Sunny Sunday

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We're supposed to get some rain by this afternoon, but one would never know it looking outside this morning. We had a beautiful day yesterday, which was wonderful because Erik and Mae had some folks over to see their new digs. They and we arrived at the house just about the same time, and I can't recall when I've seen such wide smiles. Here's a picture of the Lord and Lady of the Manor:

The place is just perfect for them, and it was fun doing a little walk through while Mae told me of the updates they have planned. While we were sitting visiting with the rest of the group, Erik glanced at the open front door and suggested they paint it a nice bright orange in honor of their beloved Oregon State Beavers. Perfect!

And now that they have it, I can show you the stitchery I've been hiding from the blog.

That is their house number below the top window. I quilted it just lightly. Here's how it looks from the back.

It ended up at about 13 x 15 inches. I ran a bamboo skewer through the top binding to give it some rigidity, and then used a pop top as a hanger.  And that's all the sewing I've done all week. Today, that will all change. Today I'm spending the day sewing, although I will have to take time out to make up a grocery list for tomorrow.

Smitty has barely been inside ever since we arrived home from our trip, and he was thrilled that we both came outside yesterday. He loves to run, and he was screaming all over the field and running up any tree that got in his way.

We did battle with the tomatoes, which had grown literally 12 feet tall. When I look at next year's seeds, I'm going to choose some determinate varieties. I've been so focused on early ripening that I've failed to note how tall they get. Here are the spoils of yesterday's war.

Also, since the weather cooled off, it has been too wet in the greenhouse and many of the tomatoes had rotted on the vine without even ripening. Now that we have the water levels adjusted appropriately, I'm hopeful I'll still get a few more tomatoes before the season ends. Also while we were gone, the sprinkler heads on the drip system had clogged on the dill and the basil. I had hoped to come home to nice lush basil plants, but instead found them wilted and appearing dead. I gave them some water with the hose last Monday, and when we looked in on them yesterday, they had recovered. The smaller pots get less water, and for some reason, the sprinkler heads tend to clog when there is less water running through them. All fixed now.

So that's it from me today. I don't want to spend too much time on the computer today because I am determined to get some sewing done. Nevertheless, I'm continuing with my National Park Pretty Picture Protest. Thanks to those of you who joined me in yesterday's sit-in. I'm hard at work in my feeble mind thinking of new ways to turn up the heat in Washington. For today, I'm protesting with this image of Mt. Rainier National Park in Washington state. This was taken in July, 2005, on the Alta Vista Trail. Power to the people!

Oh yes, and I almost forgot! It's the last day to link up to the September NewFO Linky Party and Giveaway. Don't miss out. Your cat needle nanny awaits you.

10 comments from clever and witty friends:

Kate said...

Eric and Mae look very happy. I remember that first house purchase, your happy, but also scared to death at how much money you just spent!

The wall hanging looks great. I like that you did a subtle pieced border, it really augments the needlework.

Enjoy your sewing day!

BillieBee (billiemick) said...

Love your Stitching....so sweet. That Smitty just cracks me up. My Elly has been a little wild today. It's cool finally and we have the windows open.

Vroomans' Quilts said...

They do look happy - and the little housewarming gift is just super for the occassion. Wonderful protest photo today.

WoolenSails said...

Wonderful photo of them in front of their new home. Love how the stitchery came out and perfect for their home. I was reading about how they closed off all access points to view the presidents, this is getting way out of hand;)


Brown Family said...

How exciting to be new home owners. I know they will be asking you for advise and help! Smitty looks like he is picking you a flower!

Tami C said...

Erik and Mae look really happy! This will be a time that they will remember forever! Your Home Sweet Home stitchery turned out just beautiful. Smitty sure looks happy being outside at home. I sure hope that you didn't run into any spiders during your battle with the tomatoes. Good news that your dill and basil perked back up. As always.... Power to the People!

Kathy Felsted Usher said...

Glad they are happy with their new place and I'll bet they loved the housewarming gift. I wish I had your green tomatoes! Ours have just put out a couple small red ones and that will be about it, done for the season. We were in the 80s just a day or two ago and wearing jackets the next. Crazy weather.

Dana Gaffney said...

Yeah, they do look happy, did they notice cherry tomatoes were stolen from the back yard? Power to the People, keep up the good work, I think they are weakening.

Heidi said...

Sometimes your photos can really make me homesick - this one struck the tear-chords.

quiltzyx said...

Do you think Mae & Eric have sore smiley muscles by now? Love the pic of them in front of their new castle!

Thank goodness you & Mike survived the Killer Tomato plants & that they didn't manage to make it OUT of the greenhouse. Whew!

Love that photo of Smitty! He is such a character!!!