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Today's post is short because there isn't much to tell. My pedicure was rescheduled because my pedicurist (is that a person who does pedicures?) called in sick. That was fine because I could reschedule to Friday, which works better for me. That gave me more time in the morning, and I used it to start a new embroidery project. Peek #1 is this new redwork I'm making for a friend who has done some nice things for me lately.

After that, I headed out to do my grocery shopping. Note to self: Never shop on Mondays again. It seems my grocery store might as well declare a shut down on Monday. Their wine steward doesn't work on Mondays and Tuesdays. I pointed out that it was rather inconvenient since some folks actually do buy wine on Mondays and Tuesdays. My point was acknowledged and well-taken, but it didn't help me find the bottle of Petite Syrah I was looking for...the one that was advertised. No matter. I'll drown my sorrows with a nice Cabernet Sauvignon. 

Further complicating my Monday grocery shopping was the fact that the meat department counters were bare because they don't get a delivery on Monday. Those two things left me pretty well determined to cross Mondays off my list for any future grocery shopping outings. There are probably other good reasons, but by that time, I was to distraught to ask anyone else for help finding something. More wine, please.

So then I came home and went to work on my doll quilt for the October Doll Quilt Swap. And that brings us to Peek #2.

Any guesses?

I made good progress on it...probably because I didn't start drinking the cabernet until dinner time. It's ready for quilting now, and since I'm staying home tomorrow, it is getting top-billing on my list of sewing projects.

Now, are you ready for Peak #3? No misspelling there. I'm continuing on with Day 5 of my NP4 protest. After watching MSNBC this evening, I'm feeling downhearted about whether my protest is being taken seriously in Washington. (Pauses to fill her wine glass.) I might have to get more serious and consider adding some signs or tear gas or hunger strikers or something. For now, I'll just continue on with my pictures. Today, we're going to Grand Teton National Park in Wyoming. This image was taken in September, 2012, on the Teton Loop Road.

Power to the People!!

Maybe if I add an another exclamation mark to my exclamation, my protest will carry more weight. What do you think?

13 comments from clever and witty friends:

WoolenSails said...

I think you need to restart mondays, lol.
I always stay home and rest, nice when I have the house to myself for awhile to catch up on the weekend chaos.


quiltzyx said...

Those are very peaky peaks in peek #3. And majestic to boot. THEY should be listening to you/us!

Peek #2...hmmm, a cactus garden?

Peek #1 - I like the flowers!

Gosh, I did a little grocery shopping today too - but I fared better than you did. The butcher had just the meats I wanted (burger & bulk sausage - preparing to make chili when I think it might stay cool for more than 2 days here). And I wasn't shopping for wine. There's really only one kind I would buy for myself, ChocoVine, and I don't think they sell it at the grocery store.
But I think Mondays are definitely a no-go for you & the grocery store!

BillieBee (billiemick) said...

Your Stitchy is so cute. I see you are using that sticky stuff again so I guess you like it....:)

Brown Family said...

I try to go grocery shopping on Thursdays because the 'truck' delivers on Wednesday and every thing is fully stocked, or not!

Dasha said...

You could always relocate to OZ Barbara, we don't have an issue with letting people into our National Parks (well not at the moment, anyway, all that happens is that we could get shot as they are letting people shoot in NPs these days!). Anyway, have another glass of cabernet, the world will look rosier, and I'm loving your protest photos. Perhaps you should just continue to do that anyway?
BTW we make nice cabernet (and other varieties) here too :-)

kc said...

Used to be commissaries were closed on Mondays, as well as museums (commissaries are now closed EVERY day), so we got used to not shopping on Monday. Maybe your store is a carryover from the military?

I love your peeks & peaks, and I'm thrilled that you used the right spellings in the right places. Now I can add that my interest is piqued by your peek. (don't you hate a smarty-pants?!)

The little garden gate is adorable & looks like what my backyard would look like if we were permitted to water. Sadly, all my little flowers except for the butterfly bush, the jasmine and the vinca have all dried up. Roses? gone. Petunias? gone. Penta? still with us, but suffering. Begonias? gone. Sad, sad.

I'm guessing your next peek is umm...some sort of applique. I'm thinking a house of some sort?

And now I know where "mountains' majesty" came from. I've never seen any as craggy & spectacular as those, so thanks for sharing! !!!! Power to the People!!!

Stray Stitches (Linda G) said...

Monday grocery shopping here is terrible, too. Empty shelves and everything is a mess. Your sneak peeks make me very curious :)

LynCC said...

Such a stunning photo. Thanks! And I'll chip in an exclamation point: !!! (or two or three)

And you make me laugh. :) This joke on Facebook last night made me bust up for real last night and Scott came to see what it was. He's not a drinker at all, but it made him laugh, too:

How to provide CPR on wine: 1. open the bottle and let it breath. 2. When you see it is not breathing, apply mouth-to-mouth.

Beth said...

I hope your photographic protest gets more attention than my twitter outcries. I am hoarse from tweeting and suspect I am tweeting to the choir. Or the patient opposition.

Your swap quilt looks like something the Big Bad Wolf could not blow down. Is that circumspect enough to avoid a revealing guess? I think it's a safe bet that it will be adorable.

Thanks for sharing. I haven't really gotten going yet today so there's no telling how my day will go. Right now I am negotiating with a cat over his breathing treatment. Sigh.

Marei said...

The Tetons are my very favorite spot on Earth.....just after Homer, Alaska. I get goosebumps every time I get to see them. They have reorganized my Safeway store so now EVERY day is a bad day to shop!

Kate said...

Very cute stitchery.

Gorgeous photo of The Tetons!

Colleen said...

Thanks for your fun words. I was hoping for a peek at Smitty to lift my spirits. My 7yo baby Kalli-cat somehow was startled out the door Friday and has disappeared. Im searching and praying for her safe return. However she is an indoor kitty scared of most noises and Im afraid she is far away lost.

Michele said...

Well I can say is at least you can buy wine in your grocery store. Not in New York. and anything to end this insane gridlock is worth trying. These politicians are absolutely nuts.