Relaxing Day

It was such a nice day in the sewing room yesterday. My table runner top is finished. That took most of the day, and then I didn't even mind doing a little housework. It's always nice to accomplish everything on one's list so that the next day can start with a clean slate.

Today I had time to work on my embroidery. I knocked off for a couple of days to give my hand a rest, but today I was back at it. This morning I'm going to head back to the pool for a swim...the first time in a couple of weeks, since I was gone all last week. Then this afternoon, I'm going to see the doctor about my knee. It was tempting to cancel the appointment, but I decided to let him look at it one more time on the remote chance he can help me get even more pain reduction. I'm not expecting much, but miracles never cease.

Of course, I had my furry friend in the sewing room with me yesterday. It was wet and cold outside, and so he spent most of his day with me.

He's pretty good for one picture, but then he starts getting crabby.

Mooooooooommmmmm! Will you stop flashing me with that!?!

Okay. I'm going to turn my back and shut my eyes. I cannot hear your plaintive cries. You do not exist. I'm cleaning my tail. Do not disturb me.

So I gave up trying to photograph the cat and finished up the third one of these blocks.

And there were two of these to do:

And then, I sewed them together, added the ends and the borders, and voila! Outback Sunset table runner top finished.

It's a very long table runner, but I have a long table. This was my project for

and so I'll be linking up for the party...tomorrow, I think. The pattern came from this book:

I'm having fun working on some smaller quilts. I can enjoy a new project and yet not add to my list of UFO's. This one still needs quilting and binding, but having the top done in just a few days sure makes for a quick project. I'll quilt it later on.

After that, I still had a couple of things on my January to-do list, one of which was to at least start on the next section of the Wind in the Whiskers quilt. The next one is called "I Spy" and here is the picture from the cover.

 I hesitate to call these "blocks" because they are so much more involved than that, and indeed, they can be made as individual wall hangings in and of themselves. Anyway, maybe you remember my trials and tribulations when I did the first section, but I held my breath and completed it. There are still details that will be added later, but there it is:

So it was with no small amount of apprehension that I took the next section's instructions out of their envelope for a peek.

One word: Oy. 

Especially this section.

Sigh. I spent yesterday identifying the kit fabrics, and I discovered that I am missing one. It was tempting to get all huffy and write an email to the quilt shop I've been working with on this block-of-the-month. I have suitable fabric left over from the first section, and so I decided it wasn't worth the effort and let it go.

Anyway...that's what I'll be working on the for the next several days. I really wish the instructions were a little more, shall we say, "instructive". Basically it says, "Make the appliques. Now, stick them on. Tip: Press, don't iron." To which I respond silently and with tears in my eyes, "Thanks. It's clear as mud now." My friend Sue is always telling me that my quilting endeavors make her itch. I'm here to tell you, this particular quilt makes me itch.

So that's where I am today. If you don't hear from me ever again, you'll know it's because I stabbed myself in the heart with my scissors...or maybe I took my rotary cutter to my own throat. On the other hand, maybe I'll go swimming. It always relaxes me, and maybe it'll give me the wherewithal to get through this next section. It's very much like childbirth. You forget all about the pain...until the next time.


quiltzyx said...

The life of a photogenic cat is so hard!

Love that bright tablerunner! Polka dots & stripes - how can you go wrong?

Good luck with the I Spy section - that's it, they're sections, not blocks! I know you can do it! Maybe you can get that recording for "blondes" - you know, "breathe in, breathe out, breathe in, breathe out".... ;^)

Denise :) said...

Ummmm....holy cow. That's a lotta pieces. And the child bearing analogy is spot on. Give that ol' Smitty a scratch under the chin and pet for me! :)

BillieBee (billiemick) said...

You always accomplish so much! I can see some of your threads behind that handsome Smitty. If I need a certain color, I know where to look.....grin.

Donna said...

Your tablerunner reminds me of Hallowe'en and I love it.

legato1958 said...

I am "applique-ing vicariously" through you, on this quilt... so don't stop! I have faith in you to get all of those millions of pieces fused together...
Maybe the Do Not Iron was a typo... aren't you fusing them to the background?
Your first mini section is just gorgeous!

WoolenSails said...

My kitties are smart alecs and the minute I get the camera, they just sit there and stare. Love that cat quilt and it is a lot of work, but you are doing a beautiful job on it.


Junebug613 said...

Poor poor Smitty! Your mean mama was treating you like paparazzi wasn't she? Sometimes Fame can be difficult to handle. Haha! that table runner did go together quickly and came out wonderfully.All those little flowers do look rather daunting, but I know you'll get it figured out . Good luck with your doctor today!

Lucky Duck Dreams said...

ahhh, i needed my Smitty fix!

Cath said...

oh wow, yes I would find that overwhelming as well but then again it doesn't take much to get me overwhelmed. I think you will be ok once you get started.
Cath @ Bits 'n Bobs

Marjorie's Busy Corner said...

Very nice runner Barb....I just love the one you are going to do next....lots of work, but beautiful!! I got my cardinal quilt all pieced and on my post. Now to get it quilted. I love that quilt.

Tami C said...

Smitty is such a beautiful cat! Your table runner sure is bright and cheerful! I'm glad that I decided to only get the first block from Wind in the Whiskers. I would really got nuts with all those pieces in this next block! Enjoy your swim!

Vroomans' Quilts said...

Ah Smitty - I know that look well! Love how the table came out - wow!! I look forward to your progress on Wind in the Whiskers - more than I could handle.

Carol Swift said...

Cat's are so entertaining...love the pics! Your table runner is gorgeous...wow!

Marei said...

Sounds like we need to keep you away from sharp objects for a little while, eh? Love the colors on your table runner. Stunning!

Karen said...

Your table runner is looking great.
Good luck with the McK bloocks.
Good luck at the doctor.

Brown Family said...

That one does look busy! I will be posting for the NFO and show you one I am working on. 'makes you itch' that is a very good explanation of how I feel about this one!

Lynne said...

Love the table runner. Is it quilted?
The bottom right corner of the "block" was the first thing that got my attention too!
Hope the visit to the doctor went well.

Dana Gaffney said...

I'm loving the fabrics you're using for the table runner, the colors work so great together. I've been working on my applique project and although the pieces are bigger, everything is hand drawn and the pattern is hand written, I say "What???!!!" a lot.

Michele said...

Dang uncooperative cat!I don't know why they think they can have a mind of their own. And there is no way I'd attempt that quilt, not in a million years. The runner turned out great though.

Kate said...

Smitty has a lot in common with DT. She was huffy this morning because I've posted pictures of her on the blog for the last two weeks in a row. At least you don't have to coax a smile out of Smitty, he looks best all with that aloof profile.

Congrats on getting the table runner all assembled I can see where the name came from, it does look a lot like a sunrise.

Angie in SoCal said...

Your table runner is so colorful! I like it. Applique can be that way, but instructions don't - good thing you're a pro at it. Good luck at the doctor's.