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2014 NewFO Challenge

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Yesterday was a hodge podge of a day. I had hoped to get through more of the 12 sky blocks I need to make for the Quiltmaker's Garden quilt I've been working on. 

It's going to be a beautiful quilt, and I think I'll enjoy it a lot more after I finish up these blocks. Let's just say there are many reasons why I work on so many projects at once, but the biggest one is that I'm easily bored. I hate working on the same block over and over and over again. I'm totally up for chain-piecing, but these blocks can't even be done that way since they are paper-pieced. Anyway, whining aside, I've managed to get through 6 of the 12 now, so I'm on the home stretch. For as much as I hate working on them, they are pretty:

They're identical to the daffodil and peony blocks I made last time I worked on this quilt, except for the colors.

Yesterday, I decided to get through my housekeeping chores and my quilting chores together. I made one block, then mopped my floor, then another block, and then I vacuumed the stairs, then another block, and then I sanitized the kitchen counters (which I do every other week), then another block, and I sorted through the laundry basket, pairing up socks and whatnot. And then it was time to start dinner. I already had two blocks and with the four from yesterday, I'm half way finished. So...today, onward!

I think I'll work on things the same way today. I need to clean the dead stuff out of the fridge so that I can make room for leftovers of Christmas's dinner. Then I figure I'll start by making two blocks since cleaning out the fridge is sort of a big job. When I have the fridge done, I'll make two more blocks. Then I'm going to make some fudge, then two more blocks. And if there's time left in the day, I'll make some peppermint bark, but either way, I hope to have these finished today. The last of the Hello Moon blocks are out, and I would dearly love to work on those tomorrow.

So with my plan in hand and all of you informed (don't you feel better when you know what I'm doing every minute of every day?), I need to get at it. But first, I wanted to show you this image of Miss Gracie. She knows how to keep warm on the first day of winter.

And with that in mind...Happy Winter Solstice, everybody!

Take heart! The days are getting longer now! Unless you're one of those southern hemisphere people...for you, I say sorry, your days are getting shorter now. Such a let down, this longest day of the year business, isn't it?

14 comments from clever and witty friends:

Vroomans' Quilts said...

Sounds like a great plan to me. My furries are cuddled into blankets, too - Moe on the guest bed with the wool blanket and Bella on the couch with her 'camaflage' throw. Love the Winter Soltice photo - however we are at a record 56 today - enjoying it as tomorrow it dips back into the 20's.

Cottage Tails said...

LOL yep a real let down knowing our days here in the Southern hemisphere will be getting shorter. GRIN

Keep warm over there.
Love Leanne

Lyndsey said...

Sounds like a good plan to me as well. I like to do some housework and then reward myself with some sewing. The blocks are looking good.

Cath said...

The fact that I get bored sitting at a sewing machine is the reason my quilts take so long to get finished. Hand sewing is different....I find that therapeutic! They are pretty blocks though and excellent idea to break up the sewing routine

quiltzyx said...

Sounds like a great plan - and that great minds think alike! I did something similar too. Do a chore, did some crochet. :D I finished a scarf & a Happy Bowl.

Gracie looks so beautiful snuggled in the quilts. :^)

Dana Gaffney said...

Ahhh, behavior modification, I do that too, except right now I'm too busy to get to the fun stuff. I sneak reading the blogs in while I gulp coffee.

Michele said...

Aggg I've been to swamped to put my NFO list together. Oh well, I'll get to it at some point after Wednesday.

Kathy Felsted Usher said...

That's a great way to get your work and your blocks done! I need to do that with exercise. We had early arriving company (due to impending storms) which threw a wrench into my plans. I just moved all the unwrapped presents into my girl cave and covered them with a table cloth. Now it is two more sides of hand binding and my daughter's quilt will be done in plenty of time. (She keeps showing up which is sort of a problem!) Have fun with your quilts, love the photo of Gracie.

Kaelyn Angelfoot said...

I'm the same way with projects - I get bored easily! I love seeing all the different things you are working on, the more projects, the better!

LethargicLass said...

I chain-piece my paper piecing... I discovered it went a lot faster that way... just do all the same section, trim your 1/4 seam, iron, and do all the next section :) If I don't email or comment before then, have a Merry Christmas!! *hugs*

Tami C said...

I too like to do my housekeeping chores and my quilting chores together. However, I don't get half as much done as you do! Miss Gracie looks quite happy and warm!

kc said...

I chain piece when I can, too, and I get bored quickly as well. And sometimes, the clackety-clack of the needle actually lulls me straight to sleep, especially when it's doing embroidery. Knitting will put me to sleep, too, as will riding in a car (whether I'm driving or not!). Only thing that *doesn't* put me to sleep is lying in bed! Wonder why that is?

I also use the "reward" system...no sewing till the work is done. Trouble is, I'm not very good at disciplining my ownself. Like yesterday, I had a choice to sew or vacuum. I chose to sew. And sew some more. I was going to vacuum today (that was the deal I'd made with myself) but the paper beckoned, then the fabric store was running a sale, then we had an errand to run, then cookie baskets to make..now here it is almost dinner time...too late to start vacuuming now, eh?

Gracie sure has the right idea..we are sunny, finally, but the wind is out of the north, and SHARP. We just walked down to the neighbors' with their cookie baskets & took the pup with us..we walked rather quickly due to the wind. (I know YOU feel better, now, knowing that we're keeping busy too)

Abbigail said...

This is so pretty and you're doing a great job on it. Could you tell me where you got this pattern and what size the finished quilt will be? Thanks so much and HAPPY HOLIDAYS!

Brown Family said...

I like to work on many projects at the same time, too. But there are times when I just want to finish!