Sewlful Sunday

2014 NewFO Challenge

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It's been a productive weekend in the sewing room. For some reason, I thought we'd be busy with chores, but we kind of did our own things. Since I was caught up on housework for the most part, I was able to spend almost the whole weekend in the sewing room.

This morning, I hand sewed the label and sleeve onto the back of the Love Me, Love My Cat quilt.

Now this quilt is all boxed up to be mailed for entry into the "I Love Redwork Challenge" at the Road to California Quilt Show next month. And I figure that's good enough to link up to Slow Sunday Stitching at Kathy's Quilts too!

After that, I thought I'd make a block for the Block Lotto. I've been neglecting the Block Lotto the last few months, but this month's block is quite simple, and so I made one today. Here is the block for December.

The sample quilts made with this block were red and green, and they were so cute. A simple block, but it makes a very cute quilt.

Finally, I did the next two blocks for the "Mumm's the Word" sampler from Debbie Mumm. This time around, I made the two fish blocks.

These were pretty tricky. Have you ever sewn those little squares onto the corner of a larger square only to discover you've sewn them in the wrong direction...or worse, to the wrong size square? In my experience, one only discovers this after having cut off the corners. And, of course, there is no saving it then. You just have to cut new pieces. Well, my bloggy friends, I did that no less than three times today. I kept having to go back to the original pieces of fabric and cut more. When I did it for the third time, I just about committed hari-kari with my seam ripper. But, as it turns out, the third time was the charm, and I got them done. Sheesh.

When this BOM was published, it came out in two month increments. Now that the fish are finished, I've done all the blocks through April's segment. Next time I work on this, I'll be doing the May-June portion, beginning with the three trees you see in the picture below.

This is a great quilt for using scraps. I can use some of my teeny-tiniest ones...and if you're like me, you have puh-lenty of those.

And I'll also be linking this post to:

Tomorrow I have to make a trip to the post office...no small effort this close to Christmas, let me tell you. And then I'll have another day to spend in the sewing room. I might have assigned myself some housework chore too, but I have to look at my calendar for that.

How about you? Did you have a productive weekend, sewing or otherwise?

12 comments from clever and witty friends:

Linda said...

OH,I love the Redwork!


Carla A Few Of My Favorite Things said...

Good luck with your entry! I'm sure a lot of cat lovers will be oooooing and ahhhhhhing over it!

Brown Family said...

This weekend was not a sewing weekend! We has a lunch party and another one in the evening on Saturday. Today we has a birthday party for a one year old.

I did find two more panels of doll cloths that belonged to my Grand daughter. She ask em to make them so she could give them to the same little one that I mads so many for. I got one panel complete this evening.

Vroomans' Quilts said...

Yeah!! It will be fun to see your kitties - hope you get a picture of it hanging at the show. We had our first major snow storm this weekend. But they got my new machine to me - yes, I put her thru the paces.

Lyndsey said...

Good luck with your entry. Not a lot of sewing getting done here as trying to catch up with house work but did manage a little time knitting whilst watching TV this evening.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful Red and White quilt! I love them. Good luck with your entry. ~Melanie

Junebug613 said...

Unfortunately, no sewing here. We joined in a boat parade Saturday night, so we spent the day finishing up decorating the boat and getting ready. I really need some sewing time! I am excited for you and your quilt show entry! The fish came out great, even if they fought you.

LynCC said...

Goodness - I still have a trip to the post office, too. Bleh! Those two fabrics in the lotto block are so very pretty together, aren't they?

LynCC said...

Goodness - I still have a trip to the post office, too. Bleh! Those two fabrics in the lotto block are so very pretty together, aren't they?

quiltzyx said...

I did some crocheting this weekend - a couple of scarves & some Happy Bowls. I did a little applique on a fleece scarf yesterday, using a new special 'Satinedge' foot for my sewing machine from Creative Feet. It worked really nicely - no scrunched up edges!

Kate said...

I hate it when those corners end up in the wrong place. I'm having to be really careful with Bonnie's Celtic Solstice pieces and not do just that.

Quilter Kathy said...

A perfect label for a fantastic quilt!
Thanks for linking up!