Productive Weekend

It's been a busy three days at home, which I have loved given the stress of the past week. I had a lot of chores to take care of, but interspersed with plenty of sewing, they were easy to accomplish. Today I finished the last two of the sky blocks for the Quiltmaker's Garden quilt:

And just so you know I'm not kidding around, here are all twelve of them.

And I am so thankful to have those finished. The sky blocks go across the top of the quilt (pictured below). The next blocks I'll work on for this will be the tan tile blocks in the roof of the gazebo...essentially 16-patches. There are three of those.  

Also the pinwheels that you see along the vine toward the top of the gazebo. But for now I'm setting this aside to work on some other things.

Then I finished up the third stitchery for the Vintage Tin quilt. I wrote in my previous post about rinsing the Sticky Fabri-Solvy out of this block using my washing machine on gentle cycle with plain water. It worked great. With the block dry, I pressed it and then trimmed it to size.

And now, since I don't have an embroidery project to kick off my mornings, I drew out the next stitcheries for the 6th section of the Gardener's Journal quilt. These are small, but fairly detailed. Here is the Dove Tree:

The Flower Basket:

Resting in the Garden:

I love that she has a cat sitting on her lap. And finally, a Row of Flowers.

And while I was doing all that, I finished up the last of my housework. I put it off until the end of the day, but then forced myself up and around to get it done. I'm glad I did because next week is free and clear, except to make a big dinner for Christmas.

Tomorrow I'm walking with my friend Sue. We're meeting for oatmeal and then walking. We rescheduled our walk from last Friday when freezing rain caused us both to wimp out. I really wasn't in the mood for slipping on the ice and breaking a bone, and I don't think Sue was either. Then I'll come home, take a shower, and head off to physical therapy in the afternoon. And I'll just say right here and now that my knee is feeling great since getting the cortisone injection last week. I'm taking some oral anti-inflammatories for the week too. Yesterday, it was a little sore in a particular spot, but I treated it with some topical numbing and anti-inflammatory patches. This morning, it was golden.

I still need to pick up some mushrooms at the grocery store. I waited until the last minute for those so that they would be nice and fresh. And then.....it's time to get on with Christmas! If I don't get on here and find something to blog about, then I'm wishing all of you the Merriest Christmas ever...and especially Teresa of Music City, who has a brand new grandson. Enjoy the holiday, everybody.

12 comments from clever and witty friends:

Vroomans' Quilts said...

You had a very productive weekend. Enjoy your family with the Season.

Teresa in Music City said...

Awww, thanks Barbara! I can't wait to get to NC and hold the little tyke and kiss him on his adorable nose ♥

Love your sky blocks - that is going to be a really fun quilt to make with all the different parts to it. I've forgotten why you are not using the Solvy for the Gardener's blocks? I want to try that for my next stitchery, now that you've so kindly worked out all the kinks LOL!!!

Lyndsey said...

The sky blocks are great and I love the latest stitchery you've finished. You had a really productive weekend.

Malini said...

Great progress!
I would make a quilt just with these blocks, it is looking so cool!

Doris Rice said...

Wow, that's a lot to get done in one day. Can't wait to see the final finish on all of them! Merry Christmas!

kathyinozarks said...

You have been busy and productive-I love days like that.
Merry Christmas

Lynda Halliger Otvos (Lynda M O) said...

Happiest Holidays to you and the entire family. Hope the weather stays decent enough so folks can travel safely and enjoy the festivities.

quiltzyx said...

I knew you could get those PP blocks done! Yay you! They look fantastic too. :D

I did a little cutting & preparing - I bought some fusible vinyl to make some coaster with & have them ready to go. I chickened out on actually ironing the plastic onto the fabric yet, but that's OK. I have to remember to take pictures!

Glad your knee is doing well now!

Happiest of holidays to you too!

Brown Family said...

You are making good progress!

Kate said...

The sky blocks are very pretty. Love the colors you chose for those.

Shanna said...

Oh my! When do you find the time to do, well everything! I am happy to see the sky blocks, but I am just so curious what teh big finish will look like in your fabric choices, thanks so much for sharing!!

LynCC said...

You got all the sky blocks finished - I see that central square that makes you do partial seaming. They look great. That's going to be a neat quilt. The dove tree is going to be wonderful. And - yeah! - I would have postponed, too, rather than break a bone on the ice!