Photo A Day Challenge: Week 32

These are the images I posted for Week 32 of the Photo A Day Challenge at Fat Mum Slim.

August 7--A sign

August 8--Peek-A-Boo

August 9--2:00

August 10--Beverage

August 11--I love doing this [quilting with cats]

 August 12--Macro

August 13--Fast [coming off the vine now faster than I can process them]

6 comments from clever and witty friends:

Vroomans' Quilts said...

Very cool pics - but really like the Macro, Gracie has the most gorgeous eyes.

Junebug613 said...

Very nice. Love Peek a Boo and Macro the best!

Lyndsey said...

Love this weeks pics.Peek a boo is just so cute. The sun dial is delightful.

quiltzyx said...

I wonder if there will come along a Fat Mum Slim week of prompts that will end up being ALL Gracie & Smitty. That would be AWESOME! lol

As usual, I love them all. Gracie was definitely ready for her close-up Mr. DeMille. :D

Kate said...

Nice shots! I really like the beverage one.

Lynne said...

And you thought you wouldn't get enough tomatoes this season!

I love that first photo -- I might just have to make that plaque for my husband, our resident landscaper! I might even break out those folk art paints...