Sending a wave from a fellow quilt lover across the pond in an equally soggy part of the world.

  31. Smitty you do your Mom proud. Very fun post. I hope your Mom got a nap in at some point too, that was a lot of stitching she had going on.

  32. Thank you Smitty, I needed this story to end my day with a smile :)