Finished! (Yeah, I'm practicing my Spanish for my non-existent vacation in Cabo San Lucas. I wish.)

Usually I reserve my afternoons for sewing, but in keeping with my new life motto,

I decided to sew this morning. This afternoon I'm going to my guild meeting, and I wanted to finish this quilt top. So here it is!

It's a little hard to see the details in the outer border. Here's the image I posted yesterday so you can see it a little better.

This block of the month was a kit that included fabrics, but I didn't like the fabrics that came...at least, I didn't like them for this quilt. The only thing I included from the kit was that pink raw silk fabric in the block border. The rest of the fabrics were pulled from my stash, and it was a challenge matching up the colors. The black border fabric seemed to tie it all together. I'll use that same green batik for the binding, and I have enough of both the green and the black to piece together a back for it. It'll be up for quilting next month.

The next thing on my to-do list for October is to quilt the White Trees quilt.

Having a month between finishing a top and quilting it seems to work out for me because it gives me time to think about what I want to do. For this quilt, I'm going to quilt snow onto the branches of the trees along with snow flakes falling. I'm not quite sure yet what to do with the borders, but I'm considering doing a sort of large stipple that includes more snowflakes. And I think I'll probably quilt a sort of woodgrain motif into the trees themselves. It'll all make more sense as I get going on it.

That's probably all the sewing I'll do for today, but I can't forget my protest picture. Today's NP4 protest image is of Cliff Palace at Mesa Verde National Park in Colorado from May of 2006. Washington: Get your house in order and pass a CR. End the shutdown! Power to the People!!

And to the Cats!

Enjoy your Monday (or "Moanday," as we like to say here at the Three Cats Ranch).

12 comments from clever and witty friends:

Vroomans' Quilts said...

Just gorgeous work Barbara - both pieces. Power On!!!

Bruna Aguiar Melo said...

Gorgeous work!!!

Quilting Babcia said...

And that sewing machine top is even way more gorgeous in person!

Brown Family said...

You had a busy day. I like what you have planned for the white trees!

quiltzyx said...

The sewing machine top came out great! Did you take it to Show & Tell at your guild meeting? The quilting you're considering for the white trees sounds good too.

Did Gracie actually go outside today?!?

Power to the Cats & the People!!

Celtic Thistle said...

The vintage sewing machine quilt looks wonderful. I love the sound of your snow quilting for the trees quilt, can't wait to see it.

Great protest photo!

Dana Gaffney said...

I really like the fabrics you used for the sewing machines, they really work so well together. I've been enjoying the protest picture so much, I caught myself thinking "oh no, they stop if the shutdown ends"' maybe you can ween us off them.

Diane Wild said...

The sewing machines are wonderful. I'm still working on my toy machine blocks. I went to a quilt show over the weekend and a lady there had over 20 toy machines on display. She said she had a 100 yet at home. Yikes. The trees are looking good, too.

Margaret said...

Your stitching projects are always so cool. I love the little machines. I wish I could stitch like you. You are my stitching hero. Maybe you should wear a super stitching hero cape.

Tami C said...

As always, your sewing machine top turned out just lovely! I look forward to seeing it as well as the white trees quilted. Power to the People and Cats!!

Kate said...

The Sewing Machine turned out beautifully. You've got some fun quilting ideas for your trees. I look forward to seeing that one quilted.

kc said...

Beautiful quilts, and what a grand palace! I'm with Dana tho - I'll be thrilled when Congress gets their act together, but I will surely miss your travels when they do. Maybe you could do a once-a-week feature on a National Park?