Copious Sewing

It's been a great day, here at the Three Cats Ranch. With absolutely no demands on my time, I've been sewing almost all day. I might sew all night. This morning I took time to set up the birdcam and feed the birds...oh yes, and I guess I fed the cats too. Beyond that, it's been all sewing all the time. Here's what I did:

I pieced together two sections of the Gardener's Journal quilt. This is section "D".

Here is section "E":

And then I was able to sew sections A-E together:

There are still four sections to go. This quilt is from Ani Downs' pattern. Her quilt was originally done in reds, browns, blues, and greens. 

I had so many blues, grays, and aquas in my stash that I decided to do mine in a different color scheme. I like both versions. The blues and aquas make it look a lot different from the original however. If you look at the house embroidery at the middle of the bottom of my quilt you'll be able to see the fabric I've chosen for the border in that aqua and blue floral.

Once I had those all pieced together, I decided to take a break. I needed to get Smitty in and I wanted to check the images on the birdcam. Here's what I got today. This first one is a dark-eyed junco with a house finch.

Trading places. No camera hogging here.

This is a chestnut-backed chickadee:

Aren't they pretty from the back?

This next one is a red-breasted nuthatch.

And then I decided to show you a picture of the whole thing set up. Just this morning, I added the rain shield over the top of the feeder to keep the seed dry. The plan is to move this pole up closer to the house so that I can fill the feeders and mess with camera while standing on the concrete sidewalk.

There's the birdcam off to the left. Funny-looking isn't it? The arm was purchased separately.

So I think next I'm going to work on the September and October blocks for the Hello Moon quilt.

What about you? Did you do any sewing today?

22 comments from clever and witty friends:

Sher S. said...

no sewing for me. Just taking it easy due to issues with food again. Love seeing your Gardeners quilt, that is so pretty with the fabrics you chose. The birds look really happy to have food, shelter from the rain and we get to see them with your camera. Thanks for sharing.

WoolenSails said...

I am looking at your cam set up and wondering, maybe birds sit on it while the others are feeding, so maybe it is making movement?


Lynda Halliger Otvos (Lynda M O) said...

The quilt is ever so much better in the aqua colors than the red and tans; your choices rock together well.

The chickadee holds first place in the prettiest visitor category I think. I love the colors he sports. Have a great and fulfilling Sunday.

Vroomans' Quilts said...

Love how your Gardener quilt is coming along - and your blues! I taught a class today for a local guild. So tomorrow is putting all the stuff I haul to class away, laundry and housework so I don't think the machine will be set back up for a while.

Betty said...

Sounds like you had a successful Bohemian Day! I spent yesterday and today sewing with a group for Project Linus at a LQS. Fun times!

Karen said...

It is great seeing your quilt come together. I am enjoying the colours you are using. It brightens up the whole design.
It is lovely to see you making the most of your time and loving it.
I would get caught watching the birds all day.

Tami C said...

You are really rolling along on A Gardener's Journal. It's fun to spend the whole day just sewing away! You've got quite the variety of birds coming to visit you. I finally finished up cutting into strips a box of scraps that I had been gifted. Now I can start sewing them together and try to make them look good. :)

Dasha said...

Jealous that you have had all that time to sew. DH & I have played in a bridge congress all w/e, we played very badly and ended up in the middle of the field. I hate that - I'm too competitive and like to do a whole lot better than we did.
You get a lot of different birds in your garden don't you. I do so love the photos you post, they are great.
Your choices of colours for the gardeners quilt are terrific. Such cheerful colours.

Lyndsey said...

I'd have loved to have spent yesterday sewing but I had to go to a Guide training day. Today I must get 4 papers marked and then I'm free to sew as much as I like. Plus I'm only working Monday and Friday this week so this is my week for catch up.

That gardener's journal is a delightful quilt and I like you colour choices. The bird pics are fabulous. I haven't seen anything very much on our feeders recently but it should increase as the weather is turning much colder.

Dana Gaffney said...

I like the blues you used, they're very soothing and don't distract from the embroidery.

Donna said...

I love your quilt colours. They are so vibrant. I too had great plans for the weekend, but mine didn't happen. I haven't done any sewing. Oh well, there is always tonight!

Jacque said...

Your color scheme is looking wonderful...love seeing the birds -- got any plans to make a quilt from the images, like you are with your photos of doors in Ireland? :)

Anonymous said...

Those birds look like they are posing! Well trained. :-)

I love getting to a point where I can sew a bunch of units together--like you did. Your blue color choices create the blue skies needed for a garden.

BillieBee (billiemick) said...

So love looking at your stitching. It's so sweet and calming. The birdies are so cute!

Have a nice Sunday!

Patrica said...

You have been busy and productive. I love it when the husband occasionally goes on walkabout and I have time to do exactly what I please. You've also got that bird cam dialed in as well and it's taking beautiful shots.

Deb@asimplelifequilts said...

This project is just gorgeous! I am so in love with that color palette right now.

I love days where you are just in the zone like yours. I've got 2 good audio books set to listen and hoping for a productive week of quilting!

Dar said...

I really like your gardener's quilt. My preference would be the blues and greens too over the red and tans. It 's very soothing and reminds me of the outdoor sky on a crisp morning. You have the best bird visitors today. That little chestnut color chickadee is the cutest. Not sure we have those here. I must get me a bird cam. I love seeing what visits.

Dora, the Quilter said...

I love this quilt in blues. While I always enjoy your quilt, embroidery, travelling posts, I especially like seeing your bird cam photos today!

kc said...

That is quite a setup! And you're getting lots of cool birdies come visit you! We still have a few hummers, and lots & lots of butterflies, but most of our other birds have already gone to Mexico for the winter.

I prefer the blue colorway too - red's just never been a favorite of mine, in any way, shape or form.

Yesterday I finished up embroidering & trimming 4 towels, and the sewing I did today was on my huuuuuuge messenger bag project. I've never made one so large as this (17 x 14 x 7), but that's what the guy wanted! And pockets GALORE. Today I made & attached the zipper placket that closes the top, attached the webbing for the front-flap closures, and tried to attach the front flap...only "tried" because, apparently, I'm going to have to sew it on an industrial sewing machine....I couldn't sew through all the layers. :( I am going to have to take it to a shoe-repair guy, or maybe find someone who can do upholstery. Once I get that flap attached, all I will have left is the binding (which will have to be done by same industrial machine) and the cross-body strap, and I'LL BE DONE! yippee!

Oh, and I got my snakeskin mounts done & delivered yesterday! Strike another UFO off the list!!

Brown Family said...

I need some of your energy and motivation! I just can't seem to get going!

quiltzyx said...

No sewing for me on Saturday. I woke up with a scratchy throat, but thought it was just from sleeping with my mouth open (thank you allergies). Went to a baby shower at 11am where we made alphabet pages from felt & ate lots of yummy food. I ended up staying to help finish the alphabet until after 5. And almost lost my voice. Ugh. I hope I didn't pass it on to anyone else.
I love those bird photos! So many different kinds along the flyway. :D

Kate said...

Wow you did have quite a sewing marathon last weekend. Your Gardner's Journal quilt is really coming together, it's lovely.

Fun bird shots too!