Tomatoes Get their Way

Today is the first day I've had to do my own thing in almost a week. I thought I might spend the day sewing, but no dice. The tomatoes had other plans for me.  These are the previously-picked ones I cut up for salsa.

These are the ones I picked this morning:

This morning's tomatoes will have their way another day. And there are lots more coming. I only picked the ripest of the ripe ones. The rest are still clinging to the vine. It's a little like the quilts that I take right to the brink of finish, but then hold off while I get the to-be-quilted stack of quilts down to a dull roar.

The salsa is quicker to make than the pasta sauce because I don't peel or seed the tomatoes. I just core them if they need it, chunk them up, and toss them into the soup.

Usually I can cut up jalapeno peppers with no ill effects (as long as I remember not to rub my eyes). Today's jalapenos were fresh from the grocery store, and that may have made the difference. My hands were burning for hours afterward. From now on, I'll wear gloves when I cut them. I went online to find remedies for the burning. Mike suggested baking soda in water. That worked for about five minutes. Other remedies included shampoo, vinegar, Vaseline, aloe...I tried all of these. Nothing worked for longer than a few minutes, and the burning returned. It's been about two hours now, and the burning has stopped, but I think my eyes will still thank me to keep my fingers off.

Updated to say that I'll be linking this post to:

So, although today's sewing was kind of shot for the day, I will have time the next two days...unless the plums decide they want to have their way too. I'm checking them every day now, and they are very close. The ones in direct sunlight are the closest.

The ones deeper inside the foliage are still pretty green. 

I believe it is a matter of days now (rather than weeks) that I'll be in the kitchen making plum chutney. 

When we arrived home from our camping trip yesterday, I found the plate I purchased back in July from the Latimer quilt and textile museum. If you read my post from back then, you may recall we saw the exhibit from the Zimbabwe Artist's Project. I knew the plate was scheduled to be delivered in September, but we were planning to be in Colorado during the month of September. I called the museum and asked them if they could delay the shipping on my piece. Instead, they shipped it right away. Here is a picture of the artist who created my piece.

And here is the square wooden plate that I purchased. I liked it for its colors and its story.

When I opened the box, I was delighted to find the story depicted in the art in the artist's own hand-writing and taped to the back of the plate.

What fun to read it! I'm hoping you can see this and scroll back and forth to see how she painted the various activities of "Village Life". Unless you're more observant than I am, you might get stuck on #2. I was trying to find the bucket of water that Mrs. Moyo is carrying. Her hands seem to be empty. Then I realized she was carrying it on her head. Doh! Ethnic art. You gotta love it. Maybe you don't, but I do.

So with the time I have left in the day, I need to water the flower pots, feed the birds, clean the hummingbird feeders (because no self-respecting hummingbird is going to drink the sugar water in those feeders), and generally clean things up. I did a little housework this morning, but the day's activities have the place looking like a cyclone hit. 

Later this week I'm seeing the surgeon about my knee. I can't decide which of these two possibilities scares me most at this point: (1) having her say she wants to do a knee replacement right away, or (2) having her say a knee replacement won't help me. Because the knee is hurting worse every day. I have a golden rule about surgery: don't have it until you're ready to get on your knees and beg for it. And these days, I can't even get on my knees. All I can do is beg.

And with that I'm off. It was a busy day, but it paves the way for at least two days of sewing. I hope I can finish quilting the True Hope quilt in that amount of time. What's on your agenda for the week?

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Vroomans' Quilts said...

I have been watching my Toms too - and find a 2-legged 'borrower' has gotten to them before me (Mom). Apples are slowly being used and handed out. Waiting on the pears now. I have been doing more handwork of late - but feel the need of a NewFO on the machine.

WoolenSails said...

I got two tomatoes and had to sit them in the sun, mine are not turning red and it is getting cooler at night so afraid I will lose them before i get to enjoy them. My green beans are finally coming in fast, so I will have plenty of them. Love that plate, wonderful folk art and wonderful story behind it.


quiltzyx said...

The plums look like they are a nice size, and a wonderful color.

How nice that they sent your plate early - and that you have the artist's hand-written statement on the back! How cool is that?!

I'm working at the college 4 days this week. Not sure what creative stuff I'll be doing.

Good luck at the surgeon's!

Lynn - JnL4God said...

Oh how neat the art is and the story to boot. way cool.

Those plums... It would be hard getting any to last for Chutney - I love Italian Plums and I can just eat them- too many!

Good luck at the doctors.

Rosyquilter said...

My dh had knee replacement last summer. He was in so much pain. For the first 6 weeks after surgery he was in a lot of pain and was wishing he had never had the surgery but, 4 months after surgery he was a new man with a new knee that works wonderfully well without pain. He plays tennis, badminton and pickleball and goes fishing on the river bank. All activities he couldn't do pre replacement. Do your research and attend the pre surgery class/session, take notes and listen and force yourself to do the physiotherapy daily. It took my dh almost 2 hr a day to do his exercises. It helps to have a buddy or friend who has been through it and can give you advice. The best thing we did was borrow a machine that circulates ice water around the knee and they say it really helps with healing. And, we borrowed a stationary bike which we could see his improvement weekly as he worked at using the pedals. Good luck. This surgery appears to be as good as you are willing to work at the recovery. Not fun but worth it.

Teresa in Music City said...

Those tomatoes look good enough to eat right there on the screen! I've told hubby we are definitely going to have a few tomatoes plants next year - no arguments! And plum chutney - I know you are going to be in heaven making that from your own plums!

What an awesome painted plate! I love the history and the hand-written note - priceless!!!

I cleaned our h-bird feeder yesterday when I noticed we were not having any stoppers. Found a million dead ants hidden in the bottom LOL!!! They've been back this morning now that the supply is fresh :*)

I'm hoping they agree to do your surgery quickly and get it over with. I'm so sorry you are having such pain. This past year has taught me what chronic pain can do to a person, and it's not good. Praying for you my friend!!!

Tami C said...

We live in a high-rise condo and don't have any garden area. However, my brother-in-law does, and he loves gardening and has an abundance of his produce that he shares with us. There's nothing sweeter than fresh tomatoes!

Anonymous said...

Wow! You are the busy one!! I do hope that your knee situation can be taken care of soon(?) so life can continue!! Those plums look amazing!! After our miserable Spring, we have no garden but there are many Farmers' Markets so we won't go hungry!! LOL! Hugs.....

Brown Family said...

I like the plate and it's story!

Lynne said...

I love how the plate comes with the artist's story.

Sarah said...

I love the art and the story and description with it. I think I would more scared of number 2. No cure and pain forever. I've never had a joint replacement but everyone I know that has says "should have done it years ago". All you can do is see what the doctor says and go from there.

Kate said...

Love that you got the story with the plate!

Kate said...

Love that you got the story with the plate!